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Latte+ - Stitches

On February 23, 2017 Latte+ released their full length album “Stitches” on Outlook records. Latte+ is a ramones-core punk band coming out of Florence, Italy. I had heard the name in some chatter but had never actually had the chance of listening to any of their music. 358 more words



After wandering the streets looking for a shop (that obviously does not exist; thanks, Google maps) in order to return a parcel, I decide to get some breakfast from PAUL. 367 more words


Over A Morning Latte

I was clearing out my drafts when I found this one that was started sometime ago (last draft was dated September 10, 2014 20:16!). This seems the best way to conclude it, because though this chapter has been closed, the story never actually ends. 196 more words


Saturday Brunching

Saturdays are for brunching – that’s what Melbournians do.

Whenever we go out to eat, we have to factor in my 2-year-old little munchkin in the mix. 308 more words


All That Sparkles Is Unicorn

Fun fact that I may not have mentioned on the blog before- I’m an avid baker. Actually just a total foodie, but I love cooking and specifically baking. 459 more words


Afternoon Lattes

Mom and Elisabeth and I have been working on schoolwork all morning and early afternoon. When you have been reading a complicated chapter of science, doing math corrections, and struggling through Spanish for the past few hours, you need a little something to boost your spirits and restore “the little grey cells”! 65 more words


East Avenue Bakehouse Review 

East Avenue Bakehouse is now a prominent figure in Liverpool’s Bold Street , which houses an unbelievable selection of restaurants and cafes, choices include Turkish, British, Korean, Japanese, Peruvian and many more. 381 more words

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