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the daily purge 6-19-18

ConAir was a 1997 film starring Nicolas Cage, John Cusack and John Malkovich. It included a lot of cussing, name calling, pushing, shoving and tattling, the sorts of behaviors which should have been dealt with in kindergarten. 231 more words

the daily purge 6-18-18

“And since (the DNA) is so old, it’s full of holes! That’s where our geneticists take over!”—Mr DNA

This is one of two chairs The Purging Lutheran kept in the basement where The Lad’s cats, Grandé and Callie, would sleep to avoid KadenSuperPup’s constant hectoring. 213 more words

the view from the pew 6-17-18

Just in case you donut remember where English-language Latvian worship is held in Indianapolis.

The hymns we sang were “God of Tempest, God of Whirlwind”, ”I Love to Tell the Story”, “What Feast of Love”, and “Jesus Loves Me”. 1,439 more words

the daily purge 6-14-18

Today is a sweaty, muggy June day in Central Indiana (population:4 – The Purging Lutheran, My Sweet Rib, KadenSuperPup, and Grandé lè Mew). Who really wants to use a heat wrap on a day like today? 344 more words

the daily purge 6-13-18

This is called a recorder. The Purging Lutheran read about the history of the recorder. Here are some highlights: Why don’t we call it ‘flute’ instead of ‘recorder’? 206 more words

the daily purge 6-12-18

In South Korea there is a belief called ‘fan death’. It states if a person falls asleep in a closed room with an operating electric fan he is likely to die. 393 more words

the daily purge 6-11-18

The Purging Lutheran is either a little embarrassed or a little flummoxed. I am a little embarrassed because over the course of years purging petroleum-based products I have noted that this or that item will sit atop a garbage heap slowly dis-integrating over several millenia. 345 more words