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Wandering Nights of Ocean Beach

Time for a rewind, till almost a month ago in San Diego, California. The place, Ocean Beach

The place is Ocean Beach, a wonderful beachside town in Southern California. 215 more words


The Two Käthes

Join us for Late Night this Friday when we will host artist Käthe Kollwitz of the feminist activist art collective the Guerrilla Girls as part of a celebration of women artists featured in… 588 more words

Dallas Museum Of Art

Watching the time go by

Once again I am having a sleepless night. These nights usually happen when I am home alone. My mind is restless, constantly racing and bouncing all over the place. 178 more words

Late Night and NCIS

As I sit on the couch watching, well more so listening to, NCIS I have a few things running through my head. All of which are making it hard for my brain to shut off…so I continue to watch, listen to, NCIS and work on my project for tomorrow. 545 more words

She seeks

Yet another of my late night ramblings, this is rooted from a realisation that we all are, to a great extent, the cause and solutions of all our problems. 170 more words



On a random December evening of 2015 in a usual pattern of laying on bed, trying really hard to sleep and using the aid of music to sink into a flow of serenading melody gently transforming in a state of peaceful slumber (the process isn’t as easy and nice with me, trust me!!!), I was listening to one of my favorite voices giving greater depths to the lyrics of “she’s thunderstorms” and replaying the pleasant moments that sometimes flash in my mind. 156 more words

NYC will always be home, but London has my heart.

London will forever have my heart. I first traveled to this beautiful city last summer, the summer of 2016 and have been back twice since. I don’t think I could ever explain or put into words the feeling I get when the plane lands at Heathrow and knowing that I just have to get through customs to be back in my favorite city. 191 more words