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The Chaos of Being Lost

When it seems like people keep on telling you what you should be or have achieved at this point in your life and in all aspects of it, where the fck do you go? 366 more words

This Week I... | February 1, 2016

I’m going to try a thing where I kind of round up what I’ve done in the past week. It might be fun to look back on later, and if it leads you to something cool that’s great too! 441 more words

Late Night Thoughts


I went outside to see fireworks. Tomorrow is Lunar New Year, and some people are recklessly lighting fireworks just to have some fun. I honestly don’t mind. 451 more words


Late night thoughts.

I always wonder if perhaps I spoke too harshly

if maybe I was too offensive

or appear to be uncaring, cold.

Were my sentences too rash, brusque? 155 more words


Missed Opportunities

I have something that I just have to get off my chest because it just has been bugging the living crap out of me for a couple weeks now. 772 more words

It's all upon you

I think that there will be people who would be so delighted to pull you down. They rejoice in your mistakes. You see their glistening eyes each time you fall. 645 more words

Late Night Thoughts