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Individuals must really try and  understand what it means to be an Afro-Latino and take the time to understand our cultural experience. That’s why many bloggers, musicians , poets , historians  who are products of the African Diaspora in Latin America are truly taking out the time to educate those about our existence . 435 more words

It's Mental Health Awareness Month!

Another year is here and it welcomes another year of Mental Health Awareness Month! Every May is dedicated to the promotion of mental health awareness across the communities of the U.S. 647 more words

Mental Health

"For Trump, Presidential Means Being Polite": Why Donald Trump's Idea Of 'Presidential' Is Both Curious And Disturbing

Just as St. Augustine asked the Lord to grant him chastity, just not yet, Donald Trump is ready to be “presidential,” just not yet. Whenever he brings up the idea of presidential-ness, Trump always says that a personality transformation is on its way, but will have to be delayed while some more pressing campaign matters are attended to. 769 more words

Mitt Romney

Nation sans compass

THINGS GO FROM bad to badder in the Nation That’s Eating Itself, which is America, of course.

The photo is from a protest in California that was inspired by the state Republican convention and Donald Trump. 161 more words


Is the @GOP blaming @realDonaldTrump for @RepJeffDenham's and @RepDavidValadao's problems?

Democrats targeting two San Joaquin Valley, California, congressional incumbents are placing their bets on Donald Trump.

In a preview of coming campaign attractions, the challengers to Reps. 99 more words

Sacramento Update

Puerto Ricans in Paris Movie Trailer- June 10th!

When we first saw this movie trailer we knew it would be funny. We cannot wait to review when it comes out June 10th, 2016, which typically we do but knowing the work of actor Luis Guzman,Edgar Garcia, Rosario Dawson, Rosie Perez and others we just have that feeling. 35 more words