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Cutting losses

Whew, it’s been a long day. And at the end of the day, I decided to cut my losses. Let me explain. 243 more words


An Awesome Latex Template

If you use Latex for your word processing and also┬árun a D&D game (two groups of people which I imagine actually have a decent-sized intersection), then I can highly recommend… 80 more words


Leather Worshiper

He loved the leather skirt I had worn in previous outings. He told me how stunning I looked and would love to serve me. He would always send me gifts. 86 more words


Aku mulai tidur di atas springbed pada tahun 1997. Seingatku seperti itu. Pada tahun itu keluargaku pindah ke Kalisari. Orang tuaku membeli springbed baru dan aku mendapatkan lungsuran. 148 more words


See Me Now

Winter is the perfect time for reflection and to build on close relationships. It’s when we can be most creative and submerge into projects that need a lot of dreaming put into them. 107 more words