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Metalsmith - Sculpture 2002

In 2000 I began my Apprenticeship as a Toolmaker/Machinist and it did not take very long before I was getting excited about how I could apply these industrial skills to my fine Art. 128 more words


Master Bath Remodel - Fireplace Phase

We are pretty lucky to have a double-sided fireplace in the bathroom/bedroom.  However, I am not a big fan of the tile surrounding the fireplace.  As part of the master bathroom remodel, I decided to add wood mantels and stone to both sides of the fireplace. 229 more words


Machining A Yo-Yo With Speed Holes

A while ago, received a notice from his daughter’s school looking for silent auction donations for a fundraiser. It’s pretty much a bake sale, only gets to build something. 167 more words

Toy Hacks

Shopmade turning machine

I had a little project on the go a few weeks ago that I’ll be posting about shortly. Anyway, this project called for two small turned handles. 253 more words


Excuse me, Sir. Do you know how fast your Lathe was traveling back there?

When machining metal, it is important to know how fast the cutting tool is traveling in relation to the surface of the part being machined. This amount is called the ‘Surface Speed’. 265 more words

Tool Hacks

The beginning

This post will be a bit about myself, about my background and what I am blogging about. So let’s begin.

I am an Electronics and Telecommunications engineer that loves the notion of creating things, building stuff and transferring my ideas to reality. 242 more words