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'Tra la la boom de ay!!' Have you had yours today? FRENCH ROAST COFFEE... that is.

‘I did not say I was ‘PISSED-OFF’! I said that I am ‘PIAF’ and I said America cannot claim ownership of France’s French Roast Coffee!’




I laugh when I wish to cry, I smile when I am sad, I joke when I am scared.  My facade complete, in place, I go to face the world.  311 more words



For a long time, I thought I was not enough. Failed relationships had me feeling like this. Friendships had me feeling like that. It was like to more I do, the less I received in return. 449 more words


with you

There’s an epidemic that is seizing our society. You see it everywhere you go…sometimes even in church. I’m not sure how it began either. Perhaps it was originally a defense mechanism. 530 more words

Questions I Asked My Parents

I call them Ma and Pa. Or Mom and Dad.  Over 40 years ago they brought me into this world. Nearly 4 years later they brought in my brother. 726 more words

sit back and laughed

acting a fool

and what is the goal

and meant as the timing

and its own seeking

and sail as the other boat

and what it meant… 53 more words


Some Technical Difficulties...


Blogs posts will still be regularly posted, forewarning that they might be potentially janky (I’m writing this on my phone as we speak!) 9 more words

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