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21 Things I Just Can't Anymore At 41

So, I turned 41 last year and, surprisingly, I didn’t have another panic attack the likes of which I experienced months before I turned 40 years old. 1,486 more words

The Wise

You go to dead places, one place to another
The last time it was the colosseum.
When asked why, you go quiet and whisper
To seek wisdom. 118 more words


Favorite Fives.

Good Afternoon Lovely’s!

Still being new to this blogging thing, it obviously has taken me awhile to get this post done. But nonetheless, it is finished! 441 more words


Dick Pics

So, skipping ahead a little bit here in my time on tinder but one thing I just can’t get my mind around is how men, or should I say boys judging by their brain functions, love to send me… 339 more words

You Know You're An Autism Parent When...

You get pretty good at drawing clothes in Microsoft Paint. ;)

Yep, it has been one of those nights again over here. haha   But hey, now he gets to be a super hero. ;)


And at this moment in my life...

I am drinking a Lucky Buddha beer (because I think this guy will help me in my present/future endeavors) and snacking on croutons. I:

  1. Have completely lost it.
  2. 24 more words

The skies look like they are going to cry tonight. There’s a gloominess stuck in the clouds that almost seems to infect the whole world. Everyone walks with heads bowed and shoulders hunched, probably more from the cold inside than from the chill that hangs in the air. 1,002 more words