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Latour 2005 and Les Forts de Latour 2011 released

This morning sees the ex-château release of Latour 2005, along with second wine, Les Forts de Latour 2011. We have put together two factsheets bringing together all the most important information about these two formidable wines, both approaching their drinking windows. 64 more words


Review Essay. Stranger Relations: The Case for Rebuilding Commonplaces between Rhetoric and Mathematics by Mitch Reyes

This is a review of:

Pandora’s Hope: Essays on the Reality of Science Studies, by Bruno Latour.
Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1999. 324 + x pp. 1,498 more words


NET308 - Actor network theory and social construction of technology

There are several theories or concepts that conceptualise the relationship between technology and society and provide insight into the conditions that bring about technological development. Understanding these is key to understanding how the relationship between technology and society shapes the way we collaborate and organise ourselves to bring about technological change. 1,492 more words


Engl 706 Annotated Bib 2

Rodger, K., Moore, S. A., & Newsome, D. (2009). Wildlife tourism, science and actor network theory. Annals of Tourism Research, 36(4), 645-666. Retrieved from… 494 more words


Engl 706 Application of Method

Since my project is focused around Chesapeake Bay conservation, I wanted to find an advertisement the foundation is currently using to analyze for our methods assignment this week. 238 more words

Kant, Latour and Others: The Pass, part 1.

Kant, Latour, and others: The Pass.

2/8/2017 Part 1.

Sometimes, one is lead back into a certain truth that does not again circle back into various truths. 1,556 more words