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Last Word: Shane

Shane entered the game appearing to be a part of the usual bromance-driven, male-dominated alliance prospects, linking up with Monte day one and roping in Cornbread and Scott for a “four horsemen” crew. 156 more words

The Last Word: Monte

Monte’s casting doesn’t strike me as an accident by any means. Shows need a villain, voters need a villain and BBOTT needs drama to entertain people paying to watch at any given moment. 442 more words

Someone should take my phone away. 

So…I made a fool of myself the other day. It’s okay. I’ve done it before and recovered. It just is what it is sometimes. I tried to fix it. 286 more words


it's the little things

Why is it that the digital age has created a mass of people who feel compelled to have the last word?

Case in point: we are currently selling a vehicle on Craigslist. 339 more words

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

By Miriam R. Kramer

“The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” Literary genius William Faulkner was a figure dour and frightening enough to scare any costumed child on his doorstep asking for candy on Halloween. 814 more words

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Gas Toast - Part 2

Please read Gas Toast – Part 1 first. This is the easy part of the recipe. I kid you not. Completely true. We’re getting into the really hard part of the recipe. 308 more words

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