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"Be curious, not judgmental."

We are all judgmental. It is a natural fact, and it is a key part of our ability to survive on a most basic and primal level. 282 more words


That Person

I hate that feeling,

When that one person

Is on your mind.

You cannot get

Rid of thoughts

Of them.

They keep you

Up at night. 37 more words

Late Night Thoughts: Homesick

When you first go to another country to study, you feel excited and enthusiastic. You can’t wait for a new environment; you’re tired of seeing the same people and same places. 337 more words

Late Night Thoughts

the garden in my mind, and you were never mine

What used to be an open embrace has become crossed arms and a cold face. I used to call you home, even though you are no place. 142 more words



Does the river run red?
Is it soft like the burning of your bloodshot eyes?
Is it wrong of me
to want to wander along the riverbed, 117 more words


12:11 am - 2:44 am

It’s 12:11 am on a Tuesday morning. I have work at 9 am. I teach a yoga class at 2 pm. It’s rare that I have a hard time falling asleep, so I’m a little frustrated. 756 more words

Flourish And Bloom Wellness


I’ve been hopelessly in love with you ever since I knew what it meant.I tried my best hiding it, not telling a soul for I know the harm it’ll do if you knew. 478 more words

Open Letter