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Parvena's last

“Of course… my dearest Zamir.”

Parvena liked him. For what reason, Zamir didn’t know. He had never done anything to try to gain her affections more than anyone else in the family. 98 more words


Last Words II

Last Words

He did all that could to not look back as he walked past the glass doors, leaving his world behind, walking into the unknown. 235 more words

Last Words.

Last words are very important. They can be extremely powerful, and not always in a good way. After losing mum, I’ve made it a habit to make sure my last words to someone I care about are nice ones. 397 more words


Pretending We Are Atlas - 2013.9.7

This was the second blog post I had published back in September of ’13. I look back on this moment fondly, it is so easy to slip up on the things we commit ourselves to. 751 more words

Yours, Truly

Looking for Alaska by John Green

Hi, everyone!

Finally, I managed to read this book. It’s been on my bookshelf for over two years— I have no clue why I hadn’t read it earlier. 436 more words


The unheard story.

Let them in, mum, please. I just want to say ‘hello’. Why do you hide me from the rest of the world mother? Am I so ugly that the human eyes cannot set their vison upon me? 716 more words

Last Words

No fear of death
The race is won
With last breath:
“Thy will is done”;
On Earth, long did I roam,
Now Lord, take me home.