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My Cell phone Design // Minimal & Stylish

For my first real post, I thought I’d talk about something I’ve been working on recently… my personalized cellphone design!

I should start by saying I’m using a  Galaxy Note 5, which I totally love. 198 more words


Adding a user in Office 365

If you are an Office 365 Administrator, one of the tasks which you would normally have to do is add a new employee to Office 365. 105 more words


Saturn VIII

May 18th, 1954

The Horizon Herald, Page 1

TODAY, Integrated Aerospace conducted the first test launch of their new Saturn VIII super-heavy booster, launching 400 tons of methane rocket fuel into low-earth orbit. 367 more words

Toss the Turtle - Any results whatsoever are solely due to a high skill level!

Here we are onto a classic from around seven years ago,”Toss the Turtle!” A launcher,flash game – You can guess that by the fact that you have to launch the game in order to get some lunch,a feature witch can be also explained simply with the words “Press buttons,wait for results.” 264 more words

After years of inactivity, ADW Launcher 2.0 is here and it's pretty great

There are dozens of great launchers for Android, however going back in time a few years, our choices were a bit different. One of the biggest players, and likely one many of us remember fondly, was ADW Launcher. 434 more words

Evie brings instant search to Android

Most smartphone users download zero apps per month, and only tend to use around a half-dozen of their installed apps on a regular basis. Meanwhile, there are millions of native applications available today that offer a better experience than using the mobile web. 751 more words