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ennui and emptiness

0017. I insert a sad song sung in a language I do not understand into my ears. A month ago, I was so engrossed in memorising which artery and nerve innervate which part of the eye. 382 more words




Forcing delicate thoughts to freezing hearts,
here and now I can start to accept the world uniquely in thought

As if there is no pain, no shadows, no uncertainty, 55 more words

Late Night Thoughts

Engulfed by the silence of the dead of night is a heart torn into pieces, incapable of repair. I know. Imagine how horrible that feels. Imagine how tormenting that seems to the soul. 98 more words


Hi, I'm not.

I had this somewhat heated, interesting discussion/debate with my roommates and I just overall suck at trying to get my point across but it was triggered by the death of Terence Crutcher. 848 more words


The Competition

When did it all become about you? When we became friends I had an amazing time. We laughed constantly, I gave you lots of hugs, and had no misgivings about out friendship. 61 more words

If I Ever See You Again

Lately I’ve been wondering what it would be like if I ever see you again. Just another what if amongst the million others that may or may not happen. 613 more words