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Is Eccentric Exercise The Key To Lateral Epicondylitis Rehab?

There’s a lot of talk these days about the possible benefits of ‘Eccentric Exercise’ in rehabilitating Lateral Epicondylitis.

But can one type of muscle contraction be that much more effective than another in tendon healing and rehab?… 170 more words

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What Are The Best Exercises For Tennis Elbow Rehab?

In this podcast episode: The three best exercises for Tennis Elbow, which one(s) you should start with, and how taking an “indirect approach” is the best way to “ease into” your rehab program. 136 more words

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Podcast: Lateral Epicondylitis - Should You Rest It?

When it comes to Tennis Elbow treatment advice, you almost always hear how important it is to “Rest it as much as possible while it heals!” 151 more words

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Podcast: The Goals Of Rehab Exercise For Lateral Epicondylitis

What exactly are the goals of rehab exercise for Lateral Epicondylitis?

There are three key things you’re trying to accomplish with resistance exercise when recovering from a Tennis Elbow tendon injury, whether it’s Tendinosis, Tendonitis or a tendon tear: 98 more words

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Podcast: When Should You Start Rehab Exercises For Lateral Epicondylitis?

The exercises you need for Tennis Elbow rehab are easy enough to learn – The hard part is knowing when to do them.

When done at the right time, exercises should help your recovery – But, done at the wrong time, they can make your injury worse, unfortunately! 112 more words

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Podcast: Cortisone Shots And Lateral Epicondylitis: Big Mistake

In the treatment of Tennis Elbow, the Cortisone shot is the go-to quick fix, often instantly erasing pain, almost like magic.

Research reveals, however, that the powerful but often fleeting benefits of Cortisone can come at a very high price in the form of long-term and sometimes very serious consequences to your tendons. 152 more words

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Chronic Tennis Elbow physical therapy exercises


As a physical therapist I have mentioned there are about 5 diagnoses that are just extremely difficult to get better in treatment.   216 more words