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One last thought for the day..

How can i sit and type for 5 minutes  and blog nearly 600 words then struggle to start any of my assignments. I feel like this will be a long long day.

Last Thought (9)

I’m not really superstitious or anything, but August was a horrible month for me. Physically, emotionally, financially, just about every -ally out there.
Strangely and coincidentally, September just started and it’s already so different and so much better. 27 more words

Last Thought (6)

Be good to, giving, loving, and supportive of the people that mean something to you. In the end, that’ll be your legacy. Goodnight.

Last Thought (5)

I wish I had a lot of money. I don’t have to be filthy rich, just enough to live comfortably and not ever worry about money. 116 more words

Goodnight my love

As I get ready to sleep my darling your my last thought of the night may you sleep so peacefully may god protect you and may all the angels and saints watch over you this and every night goodnight my love may he protect and watch over each one of your film may he protect your baby boy from any harm, sickness and may he grant him love and knowledge may he open each one of our hearts to continue in positive days may we thank God for another day on this earth. 74 more words