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You wait years for good pension communications and then.....

All the best documents can be digested at a glance- think P60 ( or P45 if you’re more used to them)! Simple lay-out , necessary information, few words, maximum impact as it’s all there on one sheet. 798 more words


Later Life and Death

In 1953 Smith suffered a coronary attack. Aged 61, he married Carol Jones Dorman on November 10, 1954. After honeymooning at the Smith cabin, they moved to Pacific Grove, California, where he set up a household with their children. 130 more words


People who are different from you really do know cool stuff

Just lately I seem to have been spending more time than usual with younger and older people. Younger and older, that is, than the middle aged people who make up most of my peers…in and out of work. 611 more words


Talking about urinary incontinence

This week is World Continence Week, an annual campaign to raise awareness of continence. The theme this year, Incontinence – no laughing matter, tackles a common response by people to laugh off incontinence. 359 more words

Older People

Old Age


Introducing a various range of ideas around old age has a significant issue with diseases, giving an impartial reasoning and understanding about the different trends within society and how they can change a person’s attitude about their moral self. 444 more words


Ella Baker's Last Years

After many years of traveling around, Ella retreated to New York City in 1967, but her activism didn’t take a break. She joined with Arthur Kinoy to start the Mass Party Organizing Committee, which was a socialist organization. 119 more words

Ella Baker

Do we need role models?

By Caitlin Kelly

A favorite TV series, about an older Swedish detective

Once you become an adult, certainly if you’re female and choose an unconventional life — maybe not marrying or not having children or working in a creative field — you might crave a role model. 758 more words