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Laughing. Laughing. Laughing. I worship teen angst and tears streaming down melodramatic faces. I praise the makeup that has literally oiled off the girls faces as they jump up and down, choosing to be free than be controlled. 189 more words

Life Experience

IRL: 5 Books that Have Made Me LOL

I write a lot about books that I love, that have made me cry. But how often do I write about the books that have made me laugh? 760 more words


Travel stories, true and false. Unpacking Italy.

Been in Italy a week now. I’m no expert, but I’ve learned is that…

  • Italian food tastes better than what you order from the menu.
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Laugh It Off

Hey everyone!

Life being me is one awkward embarrassing mess.

A couple of days ago I embarrassed myself big time again.

Now I just laugh about myself and I make sure no one laughs harder at me than myself. 276 more words


Bicycle diaries, Italy. To Florence with mishappence and serendipity.

it was a lovely breakfast. The coffee in Tuscany is a consistently good quality. The croissants are sweet and a bit flaky. It is a pity that the weather isn’t as good as the food. 541 more words


Random Laughter

This had me laughing uncontrollably. It is good to laugh every day.