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3Line Tiles - Mother's Laughter


photo credit Dayne Topkin

The bright red teapot and its cup still remains a  sweet and precious

reminder to me of the days when mother’s laughter was soothing and  15 more words

Just one chocolate 

I met up with my cousin for lunch today. Those moments of being able to spend quality and quantity time with someone who has been a friend since the beginning of our lives is a special blessing. 120 more words


Why so Serious?

Originally posted in 2014

Doesn’t it just seem like people who are serious are judgmental and arrogant?

That used to be my sentiment. I couldn’t stand it when people were serious all the time. 292 more words



Why is it that lifechange happens so much in the hard times? Maybe one reason is because Jesus is so present there, sharing our suffering with us. 709 more words


An Open Letter to the Woman Who Stepped In When My Mother Stepped Out

To the woman who stepped in when my mother stepped out:

Where do I begin? There are so many ways to say thank you; to remind you of all the times you stepped in when she stepped out. 483 more words


Comedian Review: Erik Myers

I figured it would be interesting to start doing “reviews” so to speak of comedians that I like. One of my favorite things in the world is to watch/listen to is stand-up comedy. 347 more words