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Let's do the math when you can't sleep

There is a correlation between my penchant for comedy and the number of tragedies in my life. Don’t let the surface fool you.

Eleanor Rigby

What They Don't Tell You About College Romance

If you were the girl who wasn’t much of a looker in high school- congratulations. You’ve now reached the land where simply having an extra X chromosome means someone will give you attention. 1,118 more words


These Days | Bangalore

There is always something getting lost
and in their places somethings getting found,
like sometimes I magically inherit my mother’s handwriting
and other times I try to find my own. 140 more words


20 Things that tells you what it’s like to be depressed (non-medical and maybe not really universal).

  1. You hate the sun. You hate anything bright. Literally. You cringe every time sunlight touches your skin and when your eyes get blinded by the light you will have this urgent need to scream your head off but if you’re lucky, you can keep your mouth shut tight.
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Late-night Thoughts

When At Night

Have you ever been in one of those nights where you just don’t feel anything but isolated? Like, for some odd reason, a part of you is lonely and worthlessly living life? 559 more words




Remember that night in Singapore? You were tired and sleepy from the flight and it was already close to midnight but you shook it off, you put on your boots, and left the hotel room to explore the city with its closed shops and empty streets. 240 more words

Late-Night Thoughts


Dear Reader,

So. It’s 2015 and it seems like everyone who’s anyone has a blog. Or, actually, just everyone has one.

Seriously, everyone.

And I’ve realized this more and more because the phrase “I have a blog,” is no longer followed with “what?! 671 more words