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#15 最後的一個暑假(?) [2015.Aug.25]




還有一個人,我好想多謝,一個細過自己的人可以教懂我咁多野,真係無言感激。YOLOLIFESTYLE我相信我會繼續落去,望住你咁青春熱血的生活,真係好值得自己去反省,到底點樣過自己的生活。有時會不知不覺間跟左別人的步伐而忘記了自己,總要有個人,把自己帶番出黎。Thank you 6 more words


What's up this summer?

I haven’t posted much this summer because I’ve been contemplating how to go about sharing details without sharing details.  We’ve all read stories about bloggers who rant about their stupid boss or how much they hate working at X company and then weeks later there’s an even angrier post about how they were fired after their blog was discovered, etc.  591 more words

About Me

..ok I’ll just skip the introduction this time… I was thinking about opening with something different than the usual “Hey…” but nothing brilliant is popping in my mind right now, so I am not gonna force any awkward way of starting this post …also because it looks already pretty awkward to me! 252 more words


Last Summer....

Shot these pictures two years ago or so. I made the top from a very old pair of jean short. I use to don, when I was 18 and I thought they were in style ( 59 more words

Fonzie Did It

The Summer Before College

The summer before college holds a lot more than just a couple of months of vacation. While students have created their own plans for the future outside of high school, new beginnings are to be made. 221 more words

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