Diving In: The Last Will and Testament

Picture it: My office within the last couple of years

I cannot remember exactly when, but I had a consult where an adult son accompanied his mother and with full confidence and pride, told me how he had 1) drafted his mother’s Last Will and Testament, 2) signed it as a witness and 3) was also the Executor. 1,593 more words

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Last Will & Testament For Married Couple – What Are The Types?

Last Will & Testament is one of the most essential documents needed for estate planning process.

Last Will & Testament for an individual or a married couple is the same in many aspects, although there are plenty of differences as well. 310 more words

Last Will And Testament

Why I am Doing This

A number of months ago, LinkedIn invited me to their Series “pilot,” and I began to publish my Series, “Elder and Special Needs Law in a ‘New York Minute'” … 426 more words

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Have You?

Have you written your Last Will? 

Do your parents or siblings or your partner or friends know anything about it?

Last week I read When Breath Becomes Air… 292 more words

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No doubt of me in you...

Let it be known to all loved and kin
I’m no longer abiding this worldly din.

My many days having run their course
I am no longer as healthy as a horse. 96 more words

Certain Important Tips To Prepare The Last Will And Testament In New York Perfectly

It is important to distribute your wealth and assets to your loved ones when you are still alive so that no dispute can occur after your death.   372 more words

Last Will And Testament

Estate Planning is All About Love

It’s the season of love and in keeping with this theme, we examine the gift of ESTATE PLANNING. 319 more words