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Some Really Special Types of Taxi Drivers

The literal meaning of a Taxi Driver is the one who drives a taxi for hire. In the recent times and in almost every city, taxis have become almost one of the most important parts of our lives.  656 more words

Getting Right Help Without Label Possible?

Hello. I am a woman in my late 20s who went through a lot traumatic abuse when I was growing up. I can t even remember all of my years but what I do remember is bad. 74 more words

Eat, Pray Love Elizabeth Gilbert

                As a runner I really enjoy eating, as a Christian I pray often, and as a wife and a mother love is something I do everyday. 697 more words

Dad's Late Note For His Daughters School Is The Greatest Thing You Will Ever See!

A lot of time mothers handle almost everything that has to do with the kids school. This dad wrote a late note for his daughter, and it’s amazing. 59 more words


#81 the snooze hoop


So late for work!

Why did I press off not snooze!?


Squeeze It.

There is an inexplicable, intermittent squeezing within me, almost as if I’m being wrung dry; it occurs at a point beyond my sternum but seemingly right beneath the surface of my chest.   511 more words


The App

Hey guys I just downloaded the app and now I can post on the go. This is actually going to come in handy I feel because sometimes I do want to write and say hi and all that good stuff but I’m either too lazy to even open my laptop or I’m not even in my room to do that. 24 more words