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Doom is Coming!!! [Global Alert]


Tragedy Among the Gypsies

Victor von Doom was born to the Zefiro travelers (Gypsies) Werner and Cynthia in Latveria, a small European country which grew out of Hungary and was ruled by King… 3,428 more words


Secret Wars 2 review

Since I wasn’t in North America for Secret Wars 1’s release, here are my brief thoughts before we discuss Secret Wars 2. It was alright. Esad Ribic’s art is fantastic in the issue and when the comic tries to be dramatic, it works. 481 more words

Comic Review

Doctor Doom -- From Comic Book to the Silver Screen . . . Again

Doctor Doom – From Comic Book to the Silver Screen . . . Again

With a new Fantastic Four movie on the horizon, I think it prudent to explore the team’s penultimate enemy, Victor von Doom. 540 more words


The politics of Doom

Victor von Doom debuted in Fantastic Four #5, in July 1962, and his origin and general depth of character were presented in January 1964, in the… 868 more words

Politics Dammit

Review: Books of Doom, by Ed Brubaker

Fantastic Four: Books Of Doom by Ed Brubaker
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is a 241 special…FF and Evil Villain.

Ed Brubaker does a solid job giving us an origin story of our favourite Latverian megalomaniac. 346 more words

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