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Tokyo Affair

The glum skies

Are not enough to dampen my delight

You’re a sweetheart

With a gentle, genuine spirit

I want to love you longer

But I have to go soon… 33 more words


57 Books To Read Before I Die

We all know reading is important (well some of us think so). I have compiled a list of books I wish to have read before I perish based on recommendations by professors and friends alike and also because most are highly esteemed. 379 more words


a fourth attempt could be trying too hard.

There are moments where I wonder why I have yet to pen a novel about my life.

It’s then that I come to the realisation that there would be very few who would truly appreciate the words of a twenty-something year old hospitality worker who scowls at young children for a living. 190 more words

things that are the worst

The worst is when you make a bad cup of coffee in the morning because you just weren’t paying attention and/or were too tired to realize what you were doing. 114 more words

Twenty- Five.

It was the first cool night
this summer, with the wind
whispering to the trees about
ages ago – back when we would
be sitting on the porch trying… 49 more words


And Let The Rainstorm Tuck You In

It is late…it is early…it is both.

A soft patter of rain has just begun on the roof overhead as I nuzzled into bed for the night. 128 more words


EDEN- Dublin

EDEN produces some great turn down feels jams. He has got a great voice, control and smoothness to the music. He sings over tracks that are almost enticing as his lyrics are. 53 more words