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The Performer

Graham Burton doing a reprise of his unforgettable, hilarious and poignant role of Bertie, the backyard mechanic from Parow (suburb of Cape Town). Ostensibly retreating to his garage to work on his car, instead he wanders down memory lane with a bottle of brandy and his Creedence Clearwater tapes, reliving his glory days. 31 more words

Stupid News 9.3.15

From PK: Kids these day. They are so adorable with their stupidity! I’m talking about the teen that returned his car to the dealership because his iPhone dock wasn’t working. 225 more words


Jokes apart...

I have encountered some incidents in the past that gave me a good laugh. There is learning also in each of them, so they go with the title of my site too :) 443 more words


New beginnings 

I’ve been gone for a while, completely forgot that I once wrote a blog and kept it frequently updated. Was merely going through all my old blogposts and decided it was time I deleted some, most which I do not wish to remember or be reminded; it’s best to leave the past aside. 248 more words

My Life And Thoughts