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Planning for incapacity in later life

Think this doesn’t apply to you? — maybe think again…

This piece isn’t directly about planning for retirement. Neither does it concern making a will or dealing with inheritance tax. 1,526 more words


All I want for Christmas is dew (relentless rain won't do!)

The reference to “Dew” is from memory of this lovely medieval poem

I syng of a mayden

That is makeles,

king of alle kinges

to here sone che chees. 593 more words


CABS/CPA seminar on Social Media & Research in Ageing: Part 3

Ian Watson, Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services

Research unbound: Finch, open access and social media

Examples of ways new technologies always disrupt existing social norms and business models (telephone: people bothering you right in your house! 236 more words

CABS/CPA seminar on Social Media and Research in Ageing: Part 2

Prof Shailey Minocha, OU

A case study-based investigation of experiences of people aged 65 years and over with online social interactions

What she has learned about conducting research with older people, as a relative newcomer to the field. 530 more words

CABS/CPA seminar on Social Media and Research in Ageing

30th October 2015, The OU Camden, London

My usual partial and incomplete liveblog notes from a seminar. Not necessarily a representation of what speakers said or meant, just the things that interested me. 571 more words

Isolation and ageing in the UK

What does the future of community cohesion look like? How far are boys falling behind when it comes to literacy? These are just a couple of the topics that we have been looking at through our work on future trends. 412 more words

UK Wide


So I’ve not always wanted tattoo’s in fact for a while I really disliked them. But as I get older and have had huge changes and issues through life I more and more like the idea of having tattoo’s. 135 more words