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Elijah brings mirth and laughter

Before Elijah goes to bed, he likes to explore things.┬áSometimes he explores his hands. Sometimes he explores his feet. Sometimes he explores Barclay’s tail. Sometimes he explores Grandpa’s face. 112 more words


Meeting Thelma....our story continued

Anniversary Week

As we turned the vehicle around and starting driving toward Thelma’s house. Suddenly, I got nervous, my hands were shaking and clammy and a host of questions started flooding my mind. 578 more words

Give laughter

Day 348 of #LiveWell2017

We’ve all heard it: “Laughter is the best medicine.” Indeed, laughing releases all those feel-good chemicals and decreases stress hormones in our bodies. 215 more words


When The Elephant In The Room Is Laughing

With all the different parties happening this time of year, one of my favorites includes those where white elephant gifts are exchanged. That delightful time when you can hunt through your home for those wonderful treasures you hated to pitch but would thoroughly enjoy gifting as a joke. 488 more words

Laugh & the world laughs with you

One question… why does everybody take everything so seriously?

We can laugh yet we never use it at the best of time. ‘It’s not the time for laughter.’ ‘This isn’t funny.’ How about everything is hilarious because noone has any idea what is going on, no ones truly knows the truth in pretty much any area of our lives and all that we do know is that we are here and stuff is happening. 167 more words


Cat Farts Upon Request

Never bother a cat filled with flatulence.

funniest lazy cat farts.

July 02, 2017