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Worship: Ritual or Intimacy?

I was reading a blog earlier this evening on how to get to true intimacy in worship (you can read it here). At first my thought is, “Oh no, not another to-do list on how to be a better Christian…”, but I read it anyways because I was curious and struggle here. 813 more words


Confessions of a "delusional" mind: 1

We all are alone in our minds and our mind is our personal arena to be inquisitive, to ask and wonder on. It is a playground for our thoughts and it is where we can postulate ideas and come up with hypothesis without being judged. 813 more words

Late Night Thoughts


I do realize that we are an impossibility, that we would not work out as well as I wish we would. But every time I see him beside you, I can’t stop myself from looking away. 153 more words

A Story.

She sits by the kitchen counter, waiting for the clock to strike 2 so she can smoke another cigarette.

He sleeps on his bed peacefully, not knowing she was awake. 110 more words


You put up with it because she makes you feel more alive than you’ve ever felt. In the meantime, in between the sporadic visitations, you lie in wait as life comes near you but never really touches you. 274 more words

I Was Born The Moment I Fell In Love With The World

I love when you open up a book and it smells like its traveled to a thousand different places, telling its story to those who love to listen. 639 more words

Late Night Thoughts


In my country, the youth are tried in military courts and tortured in prison cells, while tyrants and dictators are tried in civil ones, are given clean clothes to wear, and still have meat on bones that will never see so much as a fracture; 862 more words

Rantings Of An Overly Busy Mind