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Review: Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada

Many people believe that if you’ve played one Warriors game you’ve played them all. I don’t agree nor do I disagree as some games in the series actually do adhere to that statement and others don’t; luckily Spirit of Sanada is quite unique. 927 more words


Review: The Franz Kafka Videogame

The Point-&-Click genre is known for its liberal blending of Adventure themes and challenging puzzles. Often, those “puzzles” consist of figuring out where to use certain items, how to combine objects in your inventory, and deciphering dialog options or characters’ needs. 621 more words


Review: A Butterfly in the District of Dreams

Visual novels, while popular in Japan, have a small die-hard fandom here in the United States. If you were to list game genres, most people would have never heard of Visual Novels being one of them, but they are, like… 796 more words


Review: To the Top

It’s fun to be a frog.  Hopping everywhere on land while your sticky hands cling to surfaces makes for a great mode of locomotion.  While technically… 1,111 more words


Stay Ahead Of the Game With The Right Internet Marketing

Nowadays, in the growing world of online marketing, more and more businesses are sprouting up online and this is making the competition online much more challenging. 357 more words

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Taqiyya Alert: Manchester Bombing Imam Deception

Taqiyya Alert: Manchester Bombing Imam Deception

By Katie Jones – on June 18, 2017


  • The mainstream media is currently complicit in promoting one of the bigger taqiyya scams in recent years.

1,067 more words

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Review: Prey

Prey is the latest creation from Arkane Studios, veterans of the FPS genre after the release of the widely loved Dishonored games.  Prey, or Prey 2017 as some people call it, has been trivialised as “Bioshock/Dishonored in space”, and to some extent this is true, there are a lot of similarities in the style of those three games, but also a lot of unique differences personal to Prey.   1,514 more words