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Gift a Goat and More!

At 2:30am on Tuesday morning, before my flight out to Panama, I launched my most ambitious crowd-funding campaign to date. I crowd-fund once a year to help me reach goals for certain projects that I cannot financially support with my own funding. 257 more words


More than just a latrine 

The first thing on the agenda Monday morning was building latrines. Martha shared with us at orientation how important they were to improve the health situation in the village. 237 more words

One off the bucket list - Ephesus

It took quite a while for the euphoria of carpet buying to die down but, if anything was to top it, it was Ephesus.

Anyone interested in the site will find all they need to know on Wikipedia, so no long-winded descriptions here, you will be pleased to know.   621 more words


Swachh Bharat and Manual Scavengers: An uncomfortable association

A few days ago, The Hindu carried a news article about National Career Services portal launched by the Prime Minister which listed manual scavenging as a career option. 852 more words

Famous Spam Entries


I’m really dry for writing, so I thought I would do some clean up on my admin site.

Going through the spam after my Latrine story, here were some of the funnier spam features: 164 more words


Is your tank empty or full?

Photo credit: fit woman.com

I got hit with this question from two different sources in one day. Repeated messages tend to get my attention.

This makes sense to me, as I have been drained. 295 more words


Photo journal: Jervaux Abbey

Jervaux Abbey, now one of the largest privately-owned monastic sites in England, was a Cistercian monastery founded in the late twelfth century. Its impressive amenities include a separate meat kitchen and refectory for feast days (part of a papal ordinance dating back to the fourteenth century), a greater and a lesser cloister, a warming house for cold monks, a church, an enormous infirmary, an impressive latrine system, and a chapter house where administrative functions were carried out and errant monks punished. 244 more words

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