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d u s k

Spell checks on all those hours that don’t really exist, when the rest of the world seems like they’ve disappeared. I observe my hidden talents, picking them apart in the mirror, the flash of a glance, the speed in the blink of an eye. 29 more words


Girlish Superstitions

I’ve never been good at being a girl.
I don’t know how to flirt,
I don’t know how to party,
I don’t know how to dress. 91 more words


“You want to move to Portland and I want to move to Paris. What are we going to tell the kids after we’re married?”

you playfully ask me without a pause in your voice. 85 more words


Head, hands and heart.

I’m a twenty one year old girl living in a country where traditionalism is still strongly held and girls aren’t really set free from their homes ever. 931 more words

Slice Of Life

Wonder: (The world through the bottom of a milk glass)


We take it to mean good, excellent, fantastic. Someone says that they’ve “had a wonderful day,” and we take it to mean that they had an incredible, happy, encouraging day in which their plans were accomplished and their lives were improved. 519 more words

No More

No more.
No more lies,
and half-ass rationalizations.
Don’t you know you
are killing me?
Each word out of your mouth
just makes it worse. … 67 more words


end of summer

The last days of summer….

My children fill the house with a last minute

            r  u  s  h

of unstructured chaos. They stay up late giggling. 37 more words

Short Story