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Racial Identity and Equal Rights For Afro-Peruvians

For those who may not know, Peru has a big population of Afro-Peruvians. Blackness and racial identity have always been a struggle for Afro-Peruvians as they continue to fight for equal rights in Peru. 12 more words


Latina says Donald Trump's "locker room talk" brings back bad memories of her assault

No matter how much Donald Trump calls his p-word, f-word, and b-word laced conversation “locker room talk”, it has made many American’s cringe. Women around the world are sharing their horrible experiences on Twitter under the hashtag… 89 more words


Profile of Estrella Sanchez from Mexico

(This originally appeared at a social media post from Atlanta Pride. We are re-posting in an effort to highlight local leaders and community activists during Hispanic Heritage Month) 221 more words

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Sneak Peak: Studying in Yucatan, Mexico // Vistazo: Estudiando en Yucatán México

Here is a sneak peak of a blog post I’m currently working on:

Interim in Mexico

I remember reading my acceptance letter to study abroad in Yucatan, Mexico, and I took a moment to talk to God. 295 more words


Short Introduction // Introdución Corta

While this blog will mainly focus on other Latinas with the occasional personal post, I thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself. 93 more words


What is Latinas Inspire? Qué es Latinas Inspiran?

Latinas Inspire is a blog created to recognize the absolutely brilliant Latina women whose paths I have crossed. I felt that these women needed to be recognized, and this is my way of doing that. 144 more words