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LastPass password manager “zero-day” bug hits the news

This is a very good, common sense explanation of the “zero-day” vulnerability that has been discussed in the press for the popular password manager LastPass.  I agree that caution is warranted, but I do not believe it is time to wholesale abandon the product or the use of password managers in general.  15 more words

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White Hat Hacker Find 'Obvious' LastPass Vulnerabilities | ESIST

LastPass is vulnerable, a white hat hacker at Google’s Project Zero claims. A fix for the flaw is on the way.

Tavis Ormandy, a researcher affiliated with Google’s security research team Project Zero, sarcastically asked if anyone actually uses LastPass on Twitter yesterday, adding that he found a bunch of fundamental security problems with little more than a quick glance, … 132 more words


Two Vulnerabilities Affect LastPass, Both Allow Full Password Compromise

LastPass fixed one, is currently fixing the second. July 27, 2016, will not be remembered as a quiet day for the LastPass team, as two vulnerabilities surfaced online that could allow an attacker to compromise their application. 259 more words

LastPass password manager "zero-day" bug hits the news

Password managers are tools that help you keep track of the numerous accounts that a modern digital lifestyle needs.

These days, it’s not just passwords for your mainstream online accounts such as webmail, Facebook and Twitter. 766 more words


A smarter approach to password security ‘needed’

A vibrant black market for passwords is indicative of the increasing sophistication of cybercriminals in stealing and selling passwords.

According to a Katie Petrillo, marketing programs manager of LogMeIn Access, the most appropriate response to this is for people to get smarter when it comes to cybersecurity. 286 more words

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LastPass and 1Password: using both is way better

Do you know that feeling of excitement when you realise no one can find your bank details because your password manager is encrypted? Me neither. But I do know the feeling of being robbed from your rights when it requires you to pay up when you want to access your password from different platforms. 323 more words