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Crazy Dog Lore with Pliny

Pliny, Natural History 8.148-150:

“The Indians wish to breed dogs with tigers, and therefore they chain the females in the forest when they are in heat. 491 more words


In history, the title for the head magistrate of Venice or Genoa. Italian “doge” < Latin “dux”=leader.


Album Review: Shakira - El Dorado

Shakira lost her spark on new album El Dorado
Shakira used to be one of the biggest international pop stars in the noughties, but those days seem to be in the distant past now. 420 more words


Unknown, Inscription (CIL XIII 10012.7)


Cervesa r
Cerv]esa r[?

Fill with beer!

Inscriptions are essential evidence for Classicists (and other scholars) because they can enlighten us about aspects of daily, political, and social life that are often unseen, colored, or not noted in extant literature. 453 more words


The Wings of Daidalos: Procrastination in Greek and Latin

Our word ‘procrastination’ is pretty much a direct borrowing from Latin (first attested in English in 1548, according to the OED–we really delayed in adopting it!). 633 more words