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Totally & completely NON-hysterectomy ...

… you will not be disappointed.

Also, if you’re all squirrely-pants about this post not being about hysterectomy, please read my about 2 page containing my mini-disclaimer.   53 more words


30 Day Writing Challenge || Day Twenty-eight || Life's Better When You're Laughing

Day Twenty-eight || Post five things that make you laugh-out-loud

01. My daughter.  I mean, seriously.  How many people wouldn’t laugh at a goofy seven-year-old?  She’s truly the most amazing little girl I know, and I couldn’t be happier to have her in my life.   348 more words

When you tell people that you want to become a professional comedian...

When you tell people that you want to be a professional comedian, they laugh at you.

Which means you’re off to a great start.


Happiness is...

Happiness is making a three year old laugh until they get hiccups.


Random Laughter

It is in desperate need of being rescued! Save him! Someone get Woody and Buz!

Dreams So Vivacious

I had a dream that she didn’t use me for everything. That love was a concept that was never to be fully understood. Emotions dictated weakness and strength was only recognized if you battled those emotions. 142 more words