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Nightlife in Latin America

Living in Latin America for business is fun, but one of the many reasons expats go abroad is because of the diverse entertainment opportunities offered in Latin America, specifically the nightlife. 324 more words


Mexico Creates 'Tequila Cloud' to Attract German Tourists. Yep.

I’m way too busy this week with so-called “real work,” but I just needed to let everybody know that the Mexican government has launched a new tourism campaign that involves a cloud that rains not water but … tequila. 110 more words

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More Details

I do not like leaving loose ends, so I decided to keep digging into the story of Capital Bank.

One clarification: as of 30 September 2016, the bank’s sole shareholder was ESOL BV. 262 more words


Cyclical Policies and the Evolution of Long-Term State Capacity

This is a paper which links two related problems of policy making: problems of cycles (e.g. the adoption and abortion of a policy in a short run) and the more continuous problem of chronically weak state capacity. 77 more words

Mexico-US Wall Stops Dwindling Surge

Should Washington spend $22 billion to fortify the border with Mexico? If the undertaking is defined as a public-works project, the outlay may have merit. But if the goal is to stop Mexican immigrants, the effort may be pointless. 180 more words

Latin America

Top 10 tips for visiting Rapa Nui (Easter Island) 

Iorana! Here we go with Choco’s top tips for visiting Rapa Nui. I don’t need to list the best archaeological sites to see – there’s plenty of info out there on that – but my personal thoughts on making the most of your trip. 1,045 more words