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Health Matters

Yes indeed it does. For those who know me, y’all know I’ve got dodgy guts. I’ve not been out and about as much in the shed, because I’ve not been eating, and don’t feel too steady on my feet. 187 more words


Choose a perfect Brake Lathe Machine for Your Home Garages

Choose a best Brake Lathe Machine for Your House Garages

With typical care, the life of your brake systems improves considerably. The job a brake lathe is to cure the variation of thickness on a rotor. 535 more words

Super Cheap Super Simple DRO

If you have an old manual lathe, mill, or even a drill press, a digital readout (DRO) is a very handy tool to have. A DRO gives you a readout of how far you’ve cut, milled, or drilled into a piece of work without having to stoop to caveman levels and look down at a dial. 188 more words

Cnc Hacks


Since moving to the new cabin, I have been working in a bit of a guddle. The storage has been disorganised, and much of the work space has been cluttered. 97 more words


The Best Gingery Lathe Video Series To Date

has been working on a Gingery Lathe since September last year. His videos on the process are by far the most detailed, clearly¬†shot, and complete series on making a Gingery lathe we’ve come across. 216 more words

Classic Hacks

My first Wood Turning

My wife decided I needed to make the signs for her friends wedding coming up this fall. Here is what I’ve come up with. 55 more words


Change of plan Sunday

Normally on a Sunday, we do the weekly food shop. People always say we should shop online and have it delivered. I’m a little anal about my fresh fruit & veg though, and have to select and inspect every piece personally. 341 more words