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Lean Development

The next chapter is about Lean Development in the Agile Management book. This chapter covers Concepts, Lean Principles, Eliminate Waste, Amplify Learning, Decide Late, Deliver Fast, Team Empowerment, In-built Integrity and See the Whole.

Agile Project Management

Wedding jitters

I am not getting married. I attended a wedding.

Should I be worried that I’m more worried about not having a chance to be maid of honor than not being a bride? 136 more words


BBQ party

Today was the actual day for the party. I worked in the morning. Party was already happening when I got home. I barely had guests so I did very little mingling. 8 more words


Wasting away the greens

My mother, and my sister had their birthday earlier this month. Although we celebrated it intimately, they never really had a party for friends. So they decided to have one at home, and have some bbq for some friends. 48 more words


The time I... shared an apartment with these ladies

College was awesome. Everything about it. I had the same set of roommates for the most part, and I loved them. We were a family. During my last year, however, I had it with these ladies. 136 more words


In CatOpoly Monopoly Board Game by Late for the Sky

games have focused on: the accuracy of fixed-point requires throwing
game preparation: 70cm diameter drill hole 1, a large thick bag 1, table 1, table tennis number, fixed line, the first two cardboard tiger drawing… 289 more words

School Zones Made Me Late

Another update from the Jungleā€¦.

Jane is the HR manager for a company with about 200 employees. The company runs a lean operation which means that Jane is the sole HR person and handles pretty much every situation that arises. 416 more words