Dear Media, Latino Decisions (a polling company) is strongly contesting the results of the published election day exit polls, paid for by the media. And frankly their arguments make sense and deserve consideration. 1,717 more words


Dear Media, Within the Hispanic community, there is a significant amount of contention about the accuracy of the recent media paid for and published election day exit polls.The figures that have been posted deviate dramatically with those arrived at by the polling company, Latino Decisions which bases Its research on official voting data released by precincts. 1,237 more words


Dear future, please prove me wrong

Dear  future,

Please prove me wrong.

I write these lines on the morning after Donald Trump was elected president with the secret hope of being proved wrong in four years. 306 more words


Latinas stand strong and united after 2016 election

Latina sisters do not fear our future.

Our Latino community proved during the 2016 election that we are a powerful group with a strong voice and vote. 108 more words


Madam President!: America, Your First Woman President-Elect, Hillary Rodham Clinton


J K K Peah



Philadelphia, Pa_ The management of the New Dispensation salutes women of United States and women everywhere for breaking the glass ceiling as  tonight United States and the greatest democracy in the world will elect Hillary Rodham Clinton,  the 45th President of the United States. 234 more words


As goes Houston so goes Texas and the nation or not

“All Truth passes through three stages. First it is ridiculed. Second it is violently opposed. Third it is accepted as being self-evident” Arthur Schopenhauer

As we wait for the countdown to see who is crowned as the next president, we need to have this frank, unvarnished conversation.

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