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For abuela:
I know you loved him, because he knew how to love.

He touched your face, held you in his arms.

He was your partner. 222 more words

So the journey of emo kid begins.

It was all musical everywhere, People were making paper human and then tearing them apart to relieve their stress out and scare the demons that haunt their city every night.

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Does Diversity Mean Improved Race Relations? #diversity #race #inclusion #racism

The short answer is, no. Racism is not a location. It’s not about ease of proximity. It’s a system, and system’s are not as easy to change is it is to get along with a new, different kind of neighbor. 18 more words


WWW: The First Female Hip Hop Artist from Oaxaca, Mare Advertencia Lirika

Continuing along with our theme of the merger between women’s rights and poetry in Latin America, we have an amazing video resource to share today.  Unlike past examples, however, today’s post will focus on a present day, female, indigenous hip hop artist from southern Mexico and an amazing video that comes with English subtitles so the entire class can appreciate the poetic lyricism of her call for human rights, women’s rights, indigenous rights, and a greater social consciousness.  442 more words

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Noticias para mayo

Haga clic aquí para leer el boletin de Mayo.

En las noticias esta mes: María mujer llena de fe ● Clases de confirmaciones y primera comunión ● Caminando con el Ministerio Hispano en la ELCA ● Buscas un director espiritual ● Las mujeres caminan en Emaús ● Peregrinación con María 5-17 de Mayo ●  Fiesta Mexicana. 42 more words


Best Practices for providing Sex Education to Latin@ communities

The Latin@* population has the highest teen pregnancy rates in the United States. Through studies such as, “The Role of Parents and Partners in pregnancy Behaviors of Young Latinas,” it is becoming clear that comprehensive sex education is simply not enough to reduce the number of live births (Gilliam, 2007). 1,163 more words

Sex Education