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Visiting A Mormon Temple

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) is building temples with increasing frequency.  They will be dedicating new temples in Colorado and Wyoming later this month (October 2016).   729 more words

Cults And Heresies

Champion of Discord

Yep. That’s me. At least, that’s how some are referring to me.

Champion of discord?  Nope.  The discord in my beloved church is already there and growing.   733 more words

Little Known Propaganda: 9 – Inner Feeling

This is my continuing responses to the list of “little known facts” referenced at the blog Sound Doctrine. On this blog the author presents the list along with responses to each from a F.A.I.R. 1,391 more words


100% 100% All The Time

Why is there this ridiculous ideal that we have to prove to everyone that our testimonies are 100%, 100% of the time, beside from it being completely untrue it’s just so unrealistic, I mean we’re human, that in its self means we are going to struggle, we are going to find things hard, we are going to make mistakes and we are definitely going to lose heart, hope and a little faith at times. 469 more words


1st Week Out

Well hey there all my wonderful readers!

This week has definitely been a world-wind of adjusting to the mission field again and kind of getting back into the actual mission flow! 1,012 more words

Boston Mass Mission

Enduring Obsticles Thru the Gospel

Next month during General Conference I will celebrate being a member of the Church for five years. I was baptized on October 1st, 2011. I’m very grateful for the young men who led me to that day, and for the countless others who have kept me on the correct course since then, especially my wife. 2,373 more words

Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints

Interview 12: Tyson

Tyson is one of the most calm and collected people I have ever met. He is often quiet and spends more time listening than speaking, but when he does speak, it is softly and slowly, in a measured manner–I daresay his speech pattern is rare among our generation, and it is refreshing. 2,654 more words