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More Laughter Yoga!

This is a follow-up to my earlier post about Laughter Yoga, with a few more resources to help you explore this phenomenon. At the end, you’ll see why I am posting this today, a special day for laughter yoga. 298 more words


Someone Needs Your Voice - guest blog post by Laura Tarasoff

Like the advice from school teachers to ask your question because someone else, probably, has the same question but is afraid to ask; writing in your own voice can be a frightening thought. 960 more words

Self-taught MFA

Laugh Your Way Through Writer’s Block - guest blog post by Eileen Murphy

If you’re blocked and can’t write, what’s the best way to get yourself pounding the keyboard again? Or let’s say you’re like me and you have a routine, so you force yourself to write even when you’re blocked, only to discover you’re producing dreck. 1,066 more words

Self-taught MFA

Comedy and Music and Laughter Yoga 

Yes, this is how I am spending my evening.

I run laughter Yoga sessions, I don’t do just any laughter Yoga, I do impro laughter Yoga with a cajon in toe. 52 more words


Intentional Laughter

As a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified Laughing Yoga Leader, I combine seriousness with silliness.  I help people understand CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and how our thoughts often lead to anxiety and depression symptoms.  821 more words

Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga and Your Health

It’s a little depressing, but also extremely appropriate, that I would post an article about how Laughter Yoga can make you feel healthier… the same day I’m diagnosed with strep! 281 more words


The Joy of Laughing for No Reason

I love to laugh.
I love to hear people laugh.
I love making people laugh.

Me & laughter go a long way back, from classroom wisecracks to high school humor columns to comedy videos. 463 more words