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gentle whimsy from my tattered thoughts

At long last, I have found the place where stars go during daylight hours.


I saw a single firefly last night in the rain. His little blue light glowed beneath the shelter of a plantain leaf. 23 more words


Black fly war wounds show

On those who spirits hike on…

Happy snow is gone.


Mother Earth

Monday Morning #Haiku 161 -- Green (2)

Plethora of greens
Embrace the dryad in you
Breathe that verdancy


rose colored ending

rain pestered people inside

finally it stopped.

two moose mingle in meadow-

clouds quilt mountain sides

sun’s last beams shoot out turning

mountains a powdery pink.


Mother Earth

not alone

A deserted trail…

Such a nice hike…between storms

Black fly found me though.

Mother Earth