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Miniature Cannon Packs a Punch, Shows off Manual Machining Skills

CNC machine tools are getting ever more affordable for the amateur machinist, and they’re an enabling technology for many projects. But you’ve got to respect the old school approach to turning hunks of metal into finished parts with no computer control. 147 more words

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2D Printed Tachometer For A Lathe

If you ever wanted a reason to have DC lighting pointed at the spinny part of your mill and lathe, tells a great story. One day, he noticed the teeth on his lathe chuck would change color – red, then blue, then red. 214 more words

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Machinery Hunting

I was on the Practical Machinist forum the other day and came across a post about machinery heading to the melting pot.  I clicked on it and found out that a scrap yard had bought out a closed down machine shop.  757 more words


Lathe Lessons pt. 3 (Turning Balance Staffs)

In my last post, I talked about how I learned how to turn different types of shoulders and pivots. The process involved taught me how to use my use my gravers and I mentioned that they were going to be the foundation for my next two projects. 1,060 more words

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Some output from the weekend

I actually got out to play for a few hours on Saturday. Last weekend was a washout, with torrential rain and 50mph winds. I spent much of the time this week building a lathe steady, for supporting longer spindles to help prevent vibration. 125 more words


Lathe Lessons pt. 2 (Learning to Turn)

Following up on my last post (found here), the next step in learning the lathe was to learn how to temper steel. All throughout my time on the lathe, each project (with the exception of one) that I turned, I did it in brass first and then repeated the process in steel. 1,349 more words


Intro To Manual Lathe, Part 4: Controls

Produced by Smithy Industries, this amazing tutorial series on learning about and how to use manual lathes will expand your knowledge of machining. 69 more words