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'The Latex Maid' Excerpt

She arrived to work as she usually did with her long brown hair tied back with no make-up. Whilst she fancied the homeowner, she felt she never had a chance given her status, and thought that to make an effort with such a job would arouse suspicion. 422 more words


Building the MiniLatex the Parser

MiniLatex Demo App

In this article we discuss the overall design of the MiniLatex parser. Its function is to translate source text into an abstract syntax tree (AST). 1,618 more words


Using Macros in MiniLatex

User defined macros in math mode are totally legit in MiniLatex.  One way to insert them is like this:


That is, enclose the definitions in double dollar signs.  117 more words


Handling Latex Errors: Emulating Elm

One of the many things that I admire about Elm as a programming language is the quality of the compiler’s error messages.  The “hooks” for providing good error messages are provided by the… 159 more words