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Women of Color stand up and be heard

A big thank you to @ReignofApril who started the Twitter conversation #WOCAffirmation on Friday.

She empowered us. As Women of Color (WOC) we have the power to create change. 228 more words


5 Badass Latinas We Need To Acknowledge

If you grew up in a Hispanic/Latin home then you know all about how our hips move to the beat of the drum, the flavors in our floods and the strength in our blood. 661 more words


Latina outs Alabama student who carried a "Put the Panic in Hispanic" sign at a high school pep rally

On the first day of Hispanic Heritage Month, Harley Powell went to her high school in Alabama with a sign that read “Put the Panic back in Hispanic.”  It doesn’t appear anyone at… 253 more words


Latino or Latinx: identity terms spark conversation about inclusivity

Perla Salazar-Rangel

Sept. 18, 2017

Throughout the years, people from Spanish speaking countries have been able to identify as being Hispanic, Latino/Latina, Latin@, and most recently Latinx. 651 more words

Yes, it is Hispanic Heritage Month and I am Latina

For years I have struggled with how to identify myself. Not because I had an issue with who I am but because I have been surrounded by many people who have a problem with me. 680 more words


What I've been doing on Sundays....

So I got some portrait work done recently.

Model is @myrlanis_ on IG.


LOLAA, Canadian Sisters Eager To Discuss Their Point of View & New EP

Photo credit: Stephanie Luong

LOLAA may be translated as our lady of sorrows but this electro pop-rock duo, by the same name, are musically and lyrically much more complex. 625 more words

Tricia Callahan