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If we were to ban all speech that “triggered” anyone, my particular sensitivities would eliminate phrases like “you’re one of us now”, “we’re all a team”, and “we look out for each other”. 1,039 more words

15. 3 steps from the finish line (2)

I had written a good 2 page post, but through a copy paste accident it was lost, but I can’t even be angry about it as I am just too tired… That is just about everything I feel, all the other emotions covered by this thick woolen blanket of barely being able to keep my eyes open. 298 more words

Free Fall

From the heavens
To your grave
You blinked
And it wasn’t for them
It was for you
The blood didn’t bother you
But it made them break down in tears… 22 more words


Signing off

They say exes are exes for a reason, no matter how attractive they may seem – you should never go back to something that was not meant to be. 414 more words

Personal Life

trackback thursday: nathan hale's execution

On September 22, 1776, Nathan Hale was executed without a trial after he was caught spying on British troops on Long Island during the Revolutionary War. 190 more words


Cracked 5 ... September 13th, 2016

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Famous Last Words of the Dinosaur

A. “Yuk. Aren’t these tar pits sticky?”

B. “Nah…that doesn’t look like a meteor.”

C. “Ice age! 49 more words

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