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Little Known Propaganda: 10 – Total Obedience Required

Little Known Propaganda: 10 – Total Obedience Required

This is my continuing responses to the list of “little known facts” referenced at the blog Sound Doctrine… 927 more words


My Brave Best Friend

I think it honestly just wouldn’t even be fair if my first real post (the last one was just introductory so it doesn’t count) wasn’t about my husband. 991 more words


Old Stuff: Living Oracles

This is a research project from a 2014 graduate course in Modern Church History, in which I explored intersections between the Stone-Campbell Movement and the Latter-day Saints in the earliest years of those movements. 6,390 more words

Tuesday: Part 1, Keep My Commandments

In every life, whether we know it or not, for every choice, there will be consequences, either good or bad. To begin to Honor God, in all things, one must make the sacrificial decision to step away from all things earthly, to step away from sin, and to turn one’s faith, trust and hope to Heavenly Father. 744 more words

New Beginnings

Mormon Music Parodies

I’ve been watching these all day. There’s something wrong with me.

Mormons sure love their parodies.

You’re welcome, everyone.

P.S. Including this one because it’s pretty clever and I can’t stop listening to it


Mormon Church Updates 'Mormon & Gay' Website, and releases 'Welcome' video

“Even though I still don’t understand everything, I know that I don’t have to. All I am asked to do is love as God would love.” 598 more words


Am I Holding To the Rod?

As members of the Church, most of us recognize that the state of the world is much more precarious and difficult than even 5 or 10 years ago.   1,045 more words

Energy Healing