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Add footnote in the title of a table/figure

To add a footnote in the title of a table or a figure, the following codes may help:

step 1: add \protect \footnotemark in the title… 7 more words


Latex: How to format and Include Mathematical and Physics Equations in your Posts

WordPress enables you to use Latex to format mathematical, and physical equations. It’s a simple, barely 2 step, process.

Here’s an example to clearly show how to format with Latex in WordPress… 98 more words


Take a deep breath

In each BDSM interaction, there are two perspectives – on the surface seemingly opposite. But in reality, each one is part of the same erotic dance, such as this leather smothering scenario: 1,222 more words

Include mathematical expressions in section titles in LaTeX

Sometimes section titles include mathematical expressions.  The following code can help realize this (taking Euler’s Identity as an example):

\section{Euler's Identity \texorpdfstring{$\bm{e^{i\pi}+1=0}$}{AnythingHere}}

Dandelion juice to save the rain forests

Keith Hudson

We can now hope that large rain forest regions, where the orangutan and other creatures live, may not be needed for rubber production in future years.  329 more words

Make MATLAB high-quality beautiful figures for publication

I’m now in state of writing the paper for submitting to engineering journal. So one of the most important thing is that i need to create high-quality, beautiful, scalable figures compatible to latex. 355 more words


Winter Warm-up

It was the blur and the doom of long winter evenings that brought you in to me. The ocean rocked the ships and the fog horn went on all night in half-hour intervals. 809 more words