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PHP Concatenates Adding Space Variables

I have to display all three variables, while adding a space between each one and assigns the result of the concatenation into a 4th variable named $result. 35 more words


WhatsApp launches its Business app for Android

Launched in India.

WhatsApp on Thursday launched the anticipated WhatsApp Business app, which will be free for small businesses, and make it easier for companies to connect with customers. 157 more words


My mysql data not lining up into a html table

I need some help on an assignment to echo out my mysql data into a html table. I’m trying to get the correct info under the correct table headers, but my tagging is wrong. 178 more words


Selected value in select multiple box

    $excludeship = unserialize($data[0]['exclush']); //from database

    $excludecountry = ""; //data from API

$excludehtml =  <select multiple id="excludeship" name="excludeship" class="form-control excludeship">

  foreach ($excludeship as $key4 => $value4){    //from database
        foreach ($excludecountry as $key => $value){    //data from API             
            $excludehtml .= '<optgroup label='.$key.'>';
                    foreach ($value as $v){
                        if($v['value'] == $value4){                             
$excludehtml .=     '<option value='.$v['value']. 95 more words

Get a file from a directory in laravel

I have been doing research on how to get a file out of directory using php/Laravel and nothing seems to be working.

I am running a command: … 89 more words


Undefined instance object php

Before it, thanks for your time!
In this moment I have a problem when I try to instance a class. The error is: Notice: Undefined variable: userCore in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/proyecto_cice/app/web/controller/controllerFormUser.php on line 74… 148 more words


Getting data out of array column in laravel 5.5

I save my order data to notifications table as my notification using laravel Notification and I have problem with returning my data.

here is my notification method: … 171 more words