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Ngõ 8 - Ăn rồi hết buồn

Ngõ 8 – 35 Trường Định Q.3

Có đôi khi cảm thấy đồ ăn giống như cứu cánh duy nhất của cuộc đời vậy. Sorry, nếu mọi người cảm thấy mệt mỏi khi cái post về đồ ăn nào tớ cũng than. 1,045 more words


"I am Not a Feminist Because I Don't Understand the Term"

It’s no secret that feminism became this ugly, spat word that is used alongside accusing fingers whenever a woman objects to gender inequality. Ironically, it’s not just men that are using the word in this rhetoric. 897 more words


Kick Push

Pose: Skatists Rush by Vetrovian Poses
Hair: Torin Pussycat by Homage
Septum: Novo Nosering by O A S I S
Tattoo: Diamond A Dozen by… 24 more words

Kids And Money

Moxiemom and Lauren both submitted this article, along with commentary:

Why You Should Tell Your Children How Much You Make

And Milo sent this in:

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2015 Fashion Hill Drive

Jacket: Simon by FATEwear
Chain: Godly Vision by L A U
Jeans: Baggy Jeans M2 by Kal Rau
Shoes: Masters Snow by FLite

Dirty Work

Mask: Stocky Ski Mask (Black) by
Bag: Montana Dillinger Duffle Bag by
Suit: Dover Suit (Black) by Electric Feel
Shoes: Martin Sinclair (Black) by L A U… 11 more words

Yankees make incremental move.

You remember when, in playing SCAT, the card game, that you would put down a 3 of hearts and pick up a 5 of hearts because it gave you more points? 330 more words

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