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Café Without A Name

Hidden away in the backstreets of Alexandria, is a Café without a name. You read correctly; that’s its name. The story behind the name is a clue to the owner’s attitude to business, and life in general. 410 more words


13. #100DaysOfBlogging is tough...

Not much to blog about today – how do people do it? A blog a day leads to a pretty boring picture of my life to be honest. 126 more words

Miraculous Coffee Art | コーヒーはアーティスト?

This is truly a natural ‘miraculous’ art which appeared from my bottom of my finished coffee cup. (apologies for the dirty cup)

A bird? A dove? 44 more words


Almost, maybe. 

When you’re high on acid and your old employers are hosting a latte art throwdown. Why not go?

There’s isn’t a single reason not to. I’m sure of it, all of my friends are hella supportive and agree that nothing could be more right. 11 more words

Homemade Almond Milk Latte Art video

Almond milk with enough fat to generate micro foam, the cup with the right shape for the milk to move during the pouring and lots of practice.