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DAY 15 (house and yard)

Before we talk about about things inside your house (rooms, furniture etc.), let’s learn a few words and phrases about a house itself and a few things in the yard. 176 more words


DAY 14 (nouns)

Before we can start describing things and putting together sentences, we should learn basics about “nouns” in Latvian.

Latvian language has two noun genders, masculine… 92 more words


DAY 12 (the alphabet)

There is a consistent relationship between spelling and pronunciation in Latvian language. Each letter and each vowel combination has its on sound that does not change.  98 more words


DAY 11 (celebrations and holidays)

Holidays are important in every culture. Latvians celebrate common holidays like Christmas, Mother’s Day and Independence Day and they also have unique holidays, celebrated in a very traditional way. 157 more words


DAY 10 (human body)

Today we will learn human body parts. Watch video for pronunciation.


DAY 9 (colors)

krāsa – color


When describing color of masculine things, majority of the time the word will end in “-s“. For example, melns suns… 124 more words


DAY 8 (question words)

There are lots of question words in Latvian and most of them happen to start with a letter “K” just like in English majority of question words start with a “W”. 203 more words