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Late night thoughts (and a song recommendation! )

It’s 11pm.I’m in my brother’s room trying to study on his desk while he is trying to sleep and apparently the noise the keyboard makes when I’m typing is something that my brother finds relaxing, so he asked me to keep typing. 644 more words


I am






alone in dealing with this.






Terror and panic say I need to run. … 109 more words

The Dreams Within

Have you heard of the annoyingly familiar cacophony of the rising life in the morning? It starts with a naive little sound first. Probably, the usual first chirp of a cuckoo, then next is the howl of a stray dog awoken, then the rattling of some iron fences by that canine trying to pry some food for its empty belly. 696 more words


Shit real.

Do you feel the changes?

Can you feel the shift beneath your feet?

Are you panicking at this unknown burst of emotion that you feel the need to tie to negative thoughts? 249 more words

Changes...in Circumstances

Today on Alex Elle’s Instagram story, her journal question was:

“How can YOU change your circumstances?”

And I think that I have more power over my circumstances than I realize sometimes. 333 more words

My Life

Late night thoughts

Haven’t you been in this situation that you couldn’t, no matter how hard you tried to sleep for the last 1 hour?

Finally you gave up, unlocked your phone, unsure of which App to tap open since it’s been over 100 times that you’ve checked your Facebook notification and WhatsApp message today. 241 more words


I still question about my past and present

And doubt my future

4 months til my move

God where am I going

Late Night Thoughts