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Bird, Singing

Bird, Singing

A cold spring sidles in after months of white
buried all living things, from roses to mice.

Now, when the sun opens pale fingers, 92 more words

SASY Rank - The 1940s

Another decade down, another SASY Rank mini-post. With the 1940s now behind us it is time for the two of us to scrawl down the films that impressed us the most from the decade. 242 more words


#15 - Late Spring (1949), dir. Ozu Yasujiro

This is it for the 1940s at Fan With a Movie Yammer, and we had the pleasure of finishing off this decade of Sight & Sound… 3,106 more words


Ebert's Greats: Banshun & The Scarlet Empress

List Item: Watch Roger Ebert’s “The Great Movies”
Progress: 182/409

Title: Banshun (Late Spring)
Director: Yasujiro Ozu
Year: 1949
Country: Japan

Earlier this year I finally sat down to watch… 498 more words

Bucket List

This time next week I’ll be in a completely different season.

And I have never longed for a date to change on a calendar so much.  I want to just put this horrible spring behind us and never speak of it again!  107 more words

Sarah The Gardener

Garden Love on the Weekend

Brief:  Focus on one color this weekend, then, select your favorites from your shoot and publish a gallery.  And  Observe and capture an entire scene, but also zooming in within it.   253 more words

Sarah The Gardener