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The Walk


You just need a friend

To walk

And talk

With you.

And the world will just have to wait for you to get back.

Life Chatter


If I wanted to share, I would have said!   ; )

Hope this finds you smiling. Happy Friday!

Photo Friday: Kate, Kate

Heeeeere's Kate, Kate! Such a ham, this one.

Happy Photo Friday!


"What Letter?" - Happy Friday!

It’s always a good time to laugh!  Enjoy and Happy Weekend!

The Present

The Power of Love

The person who knows God loves God and loves all things He has made. His love does not capitulate for it does not rest on the shifting sands moved by the winds of time and circumstance; instead he knows a complete oneness through Christ with the Father whose very essence is love. 113 more words

Smelling the roses

Too many times I find myself rushing to finish a project or flying down the freeway for no reason. Being a mom and always feeling like I have a deadline, even when I don’t, has become the norm for me and sometimes it’s difficult to slow down and take things… 156 more words