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Celebs, mamma mia and friends

I saw Ansley Harriot and Len Goodman at work today. I got way too excited by this not very exciting event.
More Italian chats.
It’s nice to be liked. I like making friends.

VIDEO: Drake, Kanye & Will Smith LAUGHING at Meek

I would feel super bad for Meek Mill right about now, if he hadn’t done this to himself. Video surfaced from backstage at Drake’s OVO Fest where Kanye, Will Smith & himself are LAUGHING hysterically at something on Will’s phone. 52 more words


Laughter is the best medicine. Get your daily dose any way possible. 


Daily Thoughts and Doings of a Girl when She's Alone

 I thought it would be helpful for me to share some things girls do and think on the reg when they’re alone, even though I’m sure 99% of girls wouldn’t admit some of these things actually happen…but, they do! 145 more words


Drake, Kanye West & Will Smith Laughing At Meek Mill Memes Backstage At OVO Fest?

Drake hasn’t taken an “L” all week, and on Monday night that remained the same. After running through rehearsals with a “Free Meek Mill… 178 more words

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Making People Smile

Smile. Always. Even if you have a chipped front tooth. No, seriously. Smiling is something we all tend to forget at times. At most when we actually should. 706 more words



So I am currently visiting my sister, her hubby and my nephew Josh! Tonight whilst Sarah was entertaining him as he was a boy and just wanted food and sleep! 479 more words

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