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Late Night Thoughts


I have many questions; some I may not want answers to because I fear the response. I have many questions on why things are the way they are, why bad things happen to good people, why the innocent are punished and the guilty set free. 15 more words

Old Letters and Cologne #Ramblings 1 

My love is gone.

My life has fallen apart.

And I miss it. Miss him.

There is a gaping hole in my heart.

That nothing can fill. 28 more words


1/4 sh*t of paper

Is it possible for an introvert to be introverted? Like the case of the extroverted introverts. Ugh. This is going on in circles. But yes. 612 more words

Late Night Thoughts

Let Your Faith Be Bigger Than Your Fears

You can fear just about any and everything. There is always a chance something ‘bad’ will happen. ‘Bad’ isn’t always bad. It’s simply your life redirecting itself to something new and better for you and the people around you. 59 more words



if you love me,

don’t bring me a love that is small.

love me with galaxies,

with the sands in the desert

and the stars in the sky. 207 more words


Late Night Thoughts

The beginning a new era was supposed to be a time for excitement, yet here I am with this overwhelming feeling of anxiety, that keeps me up at night.   324 more words

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"You've got a beautiful smile."

Story time people.

So I have a best friend that I’ve known for almost 15 years and today we just hung out and went to the mall. 466 more words

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