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The Latte Quest. #11

Location: Brooklyn Coffee @bkcoffeelondon

Taste: 3/5

Info: I don’t think this place could get any more minimalist if it tried, a HUGE slab of concrete makes up the till/bar area and the rest of the shop is clean, grey and generally gorgeous. 37 more words


TNT at Brew

The throwdown tonight was fun! Of course I thought Trevor poured well, but I guess I’m biased. I drank too much free coffee though. Hopefully, I can fall asleep soon.


Drinking Up the 2015 U.S. Coffee Championships

The awesome aspect of going to niche conventions is being immersed in people’s passions and dipping a little into subcultures.

This time, it’s coffee. Well, not just coffee. 489 more words


Latte Art of the Day

The perfect post-surf pick-me-up!

Barista 102: Day 4 (Last Day!)

February 21, 2015. Saturday. My last day with advanced barista training at PBCA. Its too soon!

I cannot believe that time flies so fast; especially when you’re really having fun. 925 more words


Habitat // Top Deck

2 spaces, one on top of each other.

2 window seats, facing the same road.

One girl, and one book.

One solitary afternoon.