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Get XML String in PHP with URL

I’m really new to the job as a web developer and I have a Problem that I cant solve alone, also I can’t find any answers which fit my Problem. 188 more words


Script works, but laravel not clipping the video

I have a script to clip a videos using laravel-ffmpeg and the problem is that everything looks okay, I get no error, logs says okay, but my video was 9 sec length and now also is 9 sec. 44 more words


AWS S3 PHP File Upload. Returning URL but not actually uploading

Im using the AWS SDK for php to upload files to my S3 bucket. I’ve created a separate user using the IAM Manager and have given it Full access to S3. 165 more words


Error while login in Admin Dashboard (Laravel 5.2)

I want to create a login form for admin dashboard.I have already created the relevant Controllers and blades but when I try login in admin dashboard error of EloquentUserProvider…I only want a login form for admin side not for users…..Pleasee Help… 98 more words


php SELECT where row value contains string

I have a string has item_id from $_GET request


item_id = 12;

In MySQL, in the topping table I have a row with not integer value like so: 75 more words


How to get the text of the option inside the select from the appended html using jquery?

I am using form and appending select with option that are values and text is from the php for multiple. My problem is I cannot get the text of the selected option. 131 more words


Laravel 5.5 Session::put not work

I write a function for login by ajax. Auth::loginUsingId worked fine but seession dont set. I print session After Auth::loginUsingId by print_r(Session::all()) and output is: 501 more words