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Draft will of Sir Davy [David] Owen, kt - 20 Feb 1529/30

Sir David Owen of Midhurst (1459 – 1535), was the illegitimate son of Sir Owain TUDOR (1400 – 1461) husband of Princess Catherine de Valois (1401 – 1437), Sir David Owen was born at Pembroke Castle. 4,493 more words


Becoming an Executor of an Estate: What You're In For

From the U.S. News & World Report website

An executor is someone named in a will, or appointed by the court, who is given the legal responsibility to take care of a deceased person’s remaining financial obligations.

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The Philosopher Who Taught Everyone How to Face Death By Having Everyone Look at His Dead Face

English philosopher Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832) was the founder of utilitarianism. The philosophy espouses the idea that each one should do the things that will result in the most total happiness. 434 more words


What Your Estate Attorney Wishes You Knew About Probate

If you’re consulting with an estate attorney, you’re in two possible situations: 1) you’ve decided that it’s the right thing to do to start planning for the future; or 2) a loved one has very recently passed away and you’re trying to find out what the next step is in settling their estate. 343 more words

Advanced Directive

Last Will Form Mistakes Which Should Be Avoided

There are some important tasks that must be done before you leave this world and to continue your inheritance.  One of these tasks is to write your last will. 320 more words

International Policy and Estate Planning: Foreign Distributees in the Crosshairs

Article 16 of the New York’s Surrogate’s Court Procedure Act deals with foreign estates.  The legislative purpose for the enactment of the procedure with respect to foreign estates includes the following:  “If the law of such jurisdiction does not provide for the appointment of a fiduciary but vests the property of a decedent in a person or persons subject to the obligation to pay the decedent’s debts and expenses and the legacies bequeathed in his will or the distributive shares provided by law, such a person shall be recognized as the person acting therein to administer the decedent’s estate in accordance with the law thereof, but only if such person has complied with all the requirements of such jurisdiction to entitle him to receive the property of the decedent and is acting or will act there to administer the estate“ (underlining my own).  1,027 more words


Ruffin's negroes, part 1.

Lemon Ruffin executed his will shortly before leaving for war as a Confederate soldier. He did not return. He died as a prisoner of war in Illinois in 1864, age 32. 1,500 more words

Wilson County