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Vayekhi (Genesis 47:28 - 50:26)

Vayekhi is the final portion in the book of Genesis.  Jacob dies. His family is getting more settled in Egypt.  Joseph dies.  In these 85 verses, there’s a lot of subtext and foreshadowing and very little sense of a neatly tied up, happy ending. 1,179 more words

Last Words

A metallic film of pain
beneath the skin of my
forehead while my eyes
try to sleep. And I don’t
know what to do with that. 54 more words


(next week) Shabbat VaYehi: What's the Last Word?

Our parashat hashavua this week concludes not only the Book Bereshit but also the saga of Jacob, Joseph and his brothers, and that entire generation. One of the most fascinating passages in the parashah describes Jacob, on his deathbed, and his last words to his sons. 676 more words

Last Words, Liberty Hall

Liberty Hall, once described by the Irish Times as ‘the centre of social anarchy in Ireland’, it was the headquarters of the Irish Citizen Army and a focal point for radical politics in the years leading up to the Rising of 1916. 377 more words


and the creeks don't rise

in every dream, a house;

in every room, a hole: a

broken floor, an exposed pipe, a

gaping window wanting to be a door.

at the end of a life, last words… 57 more words


51 Famous People's Famous Last Words That Are Eerily Impacting

I think, now, Pretty Much Everyone can relate or recite the idea of,
“What it sounds like, When doves cry…”

Not your typical way to start your famous ‘Last Words’ list, I know, but still, I thought I should start with the most recent and the most shocking one. 1,765 more words

Of Last Words

Only if

I could say

How much I love you

Before you went away

And how I wish

To make a way

To ask some time… 71 more words