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I am such a failure right now, that all the while I was away. I have been trying to look for a new higher paying job. 58 more words


Week 45 - So Soon

So Soon

How did it get so late. 

The lights are burning on the fire escape.

A new day is wrapped in the soft darkness of the dawn. 25 more words

Late Nights & Wedding Plans

I’m up late again. The last two weeks night after night I can’t seem to make it to bed earlier then 11:30. When I was working my daily schedule was consistent. 1,352 more words

Jeremih ft. Jhene Aiko - Worthy

I know you’ve been through it (been through it)
I know you been going through it
I know these other girls can’t do it like I do it (like I do it) 345 more words


It was 3am

The lights were dimmed

And the world was in silence

All I could hear was your voice

The words you spoke strummed the chords of my tired heart… 192 more words


Don't play with her

There’s a feeling that encapsulates your core when you’re distracted

It creeps up behind you and before you know it,

Boo! Your heart is pulsing; racing… 180 more words


Secretly she wept, publicly she smiled.