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Latinas on social media unleash on Donald Trump

You can’t insult Mexicans and get away with it, even if you are one of the richest men in the country. Even if you are running for President of the United States. 342 more words

Donald Trump

Wise Latinas Linked has moved to Wordpress

Wise Latinas Linked has moved its blog to WordPress from Blogger. We were with Blogger since 2009 when we formed the virtual group.  We will be moving over our past blogs to this site under “Archives.” The move is because we like the features WordPress has to offer. 75 more words


Mr. Trump : He knew it was coming right?

Donald Trumps recent words and views on Mexicans, as well as Immigrations has managed to do two things. 1.) Piss off a whole lot of Mexicans and 2.) Show Latin voters who not to vote for in 2016. 195 more words

Freedom Of Speech

White Girls: What you can learn from Latinas

This weekend I attended a fun birthday party. It was a diverse crowd: Koreans, Whites, Latinos (me), etc. As the night got crazier and people got drunker I noticed a White girl who was desperate to get “white girl wasted” talking to my boyfriend. 1,259 more words


Never let your ex see you sweat. 

Now this rule here is plain and simple! There’s two types of women after a break up.

  1. The one who gets so depressed and has absolutely no energy.
  2. 508 more words
Single Life

Oh So Sweet Mofongo

We are always going to the local food truck for some mofongo, and lately it has been a lot on our bellys and wallet; so we decided to dine in. 377 more words

Latinas In Need

Argues that youth services must offer a “broader perspective of options and paths” for Latinas who feel trapped by the responsibilities and conflict of belonging to two cultures. 247 more words