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Strictly Come Dancing - Halloween!

Hurrah, it’s Halloween Strictly! Far superior to the pile of donkey poo that is Blackpool, every year, Halloween comes at the precise moment in the competition when there are only two remaining competitors who are rubbish (Ruth and Simon, if anyone’s asking) and everybody else has shed their inhibitions and thus gone completely bonkers in the costume department. 1,232 more words

Strictly Come Dancing

Strictly Come Dancing - Week Two

Last week the BBC dancing competition attracted an audience of 9.4 million, compared with the all-time low of 4.8 million for its rival, ITV’s X Factor… 1,433 more words


Strictly Come Dancing - episode one

Two hours and 20 minutes? Two hours AND 20 MINUTES? Like, for real? People have run marathons in less time.  Quite a lot less time actually,  according to… 1,580 more words

Strictly Come Dancing

Focus: My Unexpected Weakness

Argentine Tango. I love it. It’s my favorite dance, no contest. Everyone at my studio knows me as a tango girl. Not that that makes me the best at it. 544 more words


Ballroom Dance Classes

Ballroom Dance is very basic term normally referring to social dance. There are really 3 styles of social dance. Ballroom Dancing includes: Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Quickstep as well as Viennese Waltz. 73 more words

Strictly Come Dancing - the launch!

I love Strictly. The camaraderie, the fun, the sheer joyousness of it all is truly life affirming.  And, of course, the opportunity to poke fun at those who can’t dance. 851 more words


Upcoming Events! 

Hey guys, summer is coming to a close, so let’s make the best of it. The events are still up and running, here is a short list of things happening this week. 54 more words