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R. Boyle Heights: Flopping on Flipping

Me: Hey, let’s go on a date.
R. Boyle Heights: I only date guys that flip in bed.
Me: Hmmm.  Well I’m usually an exclusive top but I’d make an exception. 739 more words


How I Came To Believe I Was Black (I'm A Latina)

My name is Natalia and I am a Latina. I was born and raised in Colombia by Colombian parents. Despite the fact that I am constantly surrounded by friends and family who are Hispanic Latinos like myself and having, to my knowledge, no black heritage, I legitimately thought I was black for a considerable period of my life. 959 more words

Being a white washed Latino in the San Fernando Valley

One of the biggest valleys in Los Angeles county, we are close to downtown and close to six flags. The valley is a grand place to live. 340 more words

Random Thoughts

An open letter to Donald Trump

Mr. Trump,

You don’t know me, and I have no interest in knowing you. The only reason that I’m writing this open letter to you is because I believe that you have no business running for President of the United States. 719 more words



Donald Trump was confident, even arrogant. The problem is that what sounds good in the bathrooms of White America does not translate well when exposed to the masses. 203 more words


What Our Latino Family Just Taught Us

I always ask myself whether my people (black people) realize the power we have. We complain about celebrities who’ve turned their backs on the community, but we still buy their products and flood to Cinemax opening weekend to see their film. 392 more words


Not for Donald: Compassion, grace, humility (or a job)

Estás despedido, Mr. Trump.

The internet is exploding with news that NBC Universal, well, fired Donald Trump.

Good riddance.

I’m not going to spend time regurgitating what the Trumpster said. 252 more words