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Day 2: That Elusive Sleep and the Unwelcome Anxiety

About Sleep

I have been an insomniac since I can remember.

My mom calls me a night dweller. I don’t mind it. There is something comforting about nighttime. 739 more words


my dog

At 22h54 at night I panic sometimes. I see that someone hasn’t replied to my message, in the middle of a risky conversation and I fear I have lost a friend forever. 351 more words

Reasons To Stay Alive

A sweet gamble

photo by Baher Khairy via Unsplash

“Okay, I see your three and double it, let’s see your cards”, she said while pushing her stack of delicacies to the center of the table… 59 more words

Musings Of An Idle Mind

2 a.m. Writing: 20 Years of Flaws

Self-Composed Writing Prompt for the night: Write a short narrative imagining yourself, in 20 years, still struggling with the same deep flaws you fight against now.   929 more words

You've Become Home

I almost cried last night.
This time was different.
This time out of happiness.

We sat on the floor drinking whiskey and sang songs from our childhood. 367 more words


Late night feelings

I feel like everyone is meant for someone. If we had just met at different times… Maybe it would have been different. Id be done grieving, and hed be done living. 326 more words

Midnight Wine and Moral Relativism

So I got into one of those late night (early morning? – depends on one’s sleep schedule I guess) conversations again, you know the ones that just kind of get you thinking? 2,418 more words

Creative Writing