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Conan visits Cuba; hilarity ensues

Conan makes some new friends and picks up some new habits while in Cuba.


sixty five: it's the freakin' weekin'

this has been the longest week that i have survived endured had the pleasure of living, in as long as i can remember. t. to the g.i.f. 53 more words

This baby's giggle will make you smile

This ticklish baby lets out an infections laugh when the dog licks him.


Negotiating with Cookies - Fleegle the Mommy

“You don’t think it’s too warm do you?” Fleegle asks, nudging the baby chicken in its cardboard corral under the heat lamp. We took an emergency trip to Aloha Seed and Feed and came home with their chicken starter kit. 141 more words


Check out Bad Jokes

This is a comedy sketch outlet, my friend and I created. Here is a preview of all the videos we plan on releasing. If your interested, check out the following: our… 34 more words