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What Is Selfie Elbow?

Is “Selfie Elbow” Really A NEW Medical Condition? (Or Just Tennis Elbow In Disguise?)

If your arm or elbow is starting to hurt from taking too many selfies, you may have the latest trendy Tech Injury, many are starting to call “Selfie Elbow.” 276 more words

Tennis Elbow Treatment

The Simple, Inexpensive Tennis Elbow Test Your Doctor Probably Won’t Offer You

If this simple scan can tell how severe your Tennis Elbow injury is – Why won’t your Doctor offer you one – And when should you ask for it? 135 more words

Tennis Elbow

8 Tips on How to Avoid Tennis Elbow

When you hear tennis elbow, you may have visions of Serena Williams or John McEnroe swinging on the court, but the reality is much different. In fact, most instances of tennis elbow appear in people who don’t play tennis. 333 more words

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Elbow pain: Lateral Epicondylitis (aka, Tennis elbow)

The technology boom of the past decade has not only made our lives easier (debateable), but also caused a surge in overuse injuries. Smart phones, i-pads, and laptops (to name a few) have become as common TV’s and cars to every household in America. 708 more words

When Should You Consider Tennis Elbow Surgery?

If you have a stubborn, chronic case of Golfer’s or Tennis Elbow, when should you start thinking about surgery? – If you’re like most, you regard surgery as a last resort – A serious decision not to be rushed into or taken lightly. 226 more words

Tennis Elbow Treatment

"-itis," "-osis," and "Tennis Elbow" Continued

Common extensor tendinosis/tendonopathy, as discussed previously before, is one of the more frustrating conditions for both patients and clinicians alike. Part of the frustration has to do with incorrect labeling of the condition, which research has shown to be more of a tendinopathy/tendinosis. 486 more words

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Tennis Elbow, Surgery And The Placebo Effect

A surgeon who claims to perform surgeries, including for Tennis Elbow, that may only work due to the placebo effect – And a surprising recent medical study comparing actual Tennis Elbow surgery with a “placebo” procedure! 74 more words

Tennis Elbow Treatment