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"Republicans Still Pandering To Voters’ Worst Instincts": Appealing To The Most Nativist Elements Of The Republican Base

Not so long ago, leaders of a chastened Republican Party issued a report urging a new way forward for a GOP spurned by voters of color. 673 more words


"It's Looking Like Mother Knew Best": The Reason Jeb Looks So Miserable

Here’s a thought experiment for you. Imagine you could find a person who didn’t know 1) who Jeb Bush was or 2) what pursuit he was involved in. 976 more words


Made in America

I write this with the kind of indignation that only the child of immigrants can feel. When I have a child, they will be the same percentage of “immigrant” as Donald Trump. 903 more words


Trump To Appear in Blackface at Upcoming Rally

Though it didn’t seem possible for Trump to get even more offensive between his outward hostility to Latinos and his racist Asian impression, Trump promises to up the ante by appearing in blackface at an upcoming rally.  389 more words


WINNING WOMEN: Jennifer Lopez To Star in HBO Documentary "The Latin Explosion"

Singer/Actress Jennifer Lopez will be included in an upcoming HBO documentary about the Latin community in entertainment. Lopez will star in the documentary along with Pitbull, Shakira, Ricky Martin, and Marc Anthony. 121 more words

Winning Women

The Donald Trump-Jorge Ramos clash is a full-fledged media fight now

“What is it like to be caught in the crosshairs of a billionaire presidential front runner?” Fox News star Megyn Kelly asked Univision news anchor Jorge Ramos about his run-in with GOP presidential candidate, Donald Trump. 868 more words


Asian Americans nail Jeb Bush for 'Anchor Baby' gaff

GOP presidential hopeful Jeb Bush’s clarification of his usage of the term, “anchor baby” did not go over well with Asian Americans, who took to Twitter Monday evening in response to the former Florida governor’s latest remarks. 120 more words

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