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Iconic Dishes: Waiting for Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants 2017

Ahead of this year’s ceremony on 24 October, and the live stream on FineDiningLovers, enjoy a gallery of the top 10 dishes from 2016.http://bit.ly/2iptyKl

Puerto Rico: Intro

In the wake of the current devastation in Puerto Rico, both from the series of hurricanes, as well as its worsening debt crisis, it can be easy to lose the place and people behind its problems. 262 more words

Album Reviews

Latín en la actualidad

Hoy en día aunque el latín ( lengua de la antigua Roma, perteneciente a la familia de lenguajes indoeuropeos. Fue el idioma del Imperio Romano que acompañó las conquistas, dando lugar al nacimiento de las lenguas romances)  ya no se use nos quedaron expresiones que se utilizan con nuestra lengua: 156 more words


Uploading Plan

Hello, language community! Although I have not had a post out in quite some time, thoughts of this blog and how to go about it have been circling my head. 324 more words


Caveat Lector

If your Latin is rusty like mine despite five years of it in my elementary days, Caveat Lector means “Let the reader beware.” I have decided it is high time I introduced the four projects I am working on. 482 more words


Elicit and illicit - Similar, but completely different.

Elicit and illicit; two similar words with very different meanings, is the shared ‘licit’ part of a shared history?

Elicit – means to cause or provoke and the first record we have of it is from the 1640s when it entered our language from French. 214 more words


Fear of Ghosts in Imperial Rome

Pliny, Natural History 27.98

“For treatment against night terrors and fear of ghosts it is suggested that a string of big teeth will help”

contra nocturnos pavores umbrarumque terrorem unus e magnis dentibus lino alligatus succurrere narratur. 181 more words