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Laughing man

This guy seems fitting for today. The sun has been back and I’ve been snapping away. Not all shots were successful (in fact I’ve been playing quite an amount so most weren’t!) But I’ve got a few bankers for days of not so great light, or no inspiration. 45 more words

in ways i cannot describe

i want to write now about inner states, of being, of things i see and can almost touch that are really not touchable.  always at least half my thoughts are on Jesus Christ, because He has made it clear His thoughts are on me.  610 more words


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Can You Say, Too Much Information?

Oh my God there are mirrors everywhere! 

What I meant to say is that I am back from three years in India to spend three weeks with my family in Seattle, before joining Amma’s American tour for eight weeks and then back to India.  466 more words


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Today I was remembering a post Sreejit wrote when he arrived in America from India in 2014. I laughed just thinking about it. A few minutes ago I read the post to friends who are visiting and we all laughed. I decided to share it with all of you. Enjoy!

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