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They grow up - so teach them to laugh.

“She said she used to think he was “the one” then she realized he was just the one she was having sex with. Then he realized it was a mistake, the break up, and him being in heavy like over another girl he met this summer. 557 more words



There’s nothing like the swift kick of major disappointment, no matter what your age,to really get you low.

Best of intentions, promises, ideas are all good when it comes, but hey…you are left at square one. 53 more words


Playing in the front yard

Turn the sound up to hear you laughing.

An August afternoon.

This was the third or forth time Daddy tossed you into the air like this, so Daddy was starting to get worn out. 22 more words

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The Good, The Bad, and The Hilarious: Part 3

And here is another riveting edition of the dramedy that some would call my life, LOL. I call it an action drama! I find it jam packed full of action and comedy. 501 more words

Myasthenia Gravis