Ruffin's negroes, part 1.

Lemon Ruffin executed his will shortly before leaving for war as a Confederate soldier. He did not return. He died as a prisoner of war in Illinois in 1864, age 32. 1,500 more words

Wilson County

How A Psychiatrist Can Be Of Service In Relation To The Last Will?

The help of a psychiatrist often becomes necessary when it comes to the drawing of the last will and testament. This happens due to a number of factors that can complicate things for the testator and his or her loved ones and family members. 325 more words

Last Will And Testament

Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 50.4 -- The Last Words of King Francis

Ch. 50.4 –  The gnomes found Janine and Ezra in different sections of the valley and escorted them to the castle. When they met at the door, Ezra took Janine’s hand. 405 more words

The True Adventures Of Jay B R Wokky

funny senryu rigolo – to his kitty will = à son testament

funny senryu rigolo – to his kitty will = à son testament

to his feline will
the kitty appends – 
extend the claws

à son testament
le chat ajoute – 
griffone les griffes

Richard Vallance


How To Choose A Good Lawyer To Oversee Your Last Will And Testament Process?

As the end of life comes closer, many people quickly begin to understand that they are not going to survive forever. Eventually, there comes a day when the flame of life gets put out, but it is important to ensure that near and dear ones can get their share of your property. 291 more words

Last Will And Testament

When to say goodbye to pets

A sizable portion (surprising to some) of my law practice is pet estate planning.  Whether it’s preparing a will and designating someone in it to care for your pet if you die, or creating a pet trust for your pet (recommended), or adding provisions to an existing will or trust, people see pets as family and… 245 more words

Three Ways Couples Hold Property in Ohio

There are three ways in Ohio that couples can hold property.  Why does it matter?

The form in which you hold property affects how you can transfer the property, what happens to it at your death, what happens if one of two property-holders dies or wants to sell his or her portion.  388 more words