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Spring is late here in the Maritimes. Snow on the ground and ice in the water. I think I will invest in a hot water bottle to warm up stiffened fingers while I paint. 119 more words

The beauty in simple things: Late Spring

After The Flavor of Green Tea over Rice, here we are back again to the beloved and acclaimed Japanese cinematography. Once again, to guide us into this particular world, we have behind the camera the great master Yasujiro Ozu, author, as mentioned earlier, of some of the most iconic films of the Japanese postwar. 283 more words



A Joy Deferred

Today the sun came out again,
I always knew it would.
The wind is cold but that’s okay,
Spring’s on it’s way that’s good. 73 more words


At last, at last!

Standing together on a windy morning

the sky full of dark clouds

two white brothers.


How much of the story

do you need to know

to follow what is said?

Each relationship offers


What was promised

often stays unfulfilled… 50 more words


Bird, Singing

Bird, Singing

A cold spring sidles in after months of white
buried all living things, from roses to mice.

Now, when the sun opens pale fingers, 92 more words

SASY Rank - The 1940s

Another decade down, another SASY Rank mini-post. With the 1940s now behind us it is time for the two of us to scrawl down the films that impressed us the most from the decade. 242 more words