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"feelings I wish I could express, but may never say in our lifetimes" - Day 2 of #12DaysofPoetry

On the 2nd day of poetry, Mishy gave to us…

“feelings I wish I could express, but may never say in our lifetimes”

I love you. 288 more words


Jealousy is Normal!

You know the feeling. THAT feeling. You know it, I know you do. Deep down inside its gurgling like the hot lava of a volcano just waiting to explode inside of you and leave you just as much of a mess as you wish you weren’t. 730 more words


It took me a minute to understand the feeling welling up inside. I had to text it to understand it. I blame the Red Bull and lack of romantic experience in my 20 years and 1 day of living. 295 more words


Perfect Match

We were the perfect match.

Unfortunately, matches are intended to burn.


Late night thought 2

Here I am thinking how much I’m worth to you. It’s always been like that since after 3 weeks we first met.

I’ll do so much for you yet I don’t even have the confidence to say that you would do the same for me. 177 more words

Late-night Thoughts

Why 3 AMs Are So Scary

3 AMs had always been scary.

It’s when monsters creep out of the closet; jump out from under the bed; staring at me with their dead, blank eyes. 632 more words


Here we go again...

Welp. Here’s to my “not-first” first blog post. After making like 10 bajillion blogs and telling myself 10 bajillion times that I’m going to stay on top of blogging, I’m blogging. 197 more words