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Techno Romantic Network Religion (In Church With Bruno Latour)

For the Information Age, Bruno Latour writing about religion reads a little like Schleiermacher, OReligion: Speeches to its Cultured Despisers. Latour’s own contribution… 684 more words


Agency at the Time of the Anthropocene

Bruno Latour. I think that it is easy for us to agree that, in modernism, people are not equipped with the mental and emotional repertoire to deal with such a vast scale of events; that they have difficulty submitting to such a rapid acceleration for which, in addition, they are supposed to feel responsible while, in the meantime, this call for action has none of the traits of their older revolutionary dreams. 152 more words


Anthropology at the Time of the Anthropocene

Bruno Latour. If the idea of naming the period – or epoch, some say even era – “Anthropocene” resonates so deeply for the better and maybe for the worse (you will have to decide at the end of my lecture) with the name of your discipline, it is because it builds upon several of the same fault lines as those upon which… 238 more words


Cool—The Mutual Co-Construction of Online and Onground in Cyborganic

The Mutual Co-Construction of Online and Onground in Cyborganic: Making an Ethnography of Networked Social Media Speak to Challenges of the Posthuman

by Jennifer Cool… 1,838 more words

Internet Culture

De doofpot rondom Koos H lijkt definitief dicht met zijn dood

Vandaag werd bekend dat Koos Hertogs enkele dagen geleden is overleden. Hij was de langst zittende “levenslange” in Nederland, met 33 jaar. De Haagse Koos was een portier annex crimineel en volgens sommigen ook een geheime dienst man. 299 more words


Material Culture Studies Seminar: DH Gets Physical

This week, I’ll be talking about Material Culture Studies in class for my seminar discussion. Here are the articles I’ve looked at. Rather than preparing a handout, I’ve decided to outline some of the key characteristics of these authors and articles here for you to keep in mind while reading. 969 more words


Bordeaux Tour May 2015. Part 1 Scene I-VI

Bordeaux Tour May 2015 There were 18 of us touring the wine region of Bordeaux.  We had great fun and tasted some fantastic wines.

Day 1. 486 more words