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Late night tonights

This is a little risque. Fair warning.

Late nights I lay in bed as I’m alone and text the man I am currently seeing that I’m going to sleep, and since he works during the week 530 miles away I can only see him on the weekends. 538 more words

Insight Nine.

It wasn’t a soft graze,
left to timid lips and
hands like before –
you held passion in
a kiss, interlocking
truths of our hearts… 37 more words


Preserving Pollock: A Conversation about Art Conservation

I’ll be talking with Jim Coddington, the Chief Conservator at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, this Friday evening, November 20, at 9:00 p.m. 291 more words

Dallas Museum Of Art

"That" Best Friend

I love these late nights laughing with my best friend. I always end up miserable for days afterwards from lack of sleep and soreness – but it’s worth it. 258 more words


It's Better to Be Safe Than Sorry

She was puzzled and incredulously astonished as she listened. The words were empty, soulless… chilling the atmosphere that began to quickly suffocate her. She turns to her friend, whose appearance mirrored her own—awkward and annoyed. 392 more words


You always leave me hanging
Like that cigarette dangling dangerously
On the corner of your mouth…

Your arms are loose to keep me
But not enough to let me go… 34 more words