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The Fear of the Last Word

Writers experience a whole cornucopia of emotions during the course of their careers—anxiety about deadlines, joy when we finish something, pride when we see our books on shelves or in the hands of others—but there is one emotion we avoid speaking of when it comes to our professional lives. 258 more words


The Big O and I

The Big O. It’s probably the most used and most misunderstood term. It’s not just misunderstood, it is one of the leading causes of misunderstandings. At the very outset, I must confess that I have so far failed to come to fully comprehend the nuances of the O and it’s usage. 494 more words

Last Word

Blue Spring

Yes, that’s the colour ( color, if American ) of spring and to prove it I’m going to show you a set of pictures with lovely hues of blue. 628 more words

Last Word

On repeat (ep. 2).

Hey, Wanderers!

…So this second episode of On Repeat is a little late because I’ve been back on campus for the past couple weeks, and I think I forgot that there’s this thing called homework that college students have to do. 489 more words


Wood and Wouldbe Woodworker

It is immediately a fact that I have some strengths and some weaknesses. Indeed, I am normal, like everyone else and despite what you may privately or not so privately think; or say, in the case of some of my ruder, more direct friends. 890 more words

Last Word

We Can Love If We Want To

The time I spend on the internet is much more limited than what it used to be, because I have other things occupying my time now. 696 more words

Deep Thoughts

Dishes - Why I hate doing the dishes.

“Doing the dishes” is the act of cleaning up after a meal. All the pots, pans and assorted stirrers, cutlery and the actual dishes are lumped under the term “dishes”. 447 more words

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