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Eternal Wit

Whoever said, “You can’t take it with you” was obviously not referring to a sense of humor …

Here is a list of actual epitaphs from departed souls who clearly had more to say than the time to say it, or from their next of kin, who wanted to be sure they literally had the last word: 580 more words

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Last Words

I wrote this about 3 weeks ago, and haven’t had the chance to share it. But I am leaving the tense the way it was when I wrote it. 580 more words

Stephen Hawking's Last Words: We Live In 'The Matrix'?

Before he passed away in March, renowned physicist Stephen Hawking had published more than 230 articles on the birth of the universe, black holes and quantum mechanics. 314 more words


Famous Last Words

I’ve been reading a little bit about people’s last words recently. I think it’s really interesting that some are, by coincidence, very apt, and others seem to come completely out of nowhere. 95 more words

Last Words

Hit by shrapnel on April 16, 1917, French infantryman Jean-Louis Cros managed to scribble this message before dying:

My dear wife, my dear parents and all I love, I have been wounded.

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Isaac Gracie - Isaac Gracie | Album Review

At the start of the year I reviewed ‘Terrified’, the new single from Isaac Gracie. At this point, Isaac had gone from recording demos in his bedroom to being offered record deals left and right, suddenly thrusting him beyond the eternal pool of budding musicians into the spotlight marked “The next Jeff Buckley.” Mad. 306 more words