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Fangoria: Keanu Reeves, Cast Make Eli Roth's “Knock Knock” (Film Review)

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Written by Guillermo Amoedo, Nicolás López, and Eli Roth, this insane home invasion film gets three out of four skulls.


Poll: 25% of Latinos Are Clueless, Self-Hating Trump Supporters?

While the media is selling the latest poll of Latino thoughts on Donald Trump as “75% having a negative view.” I’m pretty concerned about a quarter of those polled being accepting of Trump’s message; not surprised, but concerned, as they could easily accept the usual GOP message on Latinos and immigrants. 238 more words


Donald Trump widely disliked among latinos, new poll shows

A large majority of Latinos view Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump negatively, according to a new poll, and more than half believe his recent comments about Mexican immigrants were racist and inappropriate. 196 more words


Robert Rodriquez Says 'Jonny Quest' Will Be Legit Action-Adventure Flick

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The Quest team from the 1964–1965 television series. Front row (left to right): Dr. Benton Quest and Roger “Race” Bannon. 11 more words


But How Can It Be That You are 100% American y 100% Latino At The Same Time?!

Understanding that Latinos in the United States are both 100% American and 100% Latino is the secret to cracking Latino consumer psychology and the Latino vote. 1,260 more words