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He is the Reason

Today is a sad day for America. Ted Cruz has dropped out of the presidential race. This saddens me more than I expected it would. I liked Ted Cruz. 448 more words


The Long and Short of Things (Introduction)

Hey guys! I’m Caroline aka Sister B and welcome to my first post for my social media project called Forever Sister B. This is inspired by my life, and in particular, one of the biggest trials of faith that I am currently experiencing right now, which is not being able to serve as a full-time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the Las Vegas Nevada Mission (the are in which I was called to) due to my health problems. 243 more words


Get out yo comfort zone!

Life is not a formula. It never adds up in a specific way.

Today I went to a Mid-Singles ward. Mette had brought it up the other day as we waited at the temple and mentioned that she was thinking about going to the mid-singles ward. 654 more words

Latter-Day Saints


300,000 kilometers per second.

The clock goes tick, then tock. Tick once, tock once. Tick twice, tock twice.

7 comes after 6. Wednesday comes after Tuesday. 525 more words


Of Loneliness.

It was a very dark morning.

I opened my eyes and saw only blackness. It was 6:30 AM. December 4, 2014.

Nothing felt like it used to. 751 more words



Love…is what created our spirits. Love…is what created the earth. Love…is what created this plan…and love will bring us home. Do all things in love and when ye shall see His face you will know Him for who He is…for He is Love (Moroni 7:48). 95 more words


"Be Of Good Cheer"

Camille Fronk Olson once said: “To the paralytic man lying helpless on a bed, Jesus proclaimed, “Be of good cheer” (Matthew 9:2). To the frightened Apostles battling the tempestuous sea, Jesus appeared on the water, declaring, “Be of good cheer” (Matthew 14:27). 3,943 more words