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What are the First Two Weeks with a Newborn Like?

As a rule every mom will do something in the first two weeks with a newborn that they will look back on, just a few short months into the future, and ask, ¨What was I thinking?¨ My mother had warned me about this, so I wasn´t worried. 739 more words

Book Worms

Here’s a place to post titles and authors of books that you have found helpful outside of the classroom.  No textbooks here!  This is geared towards books that that have helped you with personal growth, made  you cry, laugh, smile, or anything in between.


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VIDEO; Baby Q 😍

Baby Q 😍 He made me laugh so much! I’m so happy to get to know this little man and his wonderful family.


Qis ❤

I just came home from the long walk with baby Qis, such an adorable baby! So cute! Apparently the parents was happy that I went for a walk with him so they asked me if I could go more times with him. 101 more words

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#AlopeciaProblems & Pneumonia

When I reviewed this video, I watched as tears streamed down my face. I left it in its original format.  I initially wanted to complete these videos “edited”, but it is something about them being raw and in the moment that I absolutely love.   36 more words