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The Great Alone

The Great Alone


Miriam R. Kramer

In March 2018 the New York Times ran a much-discussed article called “The Man Who Knew Too Little” about Erik Hagerman, an Ohio man who decided to avoid learning anything that happened in American culture after the November 8, 2016 election. 515 more words

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Betrayed by best, worst

Whole world rife with rapscallions

Jesus has last word

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Jesus has the last word on everything and everyone, from angels to armies. 20 more words


David Warner, cricket maestro, mouths off. Dave takes offence to someone verbally maligning his wife on the field. This is known as 'sledging' and Davids team are the masters. Oh, and David does lead from the front.

A Sympathetic Ear.

Oh, Davy Warner, you poor delicate innocent little flower,
Has the onfield jolly jokey blokey jousting begun to sour?
Did De Kocks disagreeable dialogue offend the ear, so tender… 83 more words

The Kremlin's Candidate

The Kremlin’s Candidate

Miriam R. Kramer

By recently gobbling up Jason Matthew’s long-awaited new release The Kremlin’s Candidate, I finally finished his fascinating Red Sparrow trilogy: a spy novel trifecta focused on an intelligent, beautiful Russian double agent and her American CIA handler. 766 more words

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‘Last Word’ by Mark Lane

Last Word

Mark Lane’s final book on the JFK assassination explores the role of the CIA in the murder, gathering together fifty years of research, court appearances, witness statements and testimonies. 154 more words


Off to Heaven Billy goes. He spread the word unceasingly on earth , now its Heavens turn.

Irreverent Eulogy.

The teary congregation lamented long and loud-
But then Billy Graham always drew a decent crowd-
At last the noted orator has been called up to the Lord… 95 more words