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My Netflix Account was Hacked ... Again

Someone Hijacked My Netflix Account

Several someones, perhaps. They had the gall to upgrade my account from 2 to 4 screens. They also renamed two of my “Who’s Watching” profiles to “Hide” and “hide”. 814 more words


LastPass's Premium Features Are Now Free

LastPass, premium features are now free. Since it’s inception LastPass’s services have been free but you could not use a free account with a mobile device. 82 more words


LastPass' cross-platform password manager is now completely free !

Last August, LastPass announced that it would allow users to manage their passwords for free on any one type of device (like desktops, or smartphones). It’s now simplified its pricing structure so it’s even easier to securely log in across all your gadgets. 179 more words


LastPass Makes Some Premium Features Free

Hey! LastPass is making some of its premium features free. “LastPass has added other paid features over the years that make the Premium subscription worthwhile, and under the new plan, the division between paid and free services makes a lot more sense. 51 more words

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LastPass Announces Multi-Device Password Sync as Free Option for All Users

(Source: www.macrumors.com)

The new LastPass free plan works without any user input needed, so anyone who doesn’t have the app downloaded can do so and begin using the service across all devices LastPass is available on. 335 more words


LastPass on mobile is now free

LastPass, the password manager owned by LogMeIn, is making a core component of its service free.

LastPass helps improve password security by allowing users to generate random passwords and storing them securely, so users don’t have to worry about password reuse leading to one of their accounts being breached. 556 more words


How To Never Have Another Password

Hello! Interested in password management?

The decision to begin using a password manager is too obvious to elaborate on here. If you are not using one, you should be! 1,320 more words