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My Birthday Weekend: A Summary

January 19th:

This was a good day. I went to a lesson for swing! I enjoyed learning the basics to the Lindy Hop and I loved the class structure! 538 more words


Why Did Sarah Laugh?

God never asked a question because He needed the answer but rather to reveal what is in the heart of the person asked. God asked Abraham a question about his wife Sarah, but it was really a question to reveal Sarah’s heart. 543 more words


Humor Therapy - Carla Riechman

I met Carla Riechman on facebook.  She operates the web-site GiggleFestUniversity.com.

I felt confident that recreational therapists would want to know about her site and resources. 230 more words


Did you know that Hebrew History tells that Abraham was 137-years-old and Isaac was 36-years-old when they ascended Mount Moriah to worship God and offer Isaac as a sacrifice? 75 more words

Sapphire Throne Ministries

Exercise for the lazy

I mean not lazy, just well, you know, sometimes.. fine okay lets just admit it, lazy. I am not the most enthusiastic person when it comes to exercise, but due to lack of funding- AHEM I mean money saving techniques I find myself doing more and more exercise, or tasks that I can count and describe as exercise. 827 more words


Prompt response based on the word of the day ~ January 2017 ~ CLOG



By John Yeo

    Billy Bloggs in borrowed clogs joined the local clog dancing club. 451 more words