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Elegant brodiaea in Miramonte, CA

This late spring wildflower was enjoyed in an open field of dry grass along California State Road 245.

This 6-petaled purple wildflower was blooming in a grassy field, along the winding   State Route 245, in Miramonte, California. 20 more words


"Drawing in the Streets of Florence" by Nellie Farrow (SACI Late Spring & Summer ’17)


Guest blogger Nellie Farrow (SACI Late Spring & Summer ’17) shares her reflections about drawing on site in Florence under the summer sun, filling her sketchbook with drawings of Renaissance architecture, sculptures and monuments while curious locals and tourists peer over her shoulder… 309 more words

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SOTD: TYNI // Late Spring

TYNI’s ‘Late Spring’ is irresistibly poppy and proudly fun. The melodies are full of hidden surprises that are only revealed when you listen hard enough and the vocals are full of glamour and sharpness that makes your ears snap to attention. 10 more words


Last 10 Films I Watched

In the absence of a film from last year that I wanted to write about, I present to you the last 10 films I watched. (Idea borrowed from Dad: read his latest post… 182 more words


Poem for a long-lost friend

Poem for a long-lost friend

It starts as a line on a paper the size of a stamp
And eventually compiles detail and direction

Into trails, avenues, settlements, named places… 103 more words


gentle whimsy from my tattered thoughts

At long last, I have found the place where stars go during daylight hours.


I saw a single firefly last night in the rain. His little blue light glowed beneath the shelter of a plantain leaf. 23 more words