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The Happening - The Usual Eclectic Mix (No 3) 17/06/18

This week the show opened with Boyz II Men (from their album – Motown:Hitsville USA) singing an acapella version of Stevie Wonder’s Ribbon In The Sky, … 678 more words

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Begging for Books

Petrarch, Letter to Giovanni dell’Incisa:

“But lest Alexandria or Athens trounce upon Rome, or Greece or Egypt insult Italy, remember that we have had princes devoted to study – so many of them, in fact, that it would be difficult to number them, and so devoted to this study that one has been discovered who values the name of philosophy more than that of power. 419 more words


Argonauticorum, sive De Vellere Aureo (Review)

Magnos Argonautae illi labores sustulerunt, magnis in utramque partem fortunae vicissitudinibus agitati sunt, dum aureum illud vellus in suam potesatem redigere, atque in Graeciam postliminio reuehere potuerunt.

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Wheelock’s Latin – Chapters 22-24 Review


  1. Wheelock’s Latin 7th Edition (aka “WHEELOCK’S”)
  2. Scribblers, Scvlptors, and Scribes (aka “SCRIBBLERS”)

Pace: 3 days/chapter

Typing Latin:  64 more words


Building the perfect World Cup soccer team using only Packers players

The 2018 World Cup is heating up at the exact same time the NFL offseason is finally dying down.

Naturally, it’s the perfect time to connect the two sports, especially with the United States missing out on the event this time around. 433 more words

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Dobby is a free elf! Kind of...*

Sorry for getting this post done a day late. Yesterday, I was absolutely knackered/exhausted/cream-crackered (this is an actual British phrase, I kid you not, I asked one of my friends) after my final and the subsequent celebrations that I just did not get this written. 2,051 more words

Jazz for a Writing Tutor

“Bananafish” by Billy Drummond, Chris Potter, Walt Wiskopf & Peter Washington

  • This song brings elements of free jazz, bebop and little bit of Latin jazz.
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