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The Latina Vegan

Note: This Article was posted from my original Blog “Latina Vegan” under the entry “Why Tesla is My Hero”. As Latina Vegan will be no more, since I feel all of us Uprooted Folks share similar stories, I have Posted this article here as a representation of one person’s (me) Latina experience going Vegan. 1,081 more words


JOUR 4250 RACE, GENDER AND THE MEDIA BLOG #7: Latinos In The Media

April 28, 2016 by Hannah Wyatt

It is not a secret that minorities are underrepresented in the media, especially when it comes to Hollywood and casting minorities in films or TV shows.   340 more words

Hair Experiment #1: Coconut Oil 

Coconut oil and its hability to penetrate the hair shaft in order to improve appearance and reduce hair tangling.

The original study investigated 4 oils: 411 more words

Natural Hair

Smooth curls by Macadamia

Looking for inspiration? 

I am currently using this line of products and in general I get good results, I have not tried this exact combination yet but let’s see how it works out.

Natural Hair

Hair twins? Perhaps, maybe

It’s not all about the curl pattern. In fact that is the least important factor when deciding routines and Haircare protocols.

Things that can help us get to know about our hair a little better: 39 more words

Natural Hair