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George Lopez Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

George Lopez endorses Bernie Sanders for President and urges the Latino community to join the political revolution.

.@georgelopez wants you to join the political revolution.

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Mercado Bilingüe, the small Dallas newspaper with a big vision for our Latino community

It’s nice to see that two of my stories have made the front page of  Mercado Bilingüe’s online site. One was about the impact of… 394 more words

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Ricky Martin Wants Latino Community To Stand Up Against Donald Trump

WASHINGTON (CBS DC) – Donald Trump over the past couple weeks has received a lot of backlash for his comments about the Latino community. This week alone Trump got into a verbal altercation with Univision journalist Jorge Ramos at a press conference. 244 more words


We Need To Talk About Colorism In Latinx Communities

A few weeks ago, I was absentmindedly scrolling through my Facebook feed when I noticed a meme a relative—we’ll call her Jenni—posted.  “Lol,” she wrote, “too good not to share!” The meme was in English and Spanish, and read, “When people tell me I look White not mexican ” then was followed by a litany (in Spanish) of talking-out-one’s-neck insults to the hypothetical insulter: 993 more words

The Rise and Fall of 'The Donald'

Oh Mr. Donald Trump. Yes, Donald Trump is running for president. Well, technically he is although nobody really believes that he is a serious candidate. Trump, the real estate mogul and television personality, has always flirted with the possibility of running for president, particularly in the past few years where his rhetoric against President Barack Obama became personal after the president took office. 433 more words


Lost Terrains

When you lose something as sweeping as your country you grasp for remnants– old family photographs, a cracked tea cup, a piece of jewelry. These fragments remind you of where you came from and who you once were, then you move on– you must. 524 more words