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Sacred Journey

How can someone come to know the sacred without coming to the source, the divine essence, the I am that I am? It seems, for me, it’s not where do I start but where have I wandered. 351 more words


All It Takes

One week. I leave in one week. It’s honestly one of those things that you know won’t really hit you until you’re there. And even then, maybe not fully. 1,174 more words

What Hurts the Most

If you read my last post, you can probably tell that a lot has been going through my mind lately. Basically my heart rate has quadrupled in the past few weeks as I’ve gotten closer to leaving for my mission. 932 more words


Annual Primary Presentation: Preparing the Script

Primary presentation is coming up!! Have you started the preparation? Have you prepared the script?

Preparing the script is crazy. With the month that we are in, probably you are now cramming for what your cutiepies would say at the congregation. 158 more words

My Trouble with History Book Recommendations: I'm LDS and a Historian

On the LDS Charlotte Mason Homeschoolers Facebook group, someone asked a question about other history sources, since a history book she was reading to her children had a very anti-Mormon perspective in the section about Mormons. 493 more words

"A Journey of a Thousand Miles..." Tue. 07/05/16

On my way to fill out paperwork and start my new job we had some time to kill. It turned out to be a family affair as my father-in-law had an appointment in the same neck of the woods. 95 more words

Why would Mormons want to be Christians too?

In every conversation I’ve had with a Mormon, whether it be a lay member or a Missionary, they have always told me “Yeah, we’re Christians  692 more words