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I’ve reached the crumbled shells
of disappointment rooted inside
your kiss – we’ve reached tattered
remains of lies and discontent in
the hours belonging to truth and… 93 more words


3 a.m. in the Emergency Room

I didn’t expect to find myself dodging the beginnings of a political debate at 3:50am in the waiting room of the ER, but alas, that was exactly where I found myself last night (er- this morning?).  1,256 more words


Let us talk

So yesterday i was in the middle of posting an article here when the lights went and my laptop went off because i had been using without having have(is this correct grammar) plugged it into the socket. 332 more words


I’ve learned to love myself over time. I’ve loved myself enough despite mi pancita, my wide arms, my round face –my everything. I know my value, I know my worth intellectually, spiritually, and physically. 116 more words


Jeremih -Late Nights: Europe (Review)


Looking to keep the ball rolling after dropping Late Nights: The Album, Jeremih hastily treats us to a follow-up project: Late Nights: Europe. 883 more words


there was a girl 

Once upon a time, there was a girl who kind of didn’t like herself. She was very pale (therefore she could see almost all of her veins), very long limbed (and having long limbs while lacking coordination isn’t a great combination), her face was odd, her laugh and voice she thought were irritating, her nose had a bump at the bridge, she had a widows peak, and she thought differently and looked at things differently, and would say things that left people looking at her kind of oddly, which she was self conscious about. 198 more words

This Life


​Restless. Constant movement. Uncomfortable. Squirming in her own skin.

Sit, stand, dance with the wind.
Laugh, cry, scream at the sky.

Sigh, so deep you could get lost in it. 169 more words