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MOTO Z2 PLAY फीचर्स, मोटो z प्ले ची पुढची आवृत्ती आज लॉन्च, प्री-बुकिंग सुरू

यशस्वी मोटो z प्ले ची पुढची आवृत्ती Z2 प्ले लिनोवो ने आज भारतात लॉन्च केला आहे, 8 जून ते 16 जून दरम्यान याचे प्री बुकिंग असणार असून फ्लिपकार्ट आणि मोबाईल दुकानांमध्ये 15 जून पासून याची विक्री सुरू होईल 11 more words

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It's Getting to Be Around About Time

First things first, welcome! You’ve found the home of my nascent podcast, Ordinary Times. I hear you thinking (that’s right, I read thoughts), “what’s this thing, when’s it coming, what will it be about, where are you, why am I here?” 359 more words


The next Corsa is scheduled to hit the market in 2019

Its design and aesthetics will be based on Opel’s technology rather than GM’s.

The PSA Group’s spokesman has confirmed that it will be using Opel’s technology in the forthcoming model of its best-selling Corsa car, which is currently based on General Motor’s technology. 94 more words



Το πρώτο post ανεβαίνει τη Παρασκευή 20/1!

Μείνετε συντονισμένοι!

First post launches on Friday 20/1!

Stay tuned!


Nintendo Switch: Launch Date, Price & More!

The Nintendo Switch presentation is underway and here begins our first piece of coverage. Let’s talk the opening speech!

After an hour of music to get us in the mood and a 60 second countdown, the presentation was underway and President Tatsumi Kimishima took to the stage. 286 more words


The Nintendo Switch will be Available in March; Check Out What it has to Offer

Hold on to your cash, gamers, because it’s the year where Nintendo turns the tables on the PS4 and Xbox One with it’s latest over-the-top gaming console: The Nintendo Switch. 424 more words