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[eleventh Viterbo update]

Well, it’s finally here! Here is the update I typed up about Jeremy’s visit to Italy. It’s under “chapter six: heart and soul” with the title “drown my heart with beer” (this is an inside joke with me and some of my friends here in Viterbo). 12 more words



Never knowingly absent,

Leaving souls to sit and wait,

It seems that you’ve forgotten,

Or at best, that you are late.


Being the Ogre

You promise you’ll be home tonight

to kiss the kids and hold me tight

You tell me it won’t be the same

until it happens once again…

86 more words
Kait King Author


It’s late and it’s time for us to say goodnight…
Sleep well, beneath the soft glow of the stars and moon.
Pleasant dreams until tomorrow’s dawning light. 23 more words


Book Report

After the dense morning mist had lifted at the Foggy Bottoms Resort and Spa the kids realized that classes resumed tomorrow at the Montetorkie school.  They had squandered their whole week off; nary a one had a book report ready to present in front of the class tomorrow.

Late Night Freeverse, 29-11-2015

Motionless in my own world
Stimulating my ears with your music
Tears swipin’ down with each lyric search
As I look aside and notice you’re not here… 89 more words

Moody Night