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Fun with names! Adult Warning!!

Adult warning! This essay contains many words… words are the essential stuffing of this essay. Without them the page would look like an Arctic hare in a snowstorm. 3,713 more words

Sam Hall

Let Me Ask You a Question – 1/23/18

Let me ask you a question:

What is your favorite joke?  (keep it clean!)


Link weenie ...

I absolutely love autocorrect. It cracks me the HECK up. My phone has come up with some DOOZIES too. And today I witnessed, quite possibly, the best autocorrection EVER. 90 more words

Life's Little Lessons

WATCH - What Caused A Giggle Fit For This News Anchor

It’s like laughing in church…once you start…it’s hard to stop!

It made us laugh today in the studio

– The Morning Bull


Me and 'Laughter' (Why I Like Laughing)

I like laughing. No, let me rewrite that…I LOVE laughing. I love a bloody good laugh, absolutely love it. Yes! I do, I bloody love it, absolutely, positively love it and I spend as much time of my day laughing as is reasonable. 510 more words


Viral Video: Anchor Can't Stop Laughing Over Bison Story

A TV anchor can’t stop laughing over “Bison Hump Day”.

A reporter in Denver named Molly Hendrickson couldn’t stop laughing while doing a story on the National Western Stock Show’s “Bison Hump Day” last week. 22 more words