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I would end it all if only my (staple) gun would fire

Hey Oprah!  Has your smug brilliance ever gotten you in over your head?  Well, mine has!  I have been working with a longtime client on a couple of her guest rooms.  743 more words


To Scold or not to Scold (and Laugh Instead)…That is the Question

Hey Oprah, I have borne witness to many conversations amongst the boys recently that probably required some hollering or threats on my part, but I chose to laugh.  478 more words


Top This Bitterness, Bitter Ben!

Hey Oprah, do you ever have those weeks where you have no energy or desire, and the world won’t leave you alone?  I am sure you haven’t…Anyway, I have been trying to think of something to write about since my last post, but I feel too bitter, tired and ornery.  592 more words


Dear Oprah, How Old Were You When You Learned To Ride A Bike?

Dear Oprah, I think Mikey has almost learned to ride his bike!  He just needs the confidence to keep going instead of steering toward the grass and then falling over in slow motion.  859 more words


Shove this Nook Color up your Cranny!

A couple of years ago, Greg and I launched ourselves (okay, it was more like stepped carefully into the shallow end of the pool) into the world of “ 539 more words

Life's Experiences

The Little Prick

I have been so busy lately that I have hardly a moment to write a blog post, let alone the focus to even see when the Donovan Boy’s do something to document. 1,149 more words


Christmas is about the Children (getting on their parents’ nerves)

Whewww!  That was fast and furious!  I wouldn’t have said that last weekend, when the four days leading up to Christmas piled up in slow-growing mountain of irritation and sheer ornery-ness.  605 more words