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Hacked Car Axle Yields Custom 90° Gearbox

Need a sturdy angle gearbox to handle power transmission for your next big project? Why not harvest a rear axle from a car and make one yourself? 195 more words

Misc Hacks

Lathe riser blocks

Just a quick update, Installed the riser blocks and tray under the ML7 and reassembled the lead screw assembly the other night with the help of Josh. 114 more words


3-Ply Moravian Chair-Part 3

Since my last post I have managed to turn and fit the stretchers for the second chair.  I truly do enjoy the spring pole lathe.   Nothing like and hour at the lathe after work to rid the mind of the stresses of my day. 476 more words


American Flag Tree

I don’t get many custom orders as I’m usually too busy with my day job and restoring antique tools to do them anyway. However, my wife’s friend asked her if I could make him some American flag trees. 609 more words


General Update

More of just a general update this time, actual caravan progress has been minor as a result of the cold weather. Overnight most nights the temperature is dropping down below the minimum temperature for the Titebond 3 glue and given that the sections being glued at the moment give most of the strength to the structure we want to make sure that everything sets to full strength. 810 more words

Teardrop Build