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Oregon's governor, Hispanic lawmakers vow to defend Latinos

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown and Hispanic members of the Legislature vowed Wednesday to defend Latinos in the state, including those who entered the country illegally. 12 more words

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TBJE 23: Latinx Secularism

Luciano and Juhem kick off Hispanic Heritage Month with a discussion about Latinx secularism. Who are we? How many of us out there? Why don’t hear more about this growing segment of the Latinx population? 78 more words


Latino or Latinx: identity terms spark conversation about inclusivity

Perla Salazar-Rangel

Sept. 18, 2017

Throughout the years, people from Spanish speaking countries have been able to identify as being Hispanic, Latino/Latina, Latin@, and most recently Latinx. 651 more words

Research Shows Spanish Speakers Take Longer To Learn English. Why? : NPR

Likely a mix of all three explanations:

A recent study out of Philadelphia tracked kindergartners who were learning English and found that four years later there were major discrepancies between which groups of students had mastered the language.

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Why wait until College?

In The Library Internship and Expo as a Pathway to Diversity: A Case Study by Asher & Alexander, they look into the state of the LIS profession and how internships can be a gateway to increase diversity within the profession. 511 more words


My acronym for the word 'America'

I see the land of America with eyes that most do not have.  Think of National Parks,and you will have a clear picture of what this Land looked like before White People had their way with it. 16 more words