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Ferocity and Velocity: From Book to Film

Ferocity and Velocity:

From Book to Film

By Miriam R. Kramer

Many books are optioned for screenplays, and few make it to the big screen. Even fewer get nominated for prestigious film awards. 1,498 more words

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The Power of Silence, the unspoken words

When people bluntly blame you for everything, it is natural instinct to react , to say, “No, that is not so”

Sometimes though the automatic response is the worst response possible. 255 more words

Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering?

I think so, Brain … some people always want the last word, and it’s wonderful when they finally get to it.


The Last Word

“Today, the devil does not get the last word. God does.”

In a week that has seen bright young lives lost when they felt there was no hope, that was the message from the father of one of those young men named Reid Adler. 614 more words


The Last Word

Originally published in Compose Magazine, http://www.readcompose.com, written by Seth.

It happens everywhere and all the time. A group of coworkers sits at a table. The server approaches and greets them. 728 more words

Have to have the last word

I have a very bad habit. In every argument, I have to say the last word. I just can’t let it go. There were times when I could not say the last word. 563 more words

Strong Tower

The Second Irregular SloWord Awards

OK, 2015 has now been consigned to history. 2016 shall prove historic, too. For the US, which means, of course, the World. In 2016, I expect either a pant-wearing lady President ( I’m getting the vapours just thinking about it…) or another republican chump, this time one without a name called Bush, but with hair like a groomed bush and a name like Trump. 303 more words

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