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Perihal Cinta

Tanyakan padaku perihal cinta

Bagaimana ia datang tanpa permisi

Dalam langkah kaki

atau bait puisi yang menyayat hati•

Tanyakan padaku perihal cinta

Apa yang membuatnya buta akan realita… 21 more words

Late Night Thoughts

Losing sleep, thinking about you

I actually am unable to sleep because I had a shit ton of green tea on an empty stomach at 10 PM, combined with the fact that I slept for a good portion of the day. 273 more words


The Music of Enlightenment

Have you ever listened to music that seems to bring you to some strange sort of euphoria?  Somehow the music resonates within your soul; it is your whole being, and it’s as if the creator wrote that song by reading your heart. 250 more words


Late Night Writing (Part 3.)

Your wish is my command! Here’s more on Tay and Luke! Catch up, if you haven’t met them yet :).

Meet Tay!

Meet Luke!

She was beautiful. 1,144 more words


Benci Mencintaimu

Aku bosan menyiksa diri mengenangmu dalam lampu-lampu kota temaram, jalan-jalan yang lengang, dan amin-amin sepertiga malam

Aku benci merasakan jiwaku terbelah, jatuh ke muara dan deras menjadi air mata… 35 more words

Late Night Thoughts

Earl grey tea won't save me now

Yep, this happened, I’m alright, please, if you want to talk, talk to me tomorrow.

+ + +

I hate nights like these. The nights where I’m in my room, writing about the nights that I hate, while my family is in their own separate rooms crying. 638 more words

Late Night Thoughts


We all have our own voices. Small, soft ones that are scared and shy. Loud, booming ones that are too authoritative.The critical, negative ones, always putting you down. 92 more words

Thoughts,Thoughts And More Thoughts