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Hacienda doings

BEEN QUIET of late, so here’s what’s happening.

As I write this around 9 a.m. Saturday, I’m waiting for Abel the Deadpan Yardman to arrive for the weekly lawn trim. 578 more words


Junco and Coot

Pictures: Dark-eyed Junco and a Coot.

Password Manager: I am still playing around with the password managers, Lastpass and Bitwarden. After using Bitwarden(free) for about a week or so and Lastpass getting it latest update I switched back to Lastpass and it is a more refined program, however I have to pay for Lastpass(premium). 140 more words


Phone App Login Problem - Lastpass

I was having login problems with Instagram using Lastpass. For some reason LastPass would not fill in the Login screen.

I contacted LastPass support and got this response which fixed the problem. 84 more words


Protection from Security Threats

Question 2

For an antivirus program, I’d recommend Bitdefender. The cost is fairly cheaper than the other antivirus programs available. For a year, your computer can be protected for as low as $36. 423 more words

Blog Entries

Dropping in Unexpected

Pictures: Talking about dropping in unexpected …… this takes it to a whole new level!!!! One of the balloons landed less than 20 feet from my RV and the other maybe 50 feet away :) So all of a sudden, I had about 30 visitors!!! 131 more words


LastPass - The Best Password Manager Ever

Specifically, LastPass is the best Password Manager ever, for everyone and everybody inhabiting this earth and have a password that needs to be remembered.

A year and a bit ago, I made a post on… 309 more words


Digital Trends: Password Manager Face Off – LastPass Vs 1Password, Who You Got?

Digital Trends: Password Manager Face Off – LastPass Vs 1Password, Who You Got?. “Using a password manager can be one of the most important steps you take in securing yourself online (and being ‘internet awesome’), but picking the right one for you isn’t always easy. 26 more words

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