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Finally understand why use Facebook… mainly to look at sweet photos of cats and dogs and have a giggle. Reallised this when someone asked me to like a post and tag someone in it and felt humungously embarrased. 85 more words


The Armor of God - Bruņas Dieva (LATVIAN-LATVIEŠU: Jaunā Derība Bībele NT)

LATVIAN-LATVIEŠU: Jaunā Derība Bībele NT

Ephesians (Efeziešiem) 6:10-18

10 Beidzot, brāļi, esiet stipri Kungā un viņa varenības spēkā!

11 Tērpieties Dieva bruņās, lai jūs varētu pretī stāties velna viltībām! 145 more words


The Armor of God - Bruņas Dieva (LATVIAN-LATVIEŠU: Bībele 1965)


Ephesians (Efeziešiem) 6:10-18

10 Beidzot – topiet stipri savā Kungā un Viņa varenajā spēkā.

11 Bruņojieties ar visiem Dieva ieročiem, lai jūs varētu pretī stāties velna viltībām. 165 more words


The Lord is my Shepherd - Tas Kungs ir mans Gans (LATVIAN-LATVIEŠU: Bībele 1965)


Psalms (Psalmi) 23

1 Tas Kungs ir mans gans, man netrūks nenieka.

2 Viņš man liek ganīties zāļainās ganībās. Viņš mani vada pie skaidra ūdens. 91 more words


Bookish Childhood Memories #5

This week’s book is Night Adventures of the Clocks: Fairy Tales (Pulksteņu nakts gaitas) by Māra Cielēna. She is Latvian writer. There are seven fairy tales in this book. 273 more words


Street shop and Folklore. Sydney: Part I.

My visit in Sydney starts with the purchase of an Opal card and boarding a doubledecker train. Yes – trains have two floors here, in Sydney! 686 more words


People in Adelaide

Most of the people would say there’s not so much to do in Adelaide if you don’t drink – South Australia is famous for it’s wineries, after all. 861 more words