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imprecation: An offensive word or phrase that’s used when someone is very angry. Latin “imprecari”=to call down evil on someone < “im-“=towards + “precari”=to pray.


Cranky about the State of the Country

Cicero, letters to Atticus 375 (11 May 44)

“I have no doubt that our state is looking at war. This affair has been managed with a man’s bravery and a child’s planning. 187 more words


Totes amazeballs

I had never previously said totes amazeballs and don’t ever expect to again, and in fact the sooner it dies the better, but a lesson on ‘extreme adjectives’ was good much of an opportunity. 184 more words

Reading Roman Poets But Not Philosophers

Cicero, Academica 4.10

“Certainly, while you may introduce a probable case, when those who are educated will prefer to read in Greek and those who do not understand will fail to read these things too, tell me, do you make your case enough? 216 more words


Your Girlfriend is a Catalogue of Scents

Antonio Beccadelli,
Epigram to Giovanni Marrasio:

Cupid gave his golden spears to Angelina’s eyes,

And granted his torches to her cheeks at his mother’s command. 109 more words


Monumentum mortuis ignotis Terrae Mariae qui bello civili ceciderunt dedicatum

Imagines duo subiunxi monumenti sacri mortuis in illo bello saevo ferocique quem inter se gesserunt cives Americani annos 1861-1865.

  • Monument to the unknown Union dead of Maryland, Loudon Park National Cemetery.
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Referring to the time before the Flood of Christian mythology. Latin “ante”=before + “diluvium”=deluge < “diluere”=to wash away, dissolve by water.