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After Dusk, Before Dawn

After dusk, before dawn…
when the world is sleeping,
when the great ones are up thinking,
envisioning the impossible…
persistently pursuing the impossible possible… 43 more words


Who am I?

I thought that by now I would be able to answer this question with ease. However, as each day passes I feel myself change. It is almost as though the rest of the world sees who I am, and I am left on the outside trying to figure out who I am. 322 more words

College Life

Jazz on Repeat

Like the soothing sway
of a trumpet and her sax,
where the echoes of love
mix with the tunes of tell
all jazz; our silhouettes… 25 more words


Jeremih Might Be Featured On Kanye West's Album 'Waves'

Along with the several stars that will be possibly included in Kanye West’s album Waves, Jeremih might be added to the already extensive (still active) list. 115 more words


Late Nights

These are the things I’ve said out loud really late at night:

“I just read plaza as pizza”

“Are seals subjected towards equality?”

“I wonder what it’s like being a sheep..” 22 more words

Life and Lava Lamps

She sat on her bed staring at the blankets. There were three; the black one was hers, the blue one was a gift from her mom, and the red one she was borrowing from her brother. 223 more words



Recipe against decay

Sway with the ticking clock

twirl the vertigo away

from dancing in the darkness

to crashing with the rain.

Hide behind your courage… 17 more words