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My Last Words?

Worthy Drafts?

This evening I was exploring the “draft” file to see if there was anything I could edit and post. I clicked on a few titles of unfinished works, but more often than not the posts were only titles, nothing else. 1,003 more words


Last Words

What were your last words to someone?

I’ve rarely ever strayed across this thought, mainly because it’s a bit of a depressing one at that sometimes. 295 more words


June 30 Faithful Living

Paul’s last words to the leaders of the church at Ephesus set quite an example for believers to follow. I also pray that I will be able to say to my friends: … 212 more words

Daily Bible Prayer

Last Words Of An Innocent Man

Sir Winston Churchill’s last words were: I’m bored with it all.

– John Belushi Just don’t leave me alone.

– Eleanor Roosevelet Utter Nonsense

– Amy Winehouse… 1,469 more words


Not The Last Word On Last Words

There is a mystique out there that a dying person’s last words will contain rare wisdom or will give us a clue about what awaits us in the Beyond.   474 more words



I probably should have called.

We tend to think of the antithesis of courage as being some relative of cowardice, fear, timidity. I got home in August of 2015, after three exhausting weeks saying goodbye to my father, wondering, hoping that he would die soon, that his suffering could come to a close, and that I would be able to leave with a clear conscience, because it seemed to me that seeing his dead body would prove my worthiness as a son, at having been there for…who? 627 more words



the last words you said
may be the last words you say
you will remember