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Mythic New York

By Miriam R. Kramer

New York City looms like a giant in the imagination of people in the United States and all over the world. Dirty and dazzling, it reigns as a culturally and financially vibrant city for strivers and immigrants, a metropolis allowing the ambitious to dream of conquest, fame, and success beyond the height of skyscrapers leaning vertiginously from above. 985 more words

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Shameless Flamboyance!

I didn’t see it coming. It was all coming along so well. It came as a bit of shock actually. But let me back track a bit and provide some backing track to the song of my life over the  past few months. 948 more words

Last Word

Justice and Mercy

Justice speaks the truth
Mercy hears the truth

Justice is blind
with his ears covered
Mercy is shocked
with her mouth covered

Justice gives nothing… 58 more words


Why I talk to myself

I updated my blog recently. I don’t know that you noticed, so I am taking the logical way out and announcing it. So you know. Which you won’t if you don’t read my blog. 652 more words

Last Word

The Last Word

“Never pick a fight with someone who buys his data by the gigabyte.”

~ Modern twist on an old caveat

It’s as true today as it was when Mark Twain, Will Rogers and others made similar observations about those who buy ink by the barrel. 365 more words



Stock taking is the business of figuring what you do have on hand. There was a time in my life when I was fooled into thinking I should be an accountant. 849 more words

Last Word

Destiny 戰神傳說第一章 : 巴拉蒙





我叫Shin Mulphur,是誕生在黑暗時代的小男孩,我住在一個地方叫巴拉蒙(Palamon),它位處山上的密林區,是一個頗為破舊的避難所,不過可以避過Fallen的侵襲。這裏不時有過客經過短暫逗留,我從他們的口中,得知外面世界的情況。例如他們說有一個「大城市」,是這個時代最後的一座城市,他們形容那個城市是:「夜裏仍然閃閃發亮。」我央求第二爸爸帶我去,但他說路途太凶險而拒絕。


可惜,這裡的首領:前法官Loken 卻是個壞傢伙,第二爸爸說,起初大家逃難到巴拉蒙時,這裡跟許多地方一樣,都是無政府狀態,但大家同心協力建設家園。後來大家達成一些基本法則,便請來從前當法官的Loken 主持公道,但日子久了,Loken 從一個勤奮的人變成一個不折不扣的惡毒獨裁者。他用鐵腕手段統治,激化矛盾下,壓迫有些人離開,剩下走不了的便過著苦日子。


所以當他踏進巴拉蒙,我一眼便認出他和他的配槍,後來人稱 The Last Word - 遺言。

待續… Destiny 戰神傳說第二章 : 英雄駕臨