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Imagination Station: Harry Potter and The Man of Steel! Part 4 of 4

At last! The conclusion of when the Boy Who Lived teamed up with the Last Son of Krypton!

I hope you all enjoyed my latest piece of Fan Fiction; thank you all for reading! 8 more words

Imagination Station

Batman Vs. Superman

So we get back to the topic of Batman vs. Superman, most of you will look at this as a favorites play but in reality it just boils down to science and exactly which version of Superman, Batman is dealing with.  499 more words

Superman Is Published

It begins…

On April 18, 1938, the golden age of comics kicked off in spectacular fashion with the release of Action Comics #1. The cover portrayed a hero unlike any other, lifting a car over his head with apparent ease, while the criminals from inside ran for cover or cowered in terror. 728 more words

Action Comics #252 – The happiest moment in Superman’s life. Silver age superman was incredibly alone up until Kara showed up. The Fortress of solitude was solitary because everyone else Superman could confide in was dead.


Why We Should All Take Superman A Little More Seriously

Along with Mickey Mouse and Michael Jackson, Superman is regarded as one of the most recognizable icons in the world. But, as everyone celebrates Mickey’s comedic antics and MJ’s electrifying musicality, people on the streets are wearing the ‘S’ emblem without the slightest clue who Clark Kent is. 852 more words

My Thoughts Exactly

Man of Steel: I'm Glad You Lost the Red Briefs, Bro. Good Call.

“Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith first; the trust comes later.”

I have to admit, I’m usually not a big Superman fan. I think he’s overpowered and one-dimensional, not to mention the illogical lack of a need to hide his face. 1,048 more words



PG -13      143 Min

Not The Superman Movie We Deserved But The Superman Movie We Needed

**Mild Spoilers**


It is truly apropos that Warner Bro’s next superhero film offering comes in the form of Superman because this film truly had the weight of the world riding on it. 1,130 more words