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The Last Words of Evariste Galois

Evariste Galois (1811–32) was an extremely promising French mathematician however a series of strange events and a tragic early death would conspire to obscure his talents for many years. 710 more words


Remember to Love

If you had one chance to tell your loved ones how you’d like them to live after you were gone, what would you say? As Loren Meade remembers what Jesus has to say in those circumstances, a childhood experience with his mother comes to mind. 1,278 more words

Thoughts of a Death-Bed

As I lay on this upset bed,
which has been the last bed for many;
I imagine my daughter kneeling beside me,
tears rolling down her cheeks, 226 more words


Last Words

He said, I think I will put them in a song
so they’ll echo centuries after I’m gone.

He said, or I’ll say them so only I can hear… 73 more words


Before I Fade Away (poem)

Before I Fade away
By me

Before I Fade Away
Everyone should have last words to say
Especially when there’s so many lessons to trade… 214 more words

Stay Strong