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Fun. Fun the word rolling off the tip of my tongue. How I love to play with the way its said, it makes my mind jump straight to how the way it was. 328 more words

Late Night Thoughts

July 27th 2:09AM

In the past three years I’ve had two psychiatrists and two psychologists.
I’m a 19 year old mess.

Today I had my first therapy session with a crazy horse lady. 196 more words

Horse Lady

What I've learnt . 

They say , don’t go back to anything that once broke you. They are right Ofcourse it’s common sense. If they can break you once , they sure as hell will break you again , maybe worse than before. 362 more words


You might have rough edges where others are polished,
Thorns in places I am told should only bear flowers,
And cracks that could break apart at anytime. 262 more words



We all have that one day when we need a release, from all the frustrations in life. Everyday worries to just ease to the back of our minds for an hour or so to soak up enough free time to do whatever we want. 393 more words


Clapping is weird.

Has anyone every realized how strange clapping is? We might as well be seals. If a greater being was looking at us, they would see us slapping our hands together when we see something we like. 6 more words

Deep Thoughts

When the Future Gets in the Way.

I have plans in my life. I want to road trip up and down the East Coast and through the Midwest next summer. I want an apartment in city center, Philadelphia, I want to be the creative director of a design firm (having a girlfriend with all this would be nice too). 218 more words