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Late Night Thoughts

When it’s 3am and I can’t sleep

My thoughts roam to the demons that rule this hour

I avoid looking in mirrors

I don’t dare make too much… 155 more words


Questions (?)

Sometimes I wonder if the people around you (or those you think might know you) actually know who you are. I hope I made sense about that statement. 255 more words


Seeing You

I’ve got work to do but it always seems to me

like I’m running through every page

without focus, energy or concentration

Always barely getting through and always feeling like… 503 more words

The Philosophical

Autumn Reminds Me Of Her

She was much like autumn. She was much like everything else.

She was the beauty of the autumn moon – brighter and bigger, prettier and calmer, the one you fix your eyes on while sitting in the backseat of your car, going back home. 281 more words

Late Night Thoughts

"Those Who"

“No matter who you are, how experienced you are, and how knowledgeable you think you are, always delay judgement.”

“Give others the privilege to explain themselves. 242 more words

Late Night Thoughts


Is it the darkness of the night that reminds me of how I used to shine or is it the moon that reminds me of how far I’ve come! 180 more words

Late Night Thoughts

Midterms Have Me Thinking

As I type this, it’s 2:21 AM. What am I still doing awake? I’m planning my Facebook marketing strategy for my e-commerce business.

Just kidding. 392 more words