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Three For Later Life (2016)

1. Memories.
2. Family.
3. New skills learned.


Planning for incapacity in later life

Think this doesn’t apply to you? — maybe think again…

This piece isn’t directly about planning for retirement. Neither does it concern making a will or dealing with inheritance tax. 1,526 more words


All I want for Christmas is dew (relentless rain won't do!)

The reference to “Dew” is from memory of this lovely medieval poem

I syng of a mayden

That is makeles,

king of alle kinges

to here sone che chees. 593 more words


CABS/CPA seminar on Social Media & Research in Ageing: Part 3

Ian Watson, Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services

Research unbound: Finch, open access and social media

Examples of ways new technologies always disrupt existing social norms and business models (telephone: people bothering you right in your house! 236 more words

CABS/CPA seminar on Social Media and Research in Ageing: Part 2

Prof Shailey Minocha, OU

A case study-based investigation of experiences of people aged 65 years and over with online social interactions

What she has learned about conducting research with older people, as a relative newcomer to the field. 530 more words

CABS/CPA seminar on Social Media and Research in Ageing

30th October 2015, The OU Camden, London

My usual partial and incomplete liveblog notes from a seminar. Not necessarily a representation of what speakers said or meant, just the things that interested me. 571 more words