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Security Mishap Friday: Hackable Passwords Part I

Password security is something everyone always hears about.  Make sure that you have a strong password.  Weak passwords are hackable.  What I find that is not mentioned enough is what constitutes as a strong password is constantly increasing as hackers get better.  240 more words

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Valentine's day: what's your secret technology crush?

Valentine’s day is traditionally a time when you can act on your secret crushes and let them know how you feel about them.

Anyone who cares about security and technology has an app or a platform or a programming language or something that might not be very cool or very glamorous but which they love, trust and rely on. 1,911 more words


Why I still Trust LastPass

After the 2015 potential security breach at LastPass many people became paranoid about lastpass. Even some deleted their accounts and moved to alternate solutions or pen and paper. 744 more words

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LastPass: Password Manager and Secure Vault

LastPass keeps all your passwords organized in one safe place. Secure your passwords or generate new, strong passwords. With LastPass, you only remember one password – your LastPass master password. 16 more words

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Password Managers

I am constantly surprised that ordinary people don’t use password managers. I would expect most security professionals to use them, but even there I find many do not use a password manager. 761 more words


LastPass - The Last Stand

After using LastPass to store my passwords for the past 2 years, I received yet another policy change in the mail. This isn’t a problem with LastPass, but it drew my attention to the inter-workings of the company, the sellout, and the fact they made it free for all devices after I purchased the service. 915 more words