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When the misfortune hits you

When the misfortune hits you, only then you question your actions. You wonder what have you done to deserve such unwanted luck.

“Have I ever wished this upon anyone?”, I don’t think I did.. 53 more words

Wooing In The 'Name of The Lord'!😜

It rained cats and dogs yesternight that it took determination on my part to step out of my home. It was time for vigil.

On getting to Ogba bus stop, there was not a single tricycle on ground as a result of the down pour. 652 more words


My Colour One🙄🚗

That moment curiosity won’t let you keep quiet! It’s not my fault biko nu…

My eyes caught the ‘inscription’ on my driver’s (by the way, I have so many drivers😜) sun visor, I had to ask whose that was! 48 more words

Funny Characters

Look before you Say!🕵🏼🤓

That moment you thought you saw something then it turned out to be another!

The driver of the tricycle I entered earlier today was scouting for passengers  (he couldn’t have made do with only me in the tricycle) when he stopped to pick up a woman and ‘her son’, so I thought. 121 more words


After all the 'epp'...!😳😜

That moment a tricycle driver tries to help two teenagers.

The tricycle was already filled. The only available space was the one beside the driver (which we all know is unlawful to put somebody there). 124 more words


Laugh it off!

A man wanted to buy FUFU from a shop and was told that a wrap was sold for N20. He had just N10 but thought hard and then said ” Can I have FU for N10?”