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Beware!! When Making Online Payments

Many of us have had the hectic experience after a long day at work, followed by rushing kids around to various practices, … 566 more words

Do your retail clients make you wait for your payments?

Tesco are currently classed as the worst for late payment in a list of the UK’s best-known retailers, taking an average of 105 days beyond terms to pay its suppliers, according to our latest analysis. 554 more words

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How To Calculate Your Credit Score

Our lives are so busy that we don’t have time to learn how to Calculate a Credit Score! But if you are serious about “Investing In You”, then its time to find out how this is done. 377 more words

Credit Is Your Reputation

8 Tips To Excellent Credit!

There are millions of people who need assistance with their credit! Did you know it’s roughly 1% of the population that has perfect credit? For example, a FICO score of 850 (on a scale of 300 bad to 850 excellent). 127 more words
Credit Is Your Reputation

Late Payment time bomb!

If, as a small business, you pay your suppliers late i.e. outside the agreed payment terms or outside 30 days if there are no payment terms, then you are vulnerable to claims for late payment penalties. 61 more words

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Can you nudge your customers towards paying you sooner?

Who wouldn’t want to make their customers pay their bills on time?  As business owners we’re always aware of our cash flow situation.  We’ll know who owes us money and when they’re due to pay us.   289 more words

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Late payment stories tell the tale of small business struggles

We recently contacted our customers to see if they were willing to share their experiences when it comes to late payments and they were more than happy to share the challenges faced by small businesses in the UK. 273 more words

Cashflow And Financial Management