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Choose a perfect Brake Lathe Machine for Your Home Garages

Choose a best Brake Lathe Machine for Your House Garages

With typical care, the life of your brake systems improves considerably. The job a brake lathe is to cure the variation of thickness on a rotor. 535 more words

Super Cheap Super Simple DRO

If you have an old manual lathe, mill, or even a drill press, a digital readout (DRO) is a very handy tool to have. A DRO gives you a readout of how far you’ve cut, milled, or drilled into a piece of work without having to stoop to caveman levels and look down at a dial. 188 more words

Cnc Hacks


Since moving to the new cabin, I have been working in a bit of a guddle. The storage has been disorganised, and much of the work space has been cluttered. 97 more words


The Best Gingery Lathe Video Series To Date

has been working on a Gingery Lathe since September last year. His videos on the process are by far the most detailed, clearly¬†shot, and complete series on making a Gingery lathe we’ve come across. 216 more words

Classic Hacks

My first Wood Turning

My wife decided I needed to make the signs for her friends wedding coming up this fall. Here is what I’ve come up with. 55 more words


Change of plan Sunday

Normally on a Sunday, we do the weekly food shop. People always say we should shop online and have it delivered. I’m a little anal about my fresh fruit & veg though, and have to select and inspect every piece personally. 341 more words


Making Giant Wooden Buttons on a Lathe....the Easy Way

I do sometimes worry when turners on YouTube make a project way, way more complicated than it needs to be. Many like to add a bunch of complicated chucking scenarios and use a few MDF jigs and the like. 325 more words

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