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How To Never Have Another Password

Hello! Interested in password management?

The decision to begin using a password manager is too obvious to elaborate on here. If you are not using one, you should be! 1,320 more words


Software Review Lastpass

Name of software: Lastpass
Platform: iOS, Android and lots of browsers
Version: Lots
Creator: Lastpass Inc
Known form: Mainly Lastpass but also owns Xmarks a bookmark service… 215 more words


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Have you ever been in a meeting with someone that you want to impress and they start asking you questions about what’s cool right now? Happens to me all the time! 781 more words


positively app-etizing 

As I’ve mentioned before and will no doubt continue to mention, I’ve been doing a lot of research about technology and security for my internship. Along with the realization that I should’ve gone into a different career field, this work has led me to poke around corners of the Internet I wouldn’t normally go (no, get your mind out of the gutter). 635 more words


5 Best Password Managers: Secure and hassle free Logins

In market there are tons of password managers, when it comes to security you must use most reliable one. Here is list of some most popular password managers and comparison among them so you can pick up most suitable one for yourself.

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This is yet another reason why sanitizing OpenAuth or  other token urls to the minimal allowed to resolve (the hostname) is good practice. 226 more words