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How To Share Your Social Media Passwords Safely

As the founder of a social media consultancy, I worried in the beginning over how I was going to ask my clients for access to their account passwords without ever actually needing to… 667 more words

Social Media

Top Five Password Management Systems: 2015

With multiple online accounts, comes multiple usernames and passwords. As a continuation from the last post, you now have a clear understanding of what a… 191 more words

Best Password Managers - LastPass

LastPass’s software developers bring more than thirty years of development, network security and user interface experience to the company, creating one of the first password management systems offered that made it easy to store all your passwords on one device. 191 more words

Internet Privacy

Correlation or causation: Verizon, LastPass and last weekend's USAT column

The reaction to last weekend’s USA Today column has been interesting and a little confusing.

On one hand, I’ve seen a variety of reader reports–more in reader e-mail and in comments on… 283 more words


A world without password, is it possible?

We were told that in order to avoid having our password stolen (and hence our identity stolen), we have to use strong password like “duH%83jcn$28″. 538 more words

A Note on Privacy and Passwords...

We all know that the internet is not the safest place, but are you really protecting yourself as well as you could be?

About a month ago, I looked into my Facebook accounts privacy settings to see what all I had enabled. 633 more words

Productivity Tools

The Natalie Sisson 15 Day Freedom Challenge she discusses productivity tools and a few of her favorite she uses:






Headspace… 501 more words