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The FCC’s net neutrality rules will officially expire in late April

(Source: arstechnica.com)

The Federal Communications Commission’s net neutrality rules will officially come off the books two months from now, as the FCC is set to take the final step necessary to make the repeal official. 323 more words


Tesla accused of knowingly selling defective vehicles in new lawsuit

(Source: www.theverge.com)

A former Tesla employee claims the company knowingly sold defective cars, often referred to as “lemons,” and that he was demoted and eventually fired after reporting the practice to his superiors. 390 more words


Late Snow

Yesterday, it snowed. All day long. I kept looking out the back door at work, wondering if the County would close early. Nope. The new County Manager is a former Public Works roads guy. 373 more words


I want to talk about time, yep that right like clocks…

How does time escape us, we live in this universe aware of time, yet I never seem to be able to keep up. 185 more words

What Happens If You Never Pay Your Credit Card Bill?

(Source: www.asianmoneyguide.com)

When Gemma, 25, first got her credit card, she told herself that she would only ever use it for emergencies. And to her credit (pun intended), for the first few months, she barely used it. 300 more words

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