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Social Media, Selfishness Shaming and Motherhood.

I stumbled upon a blog I am not going to share the other day. I’m not going to share it because it disturbed me deeply. Luckily – from a position of privilege, knowing a bit of basic psychology, and a lot of mindfulness – it disturbed me on a sort of theoretical… 1,762 more words

Sorrow Is Better than Laughter - Ecclesiastes 7:3

Content Author : Ray, Andrew

Scripture Passage:

Ecclesiastes 7:3


If the average person were asked whether they would rather laugh or cry, the answer would be obvious. 116 more words


Things We Won't Be Doing This Half Term

Having a kitchen, mostly.

On Thursday, I was looking forward to spending the first half term I’ve had in over a year with no accidents, car break-downs, family illnesses or personal health problems hanging heavy over my head. 485 more words

Giving Myself Permission

OK so I’m the parent, I give the permission round here. I like to think of it as giving, not restricting because I’m a horrendous old hippy at heart… 552 more words

That Time I Had Sneaky Visitors...

A couple of weeks ago it suddenly struck me that I live in an almost hundred-year-old house. Almost period! But not quite: just as those quaint Victorian terraces and mews going for millions were once for us everyday folk (and our horses) my house, build in the early 1920s, is still very much your standard suburban London family home. 575 more words

Get To Know Me: 100 Questions

Look, here’s one of these “100 things about me” blogs. No one tagged me into this, I just thought I should get this out there early so you know the kind of shady character you are dealing with here. 2,370 more words

Family Dining: Limeyard Ealing

As a working mum, Saturdays are precious time. Weekend activities feel so vital for bonding and cramming all those ‘precious moments’ Facebook memes tell us we should be … and yet … and yet … apparently parenting also involves these other things like laundry, buying new clothes, returning library books and so forth. 742 more words