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Hidden Depths: Haruko Sugimura

If a viewer watches enough of Yasujirô Ozu’s work, many of the actors become as familiar as old friends. Perhaps it’s something in the nature of his films, in their largely low-key, down-to-earth, everyday quality, or perhaps it’s because the actors who appear in multiple Ozu movies often play similar characters. 1,498 more words


Stuff I Watched (And Maybe You Will, Too): LATE SPRING

I’ve read a lot of articles namechecking Yasujiro Ozu over the years but I personally have never had the opportunity to access his films until recently. 561 more words


Everything is changing, but for now it stays the same.  It is a really weird time where we know what we want but have absolutely no control over it.  400 more words

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New cordial from old strawberries

It might sound sacrilegious this early in the season, but I found myself with a rather large bowl of strawberries in the back of the fridge. 575 more words

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Black and white

This week, to distract myself from the chaos in my world right now, I took part in the 7 day black and white challenge on my personal Facebook page.  70 more words

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For Sale:  Much loved garden…  with house attached.

This is a bitter sweet moment for me.  I love my garden, but life has a habit of creating change.

Ten years ago we were living in the heart of Auckland city with a tiny house – the perfect kind for the first rung on the property ladder.  652 more words

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You can’t beat a good mulch

Sometimes you know you need something, but just can’t have it.   So you try your best to make do and manage with what you can, but once you get your hands on something of quality then nothing else will do and then you make a way.   984 more words

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