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the daily purge 9-22-17

Another day, another iPhone; another day, another iCover. The bean counters at Apple are depositing The Purging Lutheran’s beans in their beans bank. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. 210 more words

the daily purge 9-21-17

Dainty shoes for Our Marta’s dainty toes. OM has dainty toes? The Purging Lutheran can’t swear to that. When she was a wee bęrn, she had the cutest little sausage toes you ever did see! 136 more words

the daily purge 9-20-17

At first glance maybe a Halloween mask? No, not at all! This is an Our Marta jacket. The Purging Lutheran finds it hard to believe that a grown woman, OM, is tiny enough to have worn this. 266 more words

the daily purge 9-19-17

The Purging Lutheran remembers my school days when we used our crayons for art projects. All the cool kids had the master set of 64 crayons plus … plus … plus the handy dandy crayon sharpener. 191 more words

the view from the pew 9-16-17

Our hymns tonight were

“Chief of Sinners Though I Be”

“Faith and Truth and Life Bestowing”

“Lord of Glory, You Have Bought Us”

“Spirit of the Living God” 1,310 more words

the daily purge 9-18-17

Just because a person buys and wears athletic shoes doesn’t make him an athlete. These athletic-themed shoes were bought by My Marta long ago. At about that same time, MM declared she was taking up jogging. 181 more words

the daily purge 9-15-17

No, this did not come from My Marta’s tossaway tub though it’d be kind of cool if it did. MM would have a story about how one of her dog-walking dogs went a little insane and ate the leash while she escaped within an inch of her life leaping over a nine foot fence. 526 more words