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I am always astonished by the sheer number of people present at my local Denny’s when I show up after midnight. When I came in an hour ago, there were eight people present besides me. 211 more words


A Digression (Or Dear Britta, It's Time to Get Your Shit Together...Again)

Hey you, yeah I’m talking to you. You’re becoming the laziest person I know. How bout you snap out of that right now?

I’m talking about myself, of course. 372 more words


Last Bus route

Her perfume tickles my senses inappropriately..
I’m bothered and alert, but I like it.
I start to examine all the creases and curvatures of her being… 283 more words


Idol or idle

Headin where I used to reside
I refuse to say home
That place is why I’m used to a high
Got through with being low… 71 more words

late nights and new beginnings.

Tonight is one of those rare few late nights I rarely experience anymore, and it’s kind of nice. By no means do I miss my graveyard shift days at the retirement home, but I do miss the quietness — the peace in knowing that I am awake while the world around me sleeps. 506 more words


When I Can't Sleep...

…I write bad poetry.

“A Minions”*

Lonely is a place,
I’ve grown accustomed to.

Lonely is the quiet night
And its enemy; the dawn.
it has no end, yet still I wait… 84 more words

3 A.M.

Productivity is a fickle matter for me, personally. There are vast amounts of days where I feel the afternoons draw themselves out like messy sketches and I hardly finish anything productive. 261 more words