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Dear World,...

Just give me some more time. Just let me show you what I can be. Let me show you who I am. Watch as people try to tear me down, until I am nothing but flesh. 316 more words

ιατε ηighτs

Or maybe early mornings. Hell, they’re one in the same. The thoughts scramble through this brain of mine at rates seemingly impossible to grasp. It’s like I can’t zone in on the ideas to write them down in a sequence that would make any sense. 76 more words


An Empty Office

“Isn’t it lonely being at the office by yourself?” 

If I have been asked that question once, I’ve been asked it ten times (which may not seem like a lot but actually is!) since my organization decided to let all the part-timers go.   198 more words


Why, why, why am I doing this to myself...

…because it makes me happy. Because it makes me feel something real. Because once you get that feeling (Thanks Justin Timberlake!) it becomes addictive and you will do what you can just to keep on feeling it. 245 more words



Good day all!

I wanted to share with you my first experience of a cheese and wine night. So my dear friend F invited me and a few of her friends round to her place for a cheese and wine night. 206 more words


Tips to surviving your first college finals

The last three to four weeks have been some pretty rough non-stop studying days, late nights, stressed mornings, exhausting moments and hundreds of pages just staring at you from your desk waiting to be read. 540 more words


‘The moon is magic for the soul, and light for the senses’

Taken with my canon power-shot.