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Happy 4th of July!!!!!

It has been over a month since I have posted anything and I don’t even know why. I’ve been painting quite a bit and getting those done has taken a lot of time. 152 more words

Late Night Rebellions

I wonder what I’m missing out on.
Crawling through crevices,
when the moon is high and the air is silent.
Tiptoeing like chuckling shadows and indomitable beings with no care of the consequences. 127 more words

Where To Go From Here.

The first time you hear a song that you feel was written only about you, and it fills your every open pore with a warmth that floods over. 156 more words



Sleep is something I really took for granted in my university days. I often had days off and would sleep past noon and spend lazy days in the house. 91 more words


The Boy Who's Worth The One Night Stand

I sit here, in my own cold queen-sized bed, alone. Unintentionally catching the stale mixed smell of your cigarette and Jameson. But oh, was it so worth it. 813 more words

Suddenly the tears come, pouring out one at a time staining the curve of her cheekbone a salt streaked trail of white. Each drop reflecting the uncertainty of her feelings. 57 more words

You Know it's Summer When...

You know it’s summer when…

1.You stay up late and as every hour passes you think to yourself,”Meh, one more hour won’t do any harm…” You then continue to push the hours out until the early hours of the morning when you hear the neighbours heading out to work for the day. 344 more words