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november 27, 2015

today i am thankful for laughter.

and lars.

yesterday lars was a bit under the weather.  we ended up staying home and watching a lot of football on television instead of celebrating thanksgiving with the rest of the family. 156 more words

Just Talking, like to a stranger.

Hey guys,

Sorry I haven’t posted anything lately.  I’ve just been a little busy lately, with Thanksgiving and all.  Am I the only one that does this, but does anybody else just go and download a ton of music by one band/artist and listen to them on repeat?   337 more words


How to Be an Adult Sibling

People have a tendency to feel that their struggles are very different from everyone who came before them. Perhaps that’s just part of the human fascination with being unique and unrepeatable and all that, but it can get ridiculous fast. 1,303 more words

The Story So Far

The joys of being on a committee (truly!)

It seems that people often speak of how tedious meetings are and what a drag it is to be on committees. I have certainly had the experience of pointless meetings and stressful committees, but not nearly as often as the pleasure of working with good people and doing hopefully useful things. 353 more words

Only the Prettiest Turkey I've Ever Seen...

Yesterday, I received a text from a friend who constructed thee most beautiful Turkey with fixings fit for a KING! This Turkey was a masterpiece. It gave me a reason to smile and I’m sure his guests wished they could stay and dine forever. 341 more words


I don’t smell turkey today; aromas of onion, garlic, and pumpkin are faint. I no longer see the 13 individuals, those I call my tribe. The wine glasses are washed and back in the cupboard; the linens have been gathered.

35 more words

Laugh Until It Counts as a Workout

Those around us that have been there in the shit, the pinnacles and everywhere in between are the same ones that have helped mold us into our true selves. 247 more words

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