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Storytelling in Boyle Heights: Places Have Memories

Telling stories of the barrio in the shadow of the broken Sixth Street Bridge

For the past few months the demotion of the Sixth Street Bridge… 1,457 more words

Los Angeles

Impacting lives right here

We are currently impacting lives in the Latino Community. We are strategically working with three Hispanic churches on a regular basis by offering a discipleship program for their youth and support to the leaders. 409 more words


Always Running: La Vida Loca by Luis J. Rodriguez

In his seering autobiography, Luis Rodriguez claims no glory. But he questions his place in world, and seeks to find an answer. You will bear witness to older ones teaching the younger ones to steal, senseless gang violence, abuse from teachers, misguided treatment from school nurses to Latino students, and an evolving consciousness of who he is and what is valuable in his life. 8 more words


Latinos in the USA Today

Recent events have many Latinos and other minorities on the alert, because there are ideologies out there that people were aware of, but never imagined were so widely embraced. 160 more words


Why should we move beyond stereotypes?

As I’ve mentioned in my earlier posts, the way Latinos are portrayed in media can have negative consequences. If people are constantly shown one view of Latinos, they might start accept it as truth even if the stereotypes are wrong. 236 more words


Are Latino stereotypes changing?

Some might argue that portrayals of Latinos are disappearing or at least improving. In the last 50 years Latino portrayals have changed, but the negative stereotypes have just taken on different negative qualities. 141 more words


Aren’t all Latinos immigrants?

It’s a fact that Latinos immigrate to the United States, but TV programs and films shouldn’t just represent this side of the Latino story. I have seen a number of Latino portrayals in the media where actors have exaggerated accents and mannerisms. 231 more words