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“Turn this water into wine. Come on... What you waiting for, your pal Jesus did it!”

“Hey, Vicar. How about conjuring up a some wine over here?”

“Turn this water into wine. Come on… What you waiting for, your pal Jesus did it.” 700 more words

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two steps forward one step back!

… such is my shite life! all ya can do is laugh or cry!

hmmm? two steps behind is a cool song, lol!


Dusting things off

So life has been somewhat chaotic for the last few (several) months (like over a year). There is a ridiculous amount of procrastination that takes place under the auspices of… 70 more words

Slow internet speed forces blogger to talk about dog urine.

I’m not going to rant, we probably all experience it. My provider tells me it’s where I live and nothing can be done. Dose explain why I can’t load a YouTube video at all on my laptop now but could a week ago? 279 more words

True story

It was one of those if you don’t laugh, you cry moments at 3 o’clock this morning.

I heard PollyCat jump in the window and as soon as she ran into my room, I knew she’d brought me something. 387 more words

Being Mama