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8 Time Management Tips That Will Work Even If You Are Always Late

Being late sucks. If you have the unfortunate habit of being late, you probably just don’t plan your time well. These time management tips will help you with that. 30 more words

I'm Not Sure :/

Hi guys or gals,

RainbowPuppy here as you can tell,but obviously not from the day as this was published a whole day late!!!!!
I would like to deeply apologise as I did know I had to publish something yesterday at around 1 when I was with GlitterGirl but when I went home I completely forgot as something I ordered had finally come and it was a game and it took 10GB so I had to begin downloading it so I can begin playing so me and family left it on when we went out to celebrate something-not the game-and when we came home expecting the download on the computer to still be downloading it instead kept on saying that the monitor was going to sleep and wouldn’t turn on so we had to turn the whole thing off and restart the download and by the time everything had ended it was around 11:20 so I had to go to bed. 170 more words


Podcasts, am I late to the party?

It seems as though I have missed out on a new type of media. Replacing radio and music streaming, comes in the front runner of Podcasts. 163 more words

Cats, Toddlers and Early Mornings

Mornings are never easy in my household, are they horrific? No not usually. But they are always a process and it seems no matter how early I get up I still manage to be late… 1,097 more words


Better Never Than Late

I did it all late. Dating: late, to the extent that sitting against an amp on a never-vacuumed floor listening to a guy you might like but probably don’t, and his three friends try to “make it” as a band counts as a date. 412 more words


Tale Weaver — Crossing the Country By Train

A few years back, I had to be in Boston for a business meeting. Normally I would have flown across the country, a trip that typically takes about six hours. 552 more words