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Building a foam weapon: Part 1

First of all: This is going to be a tutorial on how to build a foam weapon. It will not be very in depth, but rather a step by step. 1,125 more words


Ribbed and Flavored and Magnum, Oh My...

There are so many condom options available. Some are lubricated, some are not. Some are colorful and some glow in the dark. Some are extra-large and some a little snugger. 341 more words


Checking a LaTeX Index

This week again, LaTeX. This time, the index. At the end of a document, you will usually find an index so that, if you don’t have a magical ctrl-f, you can find something fast in the book. 566 more words


Und wieder ein paar Leute konvertiert...

Der LaTeX Workshop dieses Jahr war wieder ein voller Erfolg. Zusammen mit meinem Mitbewohner haben wir ein etwas interaktiveres Konzept entwickelt. Immer 5 min Praesentation gefolgt von 10 min praktischen Beispielen. 51 more words


Set up Sublime Text 3 for LaTeX compiling on Mac OS X

I have been using Windows for quite a long time. On Windows, I use WinEdit for LaTeX file editing and compiling because … well because nothing. 464 more words


You're scaring the children

Hey, listen. I get that people like to get their freak on, and I’m totally on board with that. Well, to a level at least. 268 more words

Unusual Behaviours

Spring 2015 LaTeX Minicourse

The LaTeX Minicourse is back! Get started with creating beautifully formatted articles, presentations, posters, and graphics in LaTeX with this series of workshops in April.