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Learn to Laugh at Yourself

I know there is a huge amount of self-help books available, telling a gal that she must learn how to pee standing up, or be fluent and then teach her children three languages in order to be a good mother, but don’t worry, this is not an attempt to add to your anxiety of never being able to get it right. 561 more words

How To Live A Happy Life

Zip-Up! It applies to the mouth too! Aargh!!!

That moment you have that feeling your co-passenger is trouble.

As soon as she entered the tricycle, her mouth started to work. She kept pointing out unnecessary things on our way. 227 more words


Driver, Send them out of the bus!!!πŸ™…πŸ½πŸ˜±

I boarded a LAGBUS (the former BRT bus) to Ikorodu from Ojota on a Saturday like this. As we crawled through an unusual Lagos traffic occasioned by a downpour, a panel of discussants took over the atmosphere inside the bus with an argument on whether Naija go better or e no go better and how naija people behave. 262 more words


What You Sow, You Reap!πŸ‘‚πŸ½

That moment you pay makeup artist 7k and you expect to look like Kate Henshaw! Hehehe!

I was still trying to have some respite from the waka waka I’d been on today (in a tricycle) when my ear (it wasn’t me o nor was it intentional, lol) dropped in on the conversation of the two ladies sited beside me. 225 more words


A short course in self-irony

I saved this draft two years ago (I have really neglected this blog!) with the intention of outlining a five-step process for learning self-irony. I believed — and I still believe — that the world today suffers from a bad case of no-self-ironism that could eventually become terminal. 546 more words

Laugh It Off

10 Things You'd Rather Not Know About Me

To me, being vulnerable is the most beautiful thing a human can be. If you don’t know who BrenΓ© Brown is…LOOK HER UP.Β  She has some serious truth bombs for you. 838 more words