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Take Your Time

The night before my new site went live, I leaked my recorded spoken word “Some Nights…” to several girls who had been supporting me from the beginning of my process and journey towards this goal. 270 more words

My Life

Despite The Weather, It Gets Better, You Won't Do This Alone

I had an amazing conversation this evening with a friend that I have recently had the privilege (and just flat out luck) to reconnect with. I am so thankful tonight for second chances and for people in my life who *get* it. 195 more words


Just a thought 

You know when I lay alone at night unable to sleep I’ve got nothing but time to think. To think about everything! The good, the bad and the random. 192 more words


Culture or Class?

He laces his Jordans up with pride and places his jeans over the top of the shoe.

He slips his suede loafers on, a gap between the shoe and the pants. 152 more words

Late Night Thoughts

My journey towards empathy

Those who know me would attest that I am not emotionally smart. But they would also know that I have been working (really hard) on it. 429 more words


Hangry Mommy's resolution to a bad day

While I wait for my video edit to render (video editor jargon for “smooth itself out”), I am holding my head up by it’s last thread and ignoring the rumblings of my tummy. 409 more words

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