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Cybernetic Gaia: On Lovelock and Latour

There exists a curious tension between Latour’s reading of the Gaia hypothesis and Lovelock’s own wording that makes one wonder if they are actually writing about the same thing. 665 more words

Reassembling the Social - Latour

In Reassembling the Social, Bruno Latour argues that the use of the word “social” by social scientists or sociologist has come to, wrongly, describe something stable that can be used to describe an phenomenon when, according to Latour the idea of social needs to be redefined to allow for mobility, change, and tracing of connections again. 643 more words

Scholarly Annotations

Weekly Record Store Wrap Up (4/6 – 4/13)

First up, I’d like to apologize for not closing out Rainbow Week. I thought I had prescheduled enough to get through it without getting to the last minute, but I got the flu or some sort of bug this week that knocked me out Thursday into Friday. 478 more words

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Principles, Potential, and Parenting: Love Thy Technology

The Bhopal disaster would not have happened if the Union Carbide pesticide plant was loved. That’s such an incredibly weird sentence, and probably an infuriating one to most folks. 1,235 more words


Sonic Sociality Part 1

I had missed the Lost Crudos show in London because of stomach bug. I was incredibly pissed off about this because as a band that I had first heard nearly 20 years ago, they have provide an enduring sonic and lyrical form of resistance that has cut across ethnic , ‘cultural’, geographic, linguistic, and even generational borders. 568 more words

Beyond Borders

Spider-Gwen #1 Proves Spidey-fans Rule (Review)

Thanks to an overwhelmingly positive response to Edge of Spider-verse #2 by Spidey-fans, Gwen Stacy is now starring in her own series as an alternate universe hero, Spider-Woman. 552 more words