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Guys in particular, are so quick to to be drawn to a women’s beauty, but never to her heart. And you wonder why so many women are promiscuous. 152 more words

Page 2: Two In The Morning

2 am with good music is like the saddest and most calming moments. I am experiencing it right now. Sad because every minute I really want to cry. 231 more words


Just Another Day in the Diary of a Woman's Life

I say I hate hypocrites, but I’m the one full of hypocrisy…

I say I hate lies, but I’m the one who lies to her parents, or anyone who I know wouldn’t understand. 439 more words


late night thoughts

Is it your eyes or is it the way sun shines in summer

that i realize i was alone

is it loveliness or the fatigue of my eye… 30 more words


A heart's poetic approach

If I understood it correctly, we all get to have our share of  “Turning Points” once in  a while. A child discovered adulthood, a woman vowed on matrimony, a graduate makes his 1st million, or even earning a Nobel Prize. 133 more words

Late Night Thoughts

An Ode to Peace

Often chastised,

Why speak to the

Murderers of your ancestors! Have you no


An open heart in this

World is dangerous,

Pulsation should be… 129 more words

Late Night Thoughts

The Art of Patience: Opening your eyes to character flaws

Advice: Has not been proofread, so cringe worthy sentences might arise. Enjoy!!

Couple of days ago I purchase a Angelus Paint Kit that comes with a shoe cleaner, brush, three bottles of paint (your choice), leather preparer and deglazer, and acrylic finisher. 518 more words

Air Fligh 89