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Everything is going to change

No dance until Monday practice.  Just trying to stay relaxed and see how it goes with this week of treatment.  One thing I know for sure, I am going to call on Monday and request that I be taken completely off the steroids for my last two treatments. 641 more words

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I hate it when he is right! :)

Never got a chance to write yesterday, it was a bit emotional trying to wrap my head around having to re-start treatments.

But, treatment 10 on this drug is done, 2 more Fridays to go. 356 more words

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Arch nemesis exercise step--Voltas!

Had both a practice and lesson tonight.  Both went very well.  I was glad to get some time to run through my exercises since it seems like it has been forever (really only a week), and the last time I practiced I had to stop because I was almost sick.  912 more words

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Bad news....and a silver lining?

Today has been an emotional day for me.

In the end, I won’t have a chemo treatment this week, but will continue next week with my final 3 treatments, meaning I won’t finish chemotherapy until July 17th and all my proceeding treatments will also be delayed by a week (I have radiation and another surgery to go). 434 more words

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We have an ending!

Just a quick post tonight because it’s been a hard day side effect-wise and I really need some sleep before my usual Thursday appointments tomorrow morning. 233 more words

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Videos and Dresses

As I mentioned, I absolutely love watching competition videos….usually.

This weekend there was a Grand Slam in Hong Kong and a WDC Competition in Germany and another competition in Montreal.  386 more words

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Connection and Vulnerability...baby steps...

Of all the things I need to do when I dance, connection is by far the hardest for me.

When all other things are put aside, there are two main over-arching goals in dance for me–the first is to improve and maintain fitness, and the second is to connect with others and express myself. 1,312 more words

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