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Exploring Seattle's Coffee Scene: Fremont Coffee Co.

It’s Saturday! Yay! I am so content right now, sipping my coffee on this slow morning after a much-needed, 11-hour night’s sleep. I honestly cannot remember the last time I slept that much and would normally feel like I wasted time, but I haven’t felt well all week (was drinking four cups of coffee a day earlier in the week to keep myself from falling asleep at my work desk) and I’m slowly learning to listen to my body. 480 more words


SE Asia #TNT

The Latte Art Throwdown League 2016

Across the globe from EP Headquarters, tucked in Petaling Jaya Malaysia is a group of passionate barista’s known as The Latte Art Throwdown League organized by… 178 more words

Espresso Parts

{travel} wombmates in tokyo: numazuko and cafe gre

Although I was beyond stoked to go to Taiwan, I was also incredibly sad we were leaving Japan. A lot of my friends who have visited Japan all raved about how much fun it is, so I knew my trip would be great. 846 more words


Carpenter & Cook

What’s better than enjoying solitude in a nice place, is being surrounded by people who are also enjoying solitude in the nice place. Glad that on the fateful Saturday morning, this happened to be such a place.


Coffee Break: Te Aro

A popular spot for caffeinated drinks. Sometimes, I’m astonished that I am able to score a seat. It’s loud; if you’re there to do some work or just some alone-with-my-coffee time, bring headphones. 14 more words


Learn a (seemingly) Useless Skill

“Why do we have to learn this?” can be the most frustrating question a student asks a teacher in a couple scenarios: 1) When a student asks the question out of frustration on a skill they have not mastered quickly, or 2) When, as a teacher, you don’t have a better response than “because it is on the test.” Now, to be fair, I was that student. 1,329 more words