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Fetish Series: Clothes

I know a guy who has a pair of high heels under his bed. They’re not for him. He just hopes to find a girl who will wear them. 370 more words

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Vinyl Skin (Salty Dog Blues)

If one day you lose your sense of direction
If by chance you fall from your cloud
In body armour of a vinyl skin
Lure of the black synthetic epidermis… 28 more words


Masked and unconscious- part 1

I got another video for you folks!

In this one you will see a hot, masked woman in a skin-tight black catsuit. She is investigating an abandoned house as suddenly…. 96 more words

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Stata-Latex esttab Regression Table Output Streamlining

Researchers spend an excessive amount of time getting up to speed with a field’s chosen tools and methods, excessive because¬†there is often a consensus on best practice and yet those best practices are not made common knowledge. ¬† 515 more words


A Doll To Play With (02)

Synopsis: A latex doll with a remote control. He was now owned by Master Victor and his daughter Gloria. They even had given him a new name: Tina. 799 more words


My preferred tools for writing in LaTeX

LaTeX is great. And there are a plethora of latex editors with different features supported, just check this wiki page or this stackexhange discussion for comparisons. 828 more words