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heating up

Early morning view

Scorpion south rises up

Antares heart beats.

Mother Earth

Haiku 366-97 through -102

Adulting can certainly take time away from the fun things of life, like writing haiku, but I’m determined to meet that goal of 366 haiku in 2016.

Source: Haiku 366-97 through -102


Trees on the hill

Sometimes I go to visit my mother in the cemetary on the hill in the middle of our city. Of course she is not really really there, but then, where is she?   414 more words

Late Spring

(Dir. Yasujiro Ozu, Japan, 1949)

Just the Way It Is

Noriko Somiya is getting older. Older, yes, but not in the sense that most of us today might consider “getting old.” Noriko (Setsuko Hara) is twenty-seven, and her marital status has become the primary concern of her widower of a father (Chishu Ryu) and meddling aunt (Haruko Sugimura) who worry that her age may increasingly be a hindrance in securing her a husband. 767 more words


Film Review: Late Spring (1949). 5/5 Stars

 Noriko Somiya played by Setsuko Hara. 

Yasujiro Ozu (1903-1963) was an academic failure who stumbled into filmmaking in 1923. By the 1940s he was a master of Shomingeki, a genre whose themes dealt with the daily lives of ordinary working people.  404 more words

Film Review

To the Person who Forgot to CC Mother Nature...

You had one job. One. Job.

Thankfully, it all melted by lunch.

Photo Journal