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Notes to Self #191

Dear Self,

  • Just let your almost eighteen year old daughter keep on thinking it is “cool” that she has “a totally super young Mom” in comparison to all of her peers; and enjoy it as long as you can.
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Americana Injustica

Failure is ok, as long as you tried.

These dogs may not have gotten their fetches right, but they sure gave their best effort (except maybe the one with the frisbee who just wasn’t having it). 63 more words


Slide Fail: Ready, Set, Laugh!

I have no words; just abdominally painful Ha-Has.  Enjoy.


Babies' Reactions to Farts

Apparently, I am utterly fascinated with flatulence.  Some of these babies’ reactions are killer.


Because Laughing is Cheaper than an Antidepressant

There is much to be learned from the hippo you’re about to watch:

  1. Be yourself without shame.
  2. Care not what others think.
  3. We are all talented in one way or another.
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I come from a family where humor is highly valued. My siblings and I compete to be the funniest, to make each other laugh. Humor breaks the tension, provides relief.
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My Grumpy Butt and Me

I’m bad at blogs.
Very bad at blogs.
So very bad at blogs.

Here I lay on my futon trying to plan out when I will release blogs. 272 more words