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How to Become a Morning Person

We hear people say all the time they are either an early bird or a night owl. Naturally, we are one or the other, but our routines and lifestyles also impact whether we gravitate to waking up early or staying up late. 940 more words


Late Is Right On Time

I am always late. Even when I don’t mean to be, I just am. I am late to lunches, brunches, dinners, parties, weddings and sometimes funerals. 571 more words


Late Night Thoughts with Murph

You ever have an idea that just causes your brain to drip out of your skull? Because I’ve melted my mind this time.

Ok, this one is more philosophical than the others. 651 more words


Pt. One: Being Late Isn’t the End of the World

I’m supposed to be in a class right now. A really good class. It’s on Swedish literature, it’s very interesting, and I’m mad that I’m missing it. 1,213 more words

50 Word Thursday - The Results!

Whoops, I forgot to post the results of last Thursday’s 50 Word Thursday Challenge. You must have wondered ‘did I abandon you?’ well here is the post. 271 more words

Word Of The Day

haiku #75

The wind was dark and

the night was harsh. I left my

notebook at work. Fuck.


I swipe images

To amuse and entertain

Late night appetites

Loving each who, what, and will

Viscer’l feasts that never fill