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Chaotic Masterpiece.

Compare me to chaos, not art,
for art is loved and chaos is feared.
I’m not trying to earn love,
I want to be feared.

Late Night Thoughts

Everything and late night drunk thoughts


Screwing myself over is something I like to think that I specialize in nowadays. From drinking copious amounts of alcohol knowing that I will have a horrid hangover the next day and won’t be productive to forgetting,  to putting laundry off so long that I have to go commando to class (yes this really has happened more often than I care to admit). 751 more words


Thoughts at 2am...

I thought that by now, with less pressure and less stress in my life I would be happily curled up and asleep at 2am, but apparently it’s a good time to write. 920 more words


I’ve fallen and I can’t get back up,

or so it seems…

I don’t think it was something I planned to do-

but rather it was a lack of intimacy with you. 99 more words


Late Night Thoughts - Family, Friends and Fun?

It’s really hard to maintain relationships with the people around you. At least it’s one of the things that I struggle with the most. There are things that you can’t say because it will hurt their feelings, people you can’t talk to because it will hurt their feelings. 122 more words

Bits And Bobs

Prom Tomorrow. D&D Tonight.

Hey, guess what? I’m stressed. I don’t have much time to write, as I’d like to get to bed as soon as humanly possible.

Tonight was Friday night magic. 218 more words

Love and lose, or not at all?

‘It’s better to have loved and lost than never loved at all.’

I disagree. I’ve loved and lost, and I’ve managed to understand and accept this. 75 more words