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Fashion: Blackpool: The Glitz, The Glamour, The Fashion

While fashion week has been taking place, a horde of toned, athletic millennials have been prepping for the highlight of their own calendar. The Blackpool Inter-Varsity competition takes place annually at Winter Gardens, and sees its own kind of fashion parade. 602 more words


The Best Dance I Ever Had

Move over Dance Crush, because there’s a new lead in town!

…okay, so he was only in town for the weekend before leaving to spread his dance wisdom on the world. 1,254 more words


Don't Be That Dancer

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine introduced me to one of her friends. My friend is a non-dancer, but the man introduced himself as “someone who’s been going out salsa dancing for about ten years.” Now, he gave me a bit of a strange vibe, but I’m always happy to talk dancing, and for a bit he told me about the places he used to go dancing back in the day and in turn asked if I knew any good places around town. 518 more words


Why I Don't Ask Leads to Dance

*Disclaimer: I feel the need to add that is my personal opinion based on my personal experiences and not a view on how leads and follows should interact. 557 more words


Bachata...The End...

So, last night was my last Bachata class. Yes, I could continue and move on from Total Beginner to Level 1, but right now, it’s too much to rush from work every Wednesday trying to race through rush hour traffic to get to class in 30 minutes. 248 more words


That Time I Went Clubbing

All right “clubbing” might not be the right word—but I got your attention!

I’ll start by saying that this was almost a month to the day after… 452 more words