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past tense: enveloped; past participle: enveloped

  1. wrap up, cover, or surround completely.

    “a figure enveloped in a black cloak”

    synonyms: surround, cover, enfold, enwrap, blanket, swathe, swaddle, wrap (up),engulf, encircle, encompass, cocoon, sheathe, encase, enclose;

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How I Fell in Love with Latin Dancing

“What do you want to do with your one precious life?” I am sure that the years have brought some spectacular answers but, as for me, I just want to help bring light, joy and meaning into this world. 761 more words

The Arts

Ballroom Shoes with Custom Fitting: Expand your dance abilities, prolong your endurance, eliminate foot pain

Ballroom dancers all agree on the same exact pains in dancing. Blisters on your feet, swollen ankles, toes that look like they have been run over… oh the many joys of dancing. 250 more words

Ballroom Dance

Introducing KIZOMBA

Kizomba is an African dance, primarily from Angola. It’s grounded, connected, and becoming wildly popular internationally. Kizomba has been called the “African tango.” Connection is paramount in this dance – it’s all focused on the dynamic between you and your partner, not what you might look like to an outsider. 48 more words

Party on the Promenade - Toronto - June 19-21, 2015

Visitors and residents of Toronto are invited to join The Waterfront BIA for their Party on the Promenade at the Redpath Waterfront Festival from June 19-21, 2015.  896 more words


Shanee de Beer - future World Champion

“The next time you look into the mirror, just look at the way the ears rest next to the head; look at the way the hairline grows; think of all the little bones in your wrist. 657 more words

Strictly Dancing

After a super busy few months i haven’t had the opportunity to update my page. I recently had been training for a local event/fundraiser which involved taking part in a mock strictly come dance competition! 66 more words