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Together forever

“…You know when one door closes another opens, a more better door than the previous opens” Gbemi said smiling

She smiled as she heard him say sorry a word so small yet so big, for a moment she wondered why it took him so long to say sorry.

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Late Night Thoughts

Them late night thoughts can get so sad

Sitting in the dark thinking how’d it get so bad

There used to be days when I’d never get mad… 137 more words



Awhile ago I realized that I didn’t have any huge sin standing out to me in my life.

Which, at first glance, may appear as a good thing. 142 more words



I’ve just finished work. Well kinda, i finished about an hour ago.

I was having a pretty good night, enjoying the company of a few good people. 293 more words

Bicycle Touring


Eventually the tragedy of love is our humanity. With all the wisdom behind the mystique of human consciousness. The creators of the universe ought to know not to allow mere mortals feel an emotion clearly meant for gods. 31 more words


Shooting stars

I was standing at the back side of the house, looking at the sky. It had this wonderful deep intimidating purple that was screaming, Bold and Majestic! 710 more words


The late night ramblings of a girl in need of answers

How do you get past fear? I’m not talking about the “oh no I don’t want to get eaten by a shark and die” kind but rather when something in your life has hurt you and you’re not sure how to heal the scar. 652 more words