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Late nights...

I’m sitting here on my bed, laptop on my lap and bassinet next to the bed at arms reach with a fussy 3 mo old who refuses to fall asleep and is just blowing bubbles since he learned to do this today. 280 more words

A blessing in the sky.

It’s nights like these that I look up to the moon for answers. Here I lay, late into the night as my fears and thoughts smack into the walls of my head and bounce around without rest. 174 more words



The two of you could talk for hours
She shared enough with you
Then you took a second
And realized
You really knew nothing about her

When We've Gone Too Far.

We reach a certain point, and the optimist tries to fix the unrepairable, while the pessimist stands by doing nothing but watch. A sinful, grin approaches as if to say, “It’s broken, and I told you that if you’re able to put the pieces back together that it’ll be even more fragile than before.” It would break so much quicker than before, and so much more often, up until the point where the optimist no longer bends down to pick up the pieces to be put back together again. 365 more words

I prefer writing at night.

Sometimes during the day my mind goes elsewhere so I never finish writing what I want to write.

At night is where everything comes because it’s night. 93 more words

Find A Better Reason To Stay Up Until 2 AM

You’re staying up until 2 AM for the wrong reasons. Because you’re wasted. Because you’re heartbroken. Because you’re bored and lonely and scrolling through social media until you’re forced to surrenderĀ to sleep. 409 more words

Happy Baby, Happy Mama

I have to be honest, it has been a rough couple of days and nights. I have had no idea why my anxiety was up and roaring, but I can’t imagine I was the most pleasant human to be around. 153 more words