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Mourning with Those that Mourn

He was bearing a burden, and I could help him bear it

by Alan B. Sanderson, MD

I was in the middle of a busy day in my neurology clinic, running behind schedule and worrying that my patients would be upset about having to wait. 742 more words


Dear Senior Girls...You Don't Have To Serve A Mission

I was a sophomore in high school when our leader and prophet President Thomas S. Monson stood at the pulpit during General Conference and announced that the age was changing for young men and women to serve missions. 1,031 more words


Life is NOT a Test

In the church, we often hear the phrase repeated

Life is a test.

And to be fair, there are scriptures that convey this message. (This life is the time for men to prepare to meet god, this life is a probationary state, etc.)

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Four Years of MormonDoctor.com

We will move forward, doing what we can to help people understand the faith that breathes so much hope and purpose into our lives. One post at a time, we will try to explain how this wonderful religion guides us in our efforts to serve and love others, and to approach God with greater faith. 1,929 more words


Sweetness of the Holy Ghost

I have a lot of blog posts in the works that I need to finish writing. I’ve got the idea down with some notes, but time is always the problem. 262 more words


Sometimes It Won't Get Better

Doctors want to help people and fix things, but we are frequently confronted by our own limitations

by Alan B. Sanderson, MD

She came to my office complaining of right hand weakness and severe, constant, distressing pain in her right shoulder and arm. 956 more words


Reply To A Video: 4 1/2 things Mormons believe that Christians don't

I was going to comment on the blog that posted the video in question, but I found my comment to be far to long for a comment, so I decided to put this in my blog, mainly because I really wanted to. 2,063 more words