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Week 4 Highlights

Fellow readers, here is week 4’s edition of “Highlights Of Our Week” where you share moments that made you smile/laugh in the past week. It can be a personal achievement, a funny story, an overheard conversation etc etc. 54 more words


Day 46: Subway Sighting and Comedy!

Last night, one of my friends invited me last-minute to a stand-up comedy show at a place in Chinatown. I grew up watching Comedy Central and I enjoy stand-up comedy a lot (one of my favorite comedians is Mike Birbiglia), so I decided to go. 131 more words

Daily Entries

Well...part 13

Sorry your boobs tried to kill you.

I have always tried to be grateful for the people and things I have in my life. I have had tragedies in my life, as has just about everyone. 320 more words

The Year of the Neutron, Episode One: Is It Okay to Laugh?

Lately I’ve begun to feel guilty when I laugh. These are no longer the carefree, fun-loving times of days gone by. So much anger, so much despair and mistrust now in our country and our world—justifiable considering current events—that it almost seems criminal to chuckle, giggle, guffaw, or even smirk; seems as though our society has become so dour and dissatisfied that a cackle or snort in a public place demands a charge of misdemeanor, or a psychiatric examination. 233 more words


What is Really Going on in the 100-level English Courses?

At Kenyon we love English. We love planning to major in English and then not. We love the vague career path English leads us down when we do major in it. 480 more words


Coal and more coal

I am so excited, coal is coming back. I am not sure when and exactly how, but we here in the U.S. decided to go back to basics -whatever that means. 356 more words

Writing And Prompts


As a lover of the written word, I have spent my entire life taking pen to paper. Some may call it a form of therapy. I believe it is a release of that which no longer serves me that my mind clings to. 755 more words