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"Salve" Your Immune System

I love the fact that I have the ability to equip my immune system with the things that it needs to fight off the yuck, naturally. 368 more words

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Finishing work and taking maternity leave, without the guilt

Did you ever have that feeling of happiness that plays like a beautiful song in your head, making you oblivious to the world around you? Like you’re in a movie or a show all on your own and everything is playing in slow motion? 1,409 more words

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“Little p” and “Big P” Policy: Two Paths to Improving Our Food System

It’s a Complex System – Where Do You Start?

Policies and laws affect our community and regional food systems in many different ways — from federal regulation of school lunches and food safety practices to state codes for environmental health and construction, from county zoning requirements to city ordinances regulating backyard chickens, and from your local hospital’s healthy vending machine rules to your local college campus’ local food procurement policies. 1,131 more words


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Good Morning Spark Natural friends!

This week I have really been faced with the words of “Life is too short”. Do you ever have those days or weeks or months, when something you’ve known for a long time really shows up and plays a huge role in your life? 363 more words

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Find a Door Company Milwaukee for Automatic Door Replacements

Overtime, doors in any building especially in busy establishment can be experience wear and tear.  In restaurants where doors are being swung to and fro almost all throughout the day can get damaged. 357 more words

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Ghettoised Greater Manchester Mayoral Elections mired in multi-cultural muddle!

Ghettoised Greater Manchester Mayoral Elections mired in multi-cultural muddle!

Mohammed Aslam, an “independent candidate” in the election for ‘Greater Manchester Mayor’, delivered his message in Urdu on the BBC’s News “minute manifesto” … 375 more words

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Review: Statik (PSVR)

Statik is undeniably intriguing. Immediately as you start playing, you wonder why you’re there, who the mysterious man is with the blurred face, and why your hands are shoved into a complex puzzle box. 963 more words