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I hosted a hiking event

I have joined many hiking groups before, but this was my first time hosting one.
It all started with an innocent Instagram story post where I invited people to join me on a hiking adventure. 429 more words


the view from the pew 1-21-18

I’m not certain that I haven’t already used a picture of White Castle boxes to present a review of an English-version service at the Latvian Church. 1,180 more words

Moroccan dream. Atlas mountains on low budget.

It was my first time outside of Eurasia. I had no extra money for traveling and no available vacation days. But what I did have, was a colleague planning a trip to Morocco. 403 more words


Abavas Ābolu Vīns Sausais

Abavas, a family-owned winery producing apple wine, cider, apple brandy, eau de vie among others was established in 2010 by Mārtinš Barkāns in the beautiful valley of Abava, Latvia, hence the name. 360 more words

Cider Reviews

If You Don't Like it- Change it! (Iceland Experience.)

Since Facebook and Instagram lately has turned into a big platform of advertisement with some “funny cat videos” (which are not even funny) in the middle of it, I have desperately been searching for a new way of expressing my 21st century self. 641 more words


the daily purge 1-5-18

It’s a delicate, dainty blouse My Marta wore years ago. It’s delicate and dainty except for that


Good gravy! The Purging Lutheran can understand why MM quit wearing it. 165 more words

Vasaras naktis

Es atceros tās reibinošās vasaras naktis,
Kad zem zvaigžņotas debess smaržoja
Miljoniem pukstošu āboliņ’ dvēsles,
Un caur logiem lidoja cilvēku sapņi.

Mēs negulējām.
Vien dauzījāmies pa tumšajām ielām, 96 more words