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The Laughing Yogi

“I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out of my nose.” Woody Allen

Yoga is a dead serious rubber mat hits the road adventure. 1,951 more words

Ed Staskus

Remembering My Gurus On Guru Purnima

Today is Guru Purnima.

Guru is the one who shows you the path and takes you from darkness to light, from ignorance to knowledge and wisdom. 400 more words


Happiness and Well-Being

Each one of us seeks happiness.

Happiness and well-being is not a thing. The modern science of happiness and well-being describes it as a ‘construct’. 164 more words


Laughter and Your Happy Muscles

Yoga has serioius benefits but we don’t have to take ourselves so seriously.

Develop Your Happy Muscles:
1. Grow your sense of humor while on the mat. 199 more words


“Raise Your Beer Mug and Toast to the Love of Yoga”

I’m baffled by the horde of new-fangled yoga styles flooding the consumer market today and all in the pursuit of separating you from your hard fought cash. 123 more words

Laughter imminent!

You know those moments when you’re sitting on the plane, you can finally hear (and feel) the engines running, but you aren’t moving yet? You know you’re going to start taxiing to the runway any minute, and that’s when the journey will get going for real. 297 more words

Cathy Nesbitt aka Cathy Crawly Laughing Bean Queen

Photo by Mike Ford via Canadian Wildlife Federation

Over the last 14 years, from being afraid of worms to Local Hero recognized by the Canadian Wildlife Federation, Cathy Nesbitt has grown as an entrepreneur. 501 more words