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To the beach with Mr.Pittoni

If you wonder if an Italian man would be your dream lover, I’d tell you to stop cuz you ain’t gonna really know how to make lasagna until you go with an Italian chef? 30 more words

True Love: Don't get me wrong by Estela Caballero

“It’s not a fairy tale but I fall in love with him more and more everyday.  The secret is that we are kind to each other.   22 more words


Loud: Don't get me wrong by Estela Caballero

“Loud doesn’t equal strength.  Loud doesn’t mean you are right.  Most of the time, loud just means loud.”

–Estela Caballero


Soft: Don't get me wrong by Estela Caballero

“Don’t get me wrong.  Soft spoken doesn’t mean soft.”

–Estela Caballero


You can do better

I’m really happy there is finally some representation of ethnic families with sitcoms like ABC’s “Blackish” and “Cristela.” Most weeks Blackish makes me laugh until I cry. 455 more words


The Story of We by Estela Caballero

Tell me the story

of the night

of the morn

when they walked in the fields

picking the corn

laughing and dancing

the dance of their life… 48 more words


Happy Dominican Independence Day

You Bring Out The Dominican In Me by Jillian

You bring out the Dominican in me.
The wide-hipped, wide-eyed morena.
The mango skin lips.
The sweet bitterness of passionfruit and pride. 453 more words