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Carnage on the coast!

The title here may be somewhat hyperbolic, but the situation on Gil Grant’s North Carolina beach on November 10 was striking. Gil found 7 dead birds, all of which had been thoroughly dismembered and stripped of flesh. 374 more words

Coastal Environment



turning into the wind,

wings lifting,

spirit soaring.

I took these photo on Bay Pier while visiting Fort De Soto County Park 7 more words

On The Road

Killing time with terns

At least one tern was paying attention.

Which one doesn’t belong? I think that one with the orange legs is a common tern.

“Make room for me!” 183 more words

Bird Photography

Leaning power of risa

This gull — perhaps a non-breeding Laughing gull (Leucophaeus atricilla) — was in the process of abandoning its post on the Manasquan Reservoir. The tip of its dark beak was daubed with a dull hint of red.


Sunshine Skyway bridge - Skywatch Friday

Wood stork hanging out in the water.

He gave me a glance and then went back to checking out the water for food.

Terns and a gull knee-deep in the water. 137 more words

Bird Photography

Bird Watching

So, I am a not huge bird person, but recently I have been fascinated with taking pictures of them. I soon figured out, after posting a few pics on some Facebook groups, that I knew nothing about birds. 175 more words

Daytona Beach