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An Introduction to Set Theory

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Fundamentals of Sets

Definition 1. A set is a collection of distinct objects. 1,148 more words


My FLR 8 - The explosion

Anyone remembers the fun that was just about to be continued for the whole night, mentioned by Me at the end of “My FLR 6” post? 1,249 more words

Female Led Relationship

Better Thought Technology 

“Technological innovation, in the conventional sense, won’t help us slow the publishing process back down. Slowing down requires better thought technology. It requires a willingness to draft for the sake of drafting.

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\citet and alpha

If you tried to use a bibliography style like alpha or alphaurl with the package natbib, you might have already noticed that using it in combination with the command \citet doesn’t work – instead, something like ‘author et al.’ ‘(author?)’ is displayed. 113 more words


New publications - two papers about new species of fungi

Text by Lauri Laanisto

The scope of our Centre of Excellence is indeed wide, stretching occasionally to systematics and taxonomy. Here are two rather fresh papers about new species of fungi (though, with fungi things are usually not too fresh…) – one… 344 more words

New Publication