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Men and Women

A wife was curious when she found an old negative in a drawer and had it made into a print.

She was pleasantly surprised to see that they were of her at a much younger, slimmer time, taken many years ago on one of her first dates with her husband. 41 more words


Living His Best Life

You guys do the exact same thing when you read my recaps. RIGHT?!?!?!

Random Thoughts

Laughing Into the Dark - Welcome!

Laughing into the Dark is about laughing, when even the the world is spinning round and round, sometimes howling from the agony of life.  Laughing into the Dark or LID, is about laughing in spite of life; it’s a place where you can find welcome relief from the temptation to believe that life sucks at its core; it’s an invitation to see that life – with all the its good and bad experiences – is a bloody miracle. 410 more words


Time for a Great Quote: G. Walter Hansen on the Emotions of Jesus

“I am spellbound by the intensity of Jesus’ emotions: not a twinge of pity, but heartbroken compassion; not a passing irritation, but terrifying anger; not a silent tear, but groans of anguish; not a weak smile, but ecstatic celebration. 26 more words

G. Walter Hansen

80-odd years of Shake It Off

A friend just sent me this video and I can’t resist sharing it with you. I imagine I’m not the only one needing inspiration… or a laugh… right now. 9 more words


Laughing Out Loud.

This incident occurred yesterday when I was waiting for the elevator in college. Firstly, my college has 4 elevators out of which only 2 will work at a time. 164 more words

Daily Blogs

A Funny Thing Happened

OMG…that is the funniest “A funny thing happened on my way to the vet” joke I’ve heard in a long time!

In the midst of the crazy, out-of-control stuff going on around us, you have to make time to take a laugh break throughout the day and have a good, belly-filled laugh! 21 more words