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Life Post: What's New and What's Not

Dear Viewies,

Oh my god viewies, it has been a long hiatus on my part! And it was one none of us signed up for but I’m back and happy to share all my thoughts and opinions with y’all once more. 306 more words


REVIEW: This Is a Taco! by Andrew Cangelose

This was a funny little book about a squirrel called Taco who just wanted a friggin taco.

Lol. I loved the clever little things it did to avoid certain doom and loved that it got his heart’s desires in the end. 30 more words

Book Review

REVIEW: Bobby Green [Johnnies #5] by Amy Lane

I loved loved loved this!

First off, Gomez Pugh is a fantastic narrator and made this book excellent. I even felt his interpretation of the voices of the other characters from the previous books in this series was so good that I had half a mind to go and reduce my ratings for them. 329 more words

Book Review

REVIEW: Black John [Johnnies #4] by Amy Lane

Loved this!

Although this book had a different performer than the previous 3 books, I thought he captured the characters perfectly ESPECIALLY Galen. I enjoyed reading the ebook version of this but Gomez Pugh made me fall in love with the characters and put me through the emotional wringer while doing it. 166 more words

Book Review

REVIEW: Dex In Blue [Johnnies #2] by Amy Lane

EThis was another great installment in the Johnnies series.Once again, Sean Crisden narrated the hell out of the story!

For the majority of the first half of the book(and from book 1), I had the impression of Kane as an airhead hunk and Dex as someone who somehow always found himself with people who were not good enough for him(male/female). 288 more words

Book Review

My Sticklerism For LOL

I don’t remember having feelings one way or another about the term “LOL” before 2008. I had just moved to Anaheim, California early that year and, in fairly short order, I was working at a company where I made a friend named James. 432 more words