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A Latinx Guide to Decolonized Communism


Immigrant communities in the West often view communism as something that is inherently white and Eurocentric. Justifiably so, since communist spaces there are very often dominated by white people with outdated ideas about class struggle and who primarily recruit people of color as tokens. 1,771 more words


The War of Paraguay: Supplement 2, The Uruguayan War

Not to be confused with the Uruguayan Civil War, the Uruguayan War, or Brazilian Invasion of 1864 [Invasión brasileña de 1864] as it is known in Spanish, or War Against Aguirre [ 2,191 more words


Violence against women in Latin America: Addressing the issue of Femicide

*First of four articles on Latin American Studies in AGDER GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT. The pieces were written by bachelor students in the course ‘Introduction to Latin America: History, Development and Society’ at the University of Agder.   1,366 more words


Living in Cuba

Hey friends! I have a lot to catch up on here, but thought I’d start with my adventures in Cuba. Since my first visit in 2015, I headed back in 2016 to study Spanish and again in 2017 to work with UNESCO on an International Jazz Festival in Havana. 492 more words

Latin America

Indicio de anomalía hidroacústica en el “San Juan”

  • Última actualización de la búsqueda del ARA
  • Los medios se despliegan hacia un sector donde se captó una anomalía.

Buenos Aires – Comando de la Armada Argentina – La Armada Argentina recibió ayer de Estados Unidos un informe elaborado en base a datos recabados de diferentes agencias especializadas en eventos hidroacústicos en todo el mundo y, tras un análisis exhaustivo, se encontró un indicio oficial que corresponde al miércoles 15 por la mañana, coincidente con el área de operaciones de la última posición registrada del submarino. 177 more words

Latin America

Some Good Environmental News


Global warming is on the rise, the world’s icebergs are melting at unprecedented rates, and hurricanes and other tropical storms are getting stronger and more menacing by the year. 393 more words


Tropical Forestry student at the UN climate conference in Bonn

This year, one of our M.Sc. students, Carolle Alarcon Eichmann, took part at the world climate conference in Bonn and we are happy that she enriched the international discourse as well as itself did to her. 41 more words

Latin America