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Andrew Sullivan about Trump

Well spoken, well explained by Mr. Sullivan. So true and easy to comprehend (should be). And yet, there are people who believe in a 71 year old trash-talker. 92 more words

Alone in a Crowd!

Surrounded by hundreds of people, But not one to look into her pupil;

Walked home all the way alone, She badly missed her clone;

Friends need not have to be grand, But they should shield and understand; 24 more words



​The only thing that your body, mind, soul are going to crave through all walks of life is going to be affection.

It would have been much easier if love was like the soil, shoots automatically on being touched by water. 16 more words


I will miss you the moment you blink! 

He stayed with me all day long and was all that I wanted but when the moment he left I still kept questioning myself, “Does he really, love me that much?”. 33 more words


Dunkirk Review - Part 2

Well, it’s like dBaseII, there never really was a dBaseI and look how successful it was in destroying the sanctity of the concept of 3rd-normal data. 767 more words

Last Word

Finally we did it! 

It feels like we have finally moved apart.
We started conversations with good nights and now we just stare at the DP’s and last seen. 14 more words


Ugly Truth #2

​Those who are unaware of your feelings don’t deserve to be in your life. Trust me, they don’t.
It is not about if they are worth it or not, but if they deserve knowing it or not.