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Dr. Sanderson's Miracle Insomnia CURE!

Learn about the groundbreaking new method that has helped ONE PERSON overcome sleep-onset insomnia!

by Alan B. Sanderson, MD

Sleep is a fascinating topic for geeks like me. 745 more words


14th Annual Harlem Genealogical Conference

We are pleased to announce the 14th annual Harlem Genealogical Conference will take place Saturday, May 19, 2018, at 360 Malcolm X Boulevard (128th Street) with a focus on DNA and Genetic Genealogy. 145 more words


Confidence in Our Special Knowledge

Just as a physician develops special skills and knowledge through years of apprenticeship, all of us can become disciples of the Savior and be recipients of special light and knowledge. 1,316 more words


Help My Unbelief

Have you ever held a sick baby through the night? It makes you think about a lot of things.

by Alan B. Sanderson, MD

One Saturday night I woke up around midnight to the sound of my baby crying. 1,281 more words


Alternative Medicine

Whether we turn to a medical doctor, a chiropractor, or directly to the Lord himself, our hope is that we will get better and feel well. 2,900 more words

Alan B. Sanderson, MD

To be Learned is Good If...

Achievement and learning are a means to an end, not the end in itself.

by Rand Colbert, MD

As a child I developed a deep love of reading. 1,910 more words