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post thirteen

Today was weird. I woke up around 5 after having a series of very confusing and very stressful dreams that included many unpleasant events that I don’t even want to get into it. 857 more words


holding on and letting go

i don’t have any appetite and i haven’t slept for nights but how can i when i have no more strength to fight? its hard to think of you but its even harder not to i have so many things to say to you but i don’t want to come off as rude and how could you leave me without a word don’t you find it absurd, we were fine at first but our arguments got worse (pause to breathe in) then bam you left, leaving me quite depressed i gave you all i had but you left me feeling sad; its a common misconception and i really need to learn my lesson but why do i keep coming back for more when you’ve already closed the door, why can’t we compromise and why do i keep believing in your lies? 144 more words

Late Night Thoughts

As A Child

I didn’t understand a lot of things. Feelings, mostly.

I suppress a lot of feelings and events that happen to me.

For example,

When I was six years old, the home that I grew up in (so far at the time) burnt down two days after Christmas. 461 more words

As A Child


soooo its 1:56 here in Greenville NC! I swear I’m in the true honeymoon phase of college right now. My bed is comfy, I like my showers, no one’s extremely annoying yet, I haven’t seen any throw up or gross stuff…. 50 more words

Late Night Thoughts.....


There’s more than writing on the wall; its etched into my bones.  There’s evidence of you every where and I once said that I was warm inside when you loved me.   209 more words

As I lay here

As I lay here, thinking of you

“Have I ever crossed your mind?”

As I lay here, reminiscing

“Was there a proper goodbye?”

As I lay here, picturing you… 15 more words

Late Night Thoughts

Have you ever lost your self confidence ?

Usually, when you ever had a fight with someone you will always make him/her responsible with the mistakes in the story.

“Its him who did this.Its him who made this.Its him who made the mistakes.Its him who have the fault.Its him who did not try his best.Its him who hurt me.Its him” 369 more words

Late Night Thoughts