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Things I Keep Repeating About Writing

I often write papers with students, or read students’ papers to provide comments, and I find myself saying the same things over and over, especially the first time out.*  So: here’s a blog post I can point them to to (hopefully!) save us all some time and trouble. 1,540 more words

Top 3 Reasons Why Natural Latex Mattress Is the Best Choice for You

People are getting more conscious about their well-being today – from the food they eat to ensuring that the most basic house appliance passes stringent requirements to maintain and promote health. 126 more words

Rubber clinic 3/5

This bonnet is a hidden little gem, from Rubber Magic and would be a perfect addition to my new rubber nurse uniform.

Now days latex is found everywhere, the latex industry is literally booming. 94 more words


Matter & Interactions I, Week 1

This is the first post of a series of sixteen in which I will attempt to describe the weekly goings on in my introductory calculus-based physics course. 451 more words


Part 3 Molding and Casting Project 1 Molding from a surface: Resin and latex

Following the course instructions, I’ve been searching for a material to use for molding/casting which is transparent and/or soft when set.  I have to say, however, that I hated working with both resin and latex.   652 more words


Meet : Luka

Sometimes I come across some remarkable fetish individuals. Luka is definitely one of them and she agreed to answer a couple of my questions.

Looking at her pictures really makes me cherish her creativity and she has a remarkable way of standing out amongst thousands of other people within the fetish community. 488 more words